Texts in English – 2014

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02.01.2014 Ripe for rebellion?
02.01.2014 Presentation: The Occupy Movement in the US
03.01.2014 Textilstreik in Cambodia: Polizei schießt auf Demonstration
05.01.2014 Interview mit einem Anarchosyndikalisten aus der Ukraine (eng)
06.01.2014 Marco Camenisch: Hungerstrike
06.01.2014 Call out for anti-migrant counter-demo January 11th
08.01.2014 The revolte 2013 in brazil, repression and the struggle for an ongoing movement
08.01.2014 'Revolution within the revolution’: The battle against ISIS
10.01.2014 Support Ukrainians but do not legitimize the far-right and discredited politicians!
11.01.2014 Five years of Indymedia linksunten
11.01.2014 Dutch police officer, who shot Rishi Chandrikasing, acquitted/Licence to kill
13.01.2014 Some Remarks on the Need for Open Assemblies in Berlin
15.01.2014 19th january: callout for action in rememberance of nastja and stas
21.01.2014 Free Joel!
21.01.2014 Ukraine Riots: “Involuntary ejaculation of fire”
22.01.2014 [HN] Demonstration - Money in cash instead of allowance in kind! Stop discrimination of refugees!
23.01.2014 Deportation Chain - Resistance against Rascism and colonial injustice
23.01.2014 [Wien] Pizza resists! Shit got real!
24.01.2014 UKRAINE: Maidan. Babtism of Blood.
24.01.2014 Autonomous Workers’ Union, Kiev: Statement on the Current Political Situation
26.01.2014 2011 was not 1968: an open letter from Egypt
26.01.2014 The Battle for Burgos - Uprising against corruption and police brutality in the Spanish State
27.01.2014 Overview Ukraine reports in English
29.01.2014 Ac­tion re­gar­ding FAR­MA­KO­NI­SI – No more dead re­fu­gees in the Ae­ge­an sea.
30.01.2014 Solidarity Refugee Demo to the victims of Farmakonisi-Greece
30.01.2014 PizzeriA Anarchia threatened with eviction
30.01.2014 [Wien] Miete? Räumung? PizzA! - Demonstration - 05.02.2014
31.01.2014 Central Action day against Repression in Berlin
05.02.2014 Call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !
06.02.2014 Repression in Moskau/Archipel Putin: Sechs Jahre Lager für Alexandra Dukhanina?
07.02.2014 [Greece] About the revolutionary practice of sabotage on the occasion of the “Green Nemesis” project
10.02.2014 Aktionsticker zum Naziaufmarsch am 13. Februar 2014 in Dresden
13.02.2014 Greece on high alert after extremists declare war on ‘German capitalist machine’
14.02.2014 Files Final Supreme Court Appeal in Global Hedge Fund Debt Case
15.02.2014 Animal Liberation Front (ALF) liberats animals out of Moscow Zoo
17.02.2014 Berlin: Person approached on the bus
20.02.2014 Ukraine: Statement about the situation in Ukraine from Autonomous Workers Union
20.02.2014 Ukraine: the protest movement and the fascists
20.02.2014 International call-out for antifa support/solidarity in Coulogne near to Calais France
21.02.2014 Fascists mobilise against squatters
22.02.2014 Ukraine's chief rabbi tells Kiev's Jews to flee city
22.02.2014 On supposedly anti-fascist media reports from Kyiv about Ukrainian nationalism and the role of far right groups in Ukraine’s protest movement
25.02.2014 Calais: report and new call-out after fire in Coulogne
27.02.2014 Spanish State: Arson on the Church of Santa Marina in Seville
27.02.2014 Pau, France: Arson attack on Christian Science church building
27.02.2014 Moscow: ELF torch excavator and dozer during New Year festivities (Russia)
27.02.2014 Chile: Attempted bombing of West Santiago Precinct and the 18th Ñuñoa Precinct
27.02.2014 France: Double arson attack in Tarbes
01.03.2014 Illegal Eviction of Occupied House in Calais
02.03.2014 Refugee strikers annoy EU wankers and eat cake
02.03.2014 Declaration of Internationalists against the war in Ukraine
03.03.2014 COPENHAGEN demonstration in solidarity with Rote Flora and against police violence and repression
04.03.2014 The government of ultraliberals and Nazis
05.03.2014 The Statement of the Independent Students' Syndicate of “Direct Action” Concerning the Russian Military Invasion into Ukraine
05.03.2014 Statement of left and anarchist organizations about “Borotba” organization
06.03.2014 NATO summit – Repression 2014
06.03.2014 "JN"s European Congress in/near Leipzig
06.03.2014 11-02-2014, Royal Marine Reserve base in Clifton, Bristol.
06.03.2014 Barcelona: Archdiocesan radio station attacked
06.03.2014 Barcelona: Sabotage against anti-abortion foundation
06.03.2014 [Köln] Internationalistisches Aktionsbündnis Köln founded!
06.03.2014 20 years KTS Freiburg and it will last forever!
08.03.2014 Hostage to politics: Syria’s prisoners
08.03.2014 No-nuke protest actions in front of the Japanese empassy in Berlin
09.03.2014 *for a radical leftist queer-feminist perspective on the 8th of march*
10.03.2014 [HH] Lampedusa in Hamburg - Witnesses of NATO war in Libya
11.03.2014 Maidan and Its Contradictions: Interview with a Ukrainian Revolutionary Syndicalist
11.03.2014 Thousands for Berkin
11.03.2014 [B] Anti-eviction action in Neukölln
12.03.2014 Anarchist Black Cross Belarus Infotour
13.03.2014 Replicant developers find and close Samsung Galaxy backdoor
13.03.2014 People of Mali protest against subservience of their embassy
14.03.2014 Antimilitarismus in Russland: AnarchistInnen in Petrozavodsk von Maskierten entführt und schwer misshandelt
15.03.2014 [B] Freedom for Joel and Josef! Manifestations in front of the Austrian and Swedish embassies
18.03.2014 Ukraine - What's going on?
18.03.2014 Ukraine - What's going on?
18.03.2014 Syria: Establishment of the “People’s Liberation Faction” to commemorate the third anniversary of the Syrian Revolution
18.03.2014 Migrants drown off Greek coast
19.03.2014 Nuke Summit 2014 Netherlands - callout
20.03.2014 Istanbul: ELF-FAI/IRF torched an excavator in North Forests (Turkey)
21.03.2014 Übersicht zum niederländischen Atom-Gipfel vom 23.--25. März 2014
21.03.2014 Reclaim your City!
24.03.2014 [B] Lampedusa in Hamburg warn against Kolat's offer
26.03.2014 [WO] Schöner leben - Nazis Stoppen!
27.03.2014 79 Religious and Development Institutions Join SCOTUS Filing in Argentina/NML Capital Case
27.03.2014 Israel said planning to deport African migrants to Uganda
29.03.2014 ISD ruft zum Wiederstand gegen die Liesert’s Falckensteiner Kneipe
30.03.2014 Tension in Greek prisons
30.03.2014 Managing disorder: towards a global state of control?
04.04.2014 NS HC Band Tripple Crossed
07.04.2014 On the Syrian Revolution and the Kurdish Issue – An interview with Syrian-Kurdish activist and journalist Shiar Nayo
08.04.2014 2. Prague Anarchist Bookfair
09.04.2014 Heartbleed Bug? A new https certificate for Indy linksunten!
09.04.2014 Destroika!
09.04.2014 Die Linke und der Majdan, Konferenz in Kiew am 12. u. 13. April
10.04.2014 Downtime of Indymedia linksunten
11.04.2014 Update: 3rd day of tree occupation + four people on hunger strike
15.04.2014 [B] Permanent protest started in front of the House of the European Union against the increasing Dublin deportations
15.04.2014 12. April in Rom: "The 12A, the clashes, the real country"
15.04.2014 Seeing the women in revolutionary Syria
23.04.2014 Saravá Collective protests against data surveillance
25.04.2014 A reading into the new wave of European far-right and the reasons behind its support for the Syrian regime
26.04.2014 [Istanbul] Tipps for participating in 1st of May demos
27.04.2014 Urgent - Saravá Group is about to lose its main server!
27.04.2014 The Begining of Mbolo Yufanyi's Court Processes in Dessau
28.04.2014 [B] Plainclothes officers identified at anti-Nazi blockade
29.04.2014 Mobi-Video: Who killed Francis Kwame?
29.04.2014 Saravá server has its hard disks aprehended for investigation by a representative of the Public Ministry
01.05.2014 Mobi-Video: International Illegal Workers Day
01.05.2014 International solidarity with the Ukrainian antifascists!
02.05.2014 A Report from a visit in Kiev in April 2014
03.05.2014 Statement: condemn the fascist pogrom in Odessa
03.05.2014 20 years KTS: Program of the autonomous culture week from the 28th of May until 08th of June 2014
06.05.2014 [Wien/Bécs] David A. is in Coma
06.05.2014 AWU-Kiev Statement on the Odessa Tragedy
06.05.2014 Lets tackle Apple! – European Days of Action in may
08.05.2014 Brandstiftung in Rauchhaus
09.05.2014 [KA] Menschenrechte sind kein Privileg | Human Rights are not a privilege
10.05.2014 Reflections on April 12 and the political processes to come
10.05.2014 Anarchism in the context of civil war (Ukraine)
11.05.2014 Düsseldorf: demonstration in support of the striking refugees!
14.05.2014 Anarchism and Martial Arts - Antifa fight club
14.05.2014 Turkey’s neoliberal death toll: Hundreds of miners died in great Soma massacre
17.05.2014 Resistance and loathing after the Soma Massacre
19.05.2014 [Istanbul] Turkish police and the freedom of press
19.05.2014 David A. still in coma - best wishes from greece
21.05.2014 “Fate” or Murder?
21.05.2014 1st International Self-organized Antifascist Martial Art Tournament of Salonika
23.05.2014 Call to all squatters, antifascists and everyone else to support the struggle in Calais
23.05.2014 Now or Never!! Everyone to Calais on the 26th/27th!!
23.05.2014 Resist the eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia
24.05.2014 New Refugee Protest in Hannover
25.05.2014 Press Release of Refugee Protest in Hannover
26.05.2014 Refugee Protest Hannover 24.05.2014 #ageeb1999
27.05.2014 Calais: *Now or never!*
29.05.2014 Bitunia murder, the joint struggle highlight again the most important aspect of Israelis involvement in it
30.05.2014 Calais: The Occupation Continues
30.05.2014 Video: Militant antifascism in Sweden
30.05.2014 3rd Festival of Autogestion in Thessaloniki / 3ο Φεστιβάλ Αυτοδιαχείρισης
30.05.2014 How can I destroy Surveillance Cameras?
01.06.2014 One solution – reconstruction! - Solidarity with Can Vies
02.06.2014 Actionticker against TddZ at Juni 07th 2014 in Dresden
02.06.2014 Filmclub Moderne Zeiten shows: A Movie Evening about Stuart Hall
03.06.2014 Mobi - Video : Wo bleibt die Menschlichkeit!
03.06.2014 [Vienna] Thoughts in solidarity to Barcelona
05.06.2014 Istanbul's Gezi protests: the first Anniversary - what remains and prevails of Turkey's largest unrests after the first year?
05.06.2014 A reaction to the repression an police violance on the day beginning of the Gezi-protests people squatted an police station
05.06.2014 Against the regime in Kyiv and the junta in the East! AWU-Kyiv statement on the conflict in the Eastern regions
06.06.2014 Resist the eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia in on 28.07.2014
07.06.2014 Welcome to 2014 Word Cup/ Bienvenidos al mundial 2014
08.06.2014 Repression in Russia: Murmansk humanists - foreign agents?
09.06.2014 Inmates at Berlin Tegel jail set up world's first union for prisoners
09.06.2014 Calling for solidary visitors of trial in Wiener Neustadt
10.06.2014 CasaPound and Neo-Fascism in Italy
12.06.2014 28 Refugees from protest camp Hannover in Hunger Strike against the deportation of Salah Abdallah
12.06.2014 Holding down revolutionary ground (Egypt)
14.06.2014 Greek and German consulates occupied in Bologna and Venice
15.06.2014 [B] Free Cuvry
16.06.2014 [B] Squatting action Franz-Künstler-Straße
17.06.2014 Dozens injured in riot on Berlin street
18.06.2014 Video : Break this Silence!
19.06.2014 War against war! Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine
19.06.2014 Demonstration against the summit of european council in brussels
20.06.2014 Urgent call for practical solidarity with the prisoners in Greece!
21.06.2014 Notice of greek prisoners
24.06.2014 Statement by Comrades from Cairo: Everyone's Right to Protest
25.06.2014 [B/Brussels] 20 people got arrested in German embassy in Brussels
26.06.2014 New Zine: MFAH, Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model
27.06.2014 Phocis (Greece): Parcel bomb sent to the police precinct of Itea
27.06.2014 [Berlin] Eviction of the school - Call for protest and militant interventions
27.06.2014 Secret police scandal: Bus-Verkehr Berlin KG refuses to transport civil rights activists after “friendly” call by German criminal police
28.06.2014 Solidarity action in Dresden for Refugees from occupied school at Ohlauer street in Berlin
28.06.2014 UK, 22. Mai 2014: Brandangriff auf Gericht von Yate in Gedenken an Mauricio Morales, von der FAI – Bewusstsein und Wut
28.06.2014 For a Europe without Borders, Deportations, War and Rascism!
29.06.2014 The story of the unsung heroes: Black Bloc Brazil
29.06.2014 Support Crimean anarchist Aleksandr Kolchenko, detained on terror charges!
29.06.2014 Solidarity from Athens
29.06.2014 Phoenix Project #14: ‘Live Wires FAI/ELF’ take responsibility for 4 Arsons against Bristol’s cellular transmission infrastructure over 24 Hours (UK)
30.06.2014 Criminal Queers Support Ohlauer Rebels
30.06.2014 Athens: Reportback from anti-prison demo
05.07.2014 FRQNZA Mitschnitt: heute mit crimethinc
06.07.2014 Migrant Crisis in Calais: Britain's Border War
07.07.2014 Shoots on refugeecamp this weekend
08.07.2014 Greece: Hands off Espiv server
08.07.2014 Statement of Hallplatz refugees in dry hungerstrike – Nürnberg
08.07.2014 BPRA Here To Stay!
09.07.2014 Abendliche Protest gegen Kriegswerbung in Göttingen
09.07.2014 [B] Geflüchtete aus Bayern haben das Cafe im Fernsehturm besetzt!
10.07.2014 Reflection of the „Lange Nacht der Rigaer Straße“ on the 13`th and 14`th of june
10.07.2014 São Paulo brannte nach dem WM-Aus für Brasilien
12.07.2014 Arab migrants face a new Sykes-Picot in Calais
12.07.2014 Bike demonstration in solidarity with Palestine
12.07.2014 Stop the Peruvian Chainsaw Massacre
13.07.2014 Unity is strength ! New squat in Calais
14.07.2014 Avalanche Nr. 2
15.07.2014 Under pressure, Israel's Arab Christians reach out to pope
17.07.2014 Greece: Strength to anarchist Nikos Maziotis, arrested in Athens on 16/7
19.07.2014 New Squat in Town (Leipzig)
19.07.2014 The day the US shot down Iran Airlines Flight 655
19.07.2014 Statement of solidarity with the Kurdish masses
19.07.2014 Lobbyists are trying hard to influence the revision of the Prostitution Act according their own interests
21.07.2014 The Long night of Rigaerstrasse
22.07.2014 The 15th month of battle in Hamburg
24.07.2014 France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue
24.07.2014 Caracas's Tower of David squatters finally face relocation after eight years
26.07.2014 Israel’s Other War
28.07.2014 'Nazi' cop still on duty in Australia
28.07.2014 Where are all the indigenous faces? (on Australian media)
28.07.2014 14 skulls returned from Berlin to Australian Aborigines
29.07.2014 Israeli police official refutes claim that Hamas kidnapped Israeli teens
31.07.2014 Report: Hamas Executed 20 Palestinian Anti-War Protestors in Gaza
01.08.2014 Australian government hides data on suffering refugee children
02.08.2014 Athens – Kouvelou squat attacked by fascists: Call for gathering at Maroussi metro station
02.08.2014 Why do Israelis support a costly ground invasion of Gaza?
03.08.2014 Australia in the grip of a ‘new stolen generation’, indigenous children forcibly removed from homes
03.08.2014 What is the situation in Ukraine? - An Interview
05.08.2014 Australia's detention regime sets out to make asylum seekers suffer, says chief immigration psychiatrist
05.08.2014 [B] Riot Police frisking refugee at Görlitzer Park, 4 Aug 2014
05.08.2014 UK activists shut down Israeli arms factory
06.08.2014 10 Gründe auf die Gaza-Demo zu gehen
10.08.2014 Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity
11.08.2014 Western Australian government demolishes Aboriginal homes without consultation
11.08.2014 Why Australia should not become the world's nuclear waste dump
11.08.2014 An appeal on Israel's attacks on Gaza from Australian Jews to the Australian Jewish community
12.08.2014 An Eye for an Eye Makes Our Masters Blind: One Account of Last Night’s Anti-Police Riot
12.08.2014 Indigenous seed savers gather in the Andes to fight climate change with biodiversity
13.08.2014 Unconventional behaviour sees government in High Court over refugees
13.08.2014 The Siege of Highland Avenue
13.08.2014 Australian government backs renewed US war in Iraq
14.08.2014 How a King's Seal could change land rights in South Australia
14.08.2014 The Tyranny of Experts - Challenges & Achievements in First Nations Education
15.08.2014 Lift Ban on PKK!
15.08.2014 The three letters raising hope are not "USA" but "YPG"
16.08.2014 Australian activists lock down Israeli arms factory
17.08.2014 Australians can no longer remain silent
18.08.2014 Against any antisemitism!
18.08.2014 Take an Aboriginal passport to show respect on your travels
18.08.2014 Ignorance is crippling Australia
18.08.2014 Die neue PKK: vom Marxismus/Leninismus zur Anarchie?
18.08.2014 Interview with Nikos Maziotis (14.8.2014)
19.08.2014 Why was linksunten virtually unaccessible?
19.08.2014 [ Wien] At the end of the party: an inside view of Brazil's political situation after the World Cup, with a brazilian activist.
19.08.2014 Borneo: axing a national park for palm oil
19.08.2014 together against anti-semitism!
20.08.2014 Australia's problems start at the top
22.08.2014 Support the first ever full translation and publication of Emma Goldman’s “Living my life” in Russian!
24.08.2014 [Ferguson] Interview: Violence was provoked by police
26.08.2014 Ex-Japan PM disavows nuclear power
26.08.2014 Resettled refugees say they are desperate and living 'like animals in the jungle' on Nauru
26.08.2014 The Real-Life Utopia And The Truth About Our Enduring Silence
26.08.2014 Paranoya-ABC Support
26.08.2014 Call to Hambacher Forest by Cologne
26.08.2014 Film Review: “Utopia” By John Pilger Exposes Genocidal Maltreatment Of Indigenous Australians By Apartheid Australia
26.08.2014 [B ] Street blockade in solidarity with the dead and the alive and fighting
27.08.2014 The Australian government is vandalising the environment
27.08.2014 Eviction threat in Calais
29.08.2014 Fire and Flame for Berlin!
29.08.2014 Demo on 28.8.2014 - Gürtelstr. Refugee Strike
29.08.2014 My experience as a nurse on Christmas Island changed the core of my being
29.08.2014 Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines
29.08.2014 Christmas Island children should all be freed from detention
29.08.2014 Numbers of Indigenous children in care 'a national disgrace'
29.08.2014 Köln: Social Struggle Protest Camp 2014
31.08.2014 Tony Abbott's white settlement remarks offend Indigenous leaders
02.09.2014 West Papuan Independence Leader Found Floating In Sack At Sea
03.09.2014 [Zine] Ferguson - Mike Brown & The 21st Century Race Riots
03.09.2014 Iranian refugee brain-dead after medical attention denied in Australian concentration camp
03.09.2014 (B) Refugee Protest seeks urgent support!!!
04.09.2014 Government cuts off water to remote Australian Aboriginal settlement
05.09.2014 Old mistakes in New Delhi: Australian irresponsibility and Indian uranium sales
06.09.2014 World Suicide Prevention Day – suicide takes more lives than war
08.09.2014 New UN human rights chief attacks Australia over asylum seeker rights 'violations'
08.09.2014 Slave descendants finally recognised as Australian minority group
08.09.2014 Solisampler für die TAV-Gefangenen Lucio, Chiara, Claudio, Mattia, Nicco, Fra, Graziano
09.09.2014 Attack on the Greek Consulate in Zürich
09.09.2014 hamid kehazaei family to receive aboriginal passport
14.09.2014 BDS Besiegerung als israelische Schiff in Vancouver blockieren war
14.09.2014 Demonstration: united neighbours Right to stay and housing for everyone!
15.09.2014 Let the cache flow!
16.09.2014 FBI Investigation against IMC Athens
16.09.2014 Statement on Justice Department Subpoena of Athens IMC
17.09.2014 Unitedt Neighbours?! Discussion Meeting
19.09.2014 Riots in Keratsini am Jahrestag von Pavlos Fyssas
19.09.2014 Responsibility claim for the burning of police vehicles in Keynsham by ‘Uncivil Disobedients / FAI’ (UK)
19.09.2014 Istanbul: Construction machine sabotaged by ‘FAI/IRF Furious Hookers Militia’ (Turkey)
19.09.2014 Filton, Bristol: ‘FAI “Sacco & Vanzetti” Circle of Propaganda by Life & by Deed’ take responsibility for an incendiary attack against BAE Arms Development Centre in the context of the NATO Summit (UK)
24.09.2014 excavator was stopped / hambach forest
28.09.2014 DDoS attack against Indy linksunten
01.10.2014 Demonstration in front of the Regional Council (Regierungspräsidium) Darmstadt
04.10.2014 Black vs. Yellow: Class Antagonism and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement
05.10.2014 Community supported squatting in Greifswald
06.10.2014 4 anarchist comrades begin hunger strike (Mexico)
07.10.2014 Filaki – Prison World: Film about the 2007 prison uprising in Greece – English subtitles
08.10.2014 Refugees under the Rainbow – Meeting at Regenbogenfabrik
09.10.2014 Stop forest destruction for tar sand oil: say NO to CETA!
10.10.2014 Demonstration Smash 114 FPG-Decriminalize Migration
10.10.2014 Four Things the Left Should Learn from Kobane
11.10.2014 The experiment of Rojava
12.10.2014 Protest in Istanbul - Drei deutsche Journalisten in der Türkei wegen vermeintlicher Spionage inhaftiert
13.10.2014 IFA statement. Against the terror of the State and religion. Freedom for the people.
14.10.2014 Solidarity Woldwide!
14.10.2014 The coming insurrection
15.10.2014 Animal Liberation Front: Animalliberation in Sweden!
15.10.2014 ALF: Attack against butcher shop in Costa Rica
16.10.2014 Mexico City: Explosive solidarity with anarchist prisoners
16.10.2014 Costa Rica: Incendiary attack at butcher shop in Cartago
16.10.2014 Weitermachen!
18.10.2014 In Memory of Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı
19.10.2014 Moscow Autonomous Action on the Ukrainian war
20.10.2014 Aussie Kids Going Hungry
20.10.2014 Australian government planning retrograde laws on asylum
20.10.2014 Interim report: documenting racist controls with mapping software
21.10.2014 Why coal* is not good for humanity
23.10.2014 [B] Demo: 2 Yeras Refugee Protest - Enough is enough! We are angry!
24.10.2014 Prozess gegen Migrantinnen Athen
24.10.2014 The struggle for Kobane: an example of selective solidarity
24.10.2014 International anti-nuclear gathering in Germany in November
25.10.2014 One thousand demonstrate in Australia about Aboriginal deaths in custody
26.10.2014 Rojava: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Perspective
27.10.2014 Nuns to pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land
28.10.2014 URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!
01.11.2014 Australia and India heading for nuclear cooperation - and other nuclear news
02.11.2014 Germany planning to abstain on United Nations depleted uranium vote
03.11.2014 Western "Comrades" join Kurds, Arabs, Secularists, Yezids, and syriac Christians against Islamic State
04.11.2014 Anarcha-Feminist Reading Circle
05.11.2014 Australia 'using asylum seeker children as bargaining chips'
05.11.2014 [B] You can not evict a movement - Resistance against the eviction
05.11.2014 Ticking nuclear time bomb up for grabs
05.11.2014 Police, protesters talk down prospect of violence at G20
06.11.2014 Brasil: ALF raided farm and rescued about 100 chinchillas
07.11.2014 (NL) ALF-Huntsabotage: Soli for Remi Fraisse
08.11.2014 Australian Aborigines to meet at a SUMMIT FOR FREEDOM in Alice Springs
08.11.2014 Tony Abbott’s Australian government fuels a climate of fear and hatred
08.11.2014 Aborigines reject nuclear dump in Central Australia
08.11.2014 Japanese governor, local assembly approve restart of Sendai nuclear power plant
09.11.2014 November 22nd: an international day against police violence and repression
09.11.2014 The Russian pit-fall trap (Bulgaria’s detention and extradition of EU citizens to Russia and other non-EU states)
10.11.2014 Hazaras face death on return to Afghanistan
10.11.2014 Aging US nuclear arsenal grows ever more costly
10.11.2014 A Minor Footnote To Our Shameless Persecution Of Asylum Seekers
11.11.2014 "Stop stealing our children!" Aboriginal protest in Brisbane
11.11.2014 Broken promises of district and Senate are illegal!
12.11.2014 Asylum-seeker conditions inhuman and unlawful, UN committee tells Australia
12.11.2014 Dismantling a highly polluted German nuclear reactor with a scandalous cover-up history
12.11.2014 Lessons to be learned from atom bomb tests in Australia
13.11.2014 animal liberation action and arson in australia
13.11.2014 UN Told Australian Indigenous Deaths in Custody Worsen
14.11.2014 Understanding why Australia's First Peoples are so angry
14.11.2014 German authorities totally stuffed up nuclear disaster exercise
15.11.2014 ALF activ in Costa Rica
17.11.2014 Thousands protest G20 Summit in Australia
17.11.2014 The Siege Of Julian Assange Is A Farce
19.11.2014 West Australian plan to close 100 remote and Indigenous communities 'devastating'
19.11.2014 Nationalism in Poland
20.11.2014 (NL) Action Days in The Hague for De Vloek and autonomous spaces
20.11.2014 The new norm of hate betrays our immigrant origins
20.11.2014 The Disgrace of Western Australia's Treatment of Aboriginal People
20.11.2014 The Maasai cry for help
21.11.2014 Campaigns against halal are anti-Islamic bullying: race commissioner
22.11.2014 Worldwide Action Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women*
23.11.2014 Action against the IOM in solidarity with migrants (Geneva)
24.11.2014 Protests against closure of 150 Aboriginal communities
24.11.2014 Aboriginal leader calls for trade sanctions & boycotts against Australia
25.11.2014 Mental illness may be used to deny Australian citizenship under new bill
25.11.2014 Poetic injustice as bid for Indigenous Recognition stalls
26.11.2014 Removing Australia from the Refugee Convention?
27.11.2014 Alice Springs 'Freedom Summit' urges youth to take up Indigenous rights fight
27.11.2014 Again massive tightening of asylum law is coming!
27.11.2014 Let‘s fight racism! Refugees are colleagues as well, bring them into the unions!
28.11.2014 [B] Animal Liberation Front against Berlin "Tierpark"
28.11.2014 Revenge for Rémi, street fires for nuclear industry, prison society and the European Green Capital (UK)
28.11.2014 The coral and the coal king
28.11.2014 The End of Antifa?
29.11.2014 Communiqué from the Aboriginal Freedom Summit
29.11.2014 Uranium mining in Kakadu (Australia) at a crucial point
01.12.2014 animalliberationactivists against church in berlin
02.12.2014 ALF: Animal Liberation Front attack against police in spain
02.12.2014 Find yourself a revolver!
02.12.2014 (B) animalliberationactivists sabotage against furtrade
02.12.2014 Proclamation of the Sentence in trial on "Human Smuggling"
02.12.2014 action against DHL in france
02.12.2014 [CRO] Solidarity Action in front of-Ježevo, detention center
03.12.2014 Athens: Second announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School after Exarchia riots
03.12.2014 Nikos Romanos Antwort auf negativen Gerichtsentscheid: Heraus zum 6.Dezember!
03.12.2014 Join the rally against deportation: “Stop the deportations! Fight fortress Europe!”
04.12.2014 “Stop uranium mining, transportation, enrichment and nuclear fuel production”
05.12.2014 Tyrannical powers for Australia's immigration minister
05.12.2014 "Over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison a catastrophe"
05.12.2014 Mall of Shame - Inside Story - Demo Tomorrow
06.12.2014 [Wien, Wiener Neustadt] Statement on Yesterdays Proclamation of the Verdict
06.12.2014 How Greece is Being Set Alight by an Anarchist on Hunger Strike
08.12.2014 A brief report from the December 6th riot of Helsinki
08.12.2014 Call for the video recording equipments for berlin refugee strike
09.12.2014 Climate Change Is The Biggest Threat To Black Australia
09.12.2014 Black Australia Would Be 'Essentially Free Labour' Under Work-For-The-Dole Changes
09.12.2014 Roads and mining driving “retrograde and morally reprehensible” land grabs
10.12.2014 Greek prisons: Solidarity with anarchist Nikos Romanos and the rest of prisoners in struggle
11.12.2014 Return of land to Aborigines kills uranium prospects
11.12.2014 They shall not pass! Let’s block the FPÖ and Students Fraternity’s Ball together!
12.12.2014 Verhaftungen und Verurteilungen nach anarchistischer Kundgebung in Minsk
12.12.2014 [B] Demonstration: We are one – against racism and police brutality!
13.12.2014 Excluded, swapped out and exposed – living conditions of asylum-seeking women in Germany
13.12.2014 Widening of imprisonment for deportation and permanent „Duldung“ - still with the current draft of the cabinet!
13.12.2014 International call for action and solidarity with the World Cup prisoners (Brazil)
13.12.2014 Reclaim the Streets
18.12.2014 'Wishful thinking and misinformation': An open letter to nuclear lobbyists
19.12.2014 All over the world, renewables are beating nuclear
19.12.2014 Infopoint at Oranienplatz got attacked and destroyed
19.12.2014 Statement on Federal Gag Order Against MF/PL
19.12.2014 (B) direct action against Peek&Cloppenburg
20.12.2014 Historical ethnic cleansing continues in Australia with removal from homelands
20.12.2014 Action: Support 'Uranium − The Silent Killer'
21.12.2014 Australia is destroying indigenous land with fracking
21.12.2014 de,en,es,it: Solidarity posters with anarchist comrades in Spain
22.12.2014 Addresses of the anarchist prisoners in Spain Op. Pandora
23.12.2014 Update Days of Action “Defend De Vloek and autonomous spaces” 26-28 December 2014
24.12.2014 VIDEO: Lake Worth Methodist church fire investigated as arson
24.12.2014 Fire devours historic Iowa church
24.12.2014 Roswell: Epiphany Byzantine Catholic church damaged in arson fire
24.12.2014 Church fire investigated; Serious situation averted at Mason’s Chapel UMC
24.12.2014 Waco FD investigates rash of fires that destroyed house, damaged church
24.12.2014 Reward offered for information on church fire
24.12.2014 Fire destroys a Columbus church and damages nearby buildings
25.12.2014 Indymedia linksunten defends itself
26.12.2014 Australian Aborigines preparing for Canberra sit-in
28.12.2014 Attack against the Spanish Consulate in Amsterdam
28.12.2014 Australia's indigenous incarceration crisis
30.12.2014 (B) Animal Liberation Front (ALF) attack on fleshtrucks
31.12.2014 The lighter Flame