People of Mali protest against subservience of their embassy

People of Mali protest against subservience of their embassy

Berlin, March 13, 2014. The factions of the Berlin Refugee Strike united to protest against the collaboration of Mali’s ambassador with the German authorities. Like her Nigerian colleague, she seems anxious to save the white overlords from her pesky compatriots, as Malijet reports.


Mme Hawa Keita: “If hard-working European immigrants can get rich in Mali, if I could get rich in Mali, anyone can! It’s a land of boundless opportunity. I don’t understand why these people are fleeing. They are enemies of liberty.”

Unfortunately I missed the attempted occupation of the embassy because I was making donuts, but three people were arrested and the state attorney may persecute some protesters for entering the embassy building.

When I arrived, a man from a Malinese youth organization was discussing loudly with 15 or 20 protesters. Police were guarding the entrance. The representative had more courage than his official donors in the embassy and discussed with his angry brothers for at least an hour. Probably he feared his bosses more than the protesters.

Another brave soldier for Mali later came out behind the German police line, showing off his parade uniform and yelling at us for blocking the exit and causing him to be late for an appointment. Maybe he wanted his countrymen to respect his selfless battle against the exorbitant champagne prices in West Berlin. His sacrifice was not appreciated and German patrol officers kindly ordered this Idi Amin wannabe to get back inside and stop bothering.

Many of the bourgeois shoppers stopped to watch our spectacle, which is unusual, because the cops and shitty weather usually protect our demonstrations from public view. Apart from the arrests, the cops were very relaxed on this bright spring day.

The ambassador announced that she wasn’t in her office but would let us talk to one of her lackeys sometime next week. Maybe she was out shopping. It’s like a second job to find the right dress for a deportation. Nothing less than silk will do. How embarrassing if the German cops were to arrest her as a refugee…