Istanbul: ELF-FAI/IRF torched an excavator in North Forests (Turkey)

Istanbul, Türkei: ELF-FAI/IRF fackelt einen Bagger im Nord-Wald ab

While we lit a cold and dark night with a pile of iron, the rising flames could be seen far from the site and aside from the pleasure that has given us, the action was taken in the service of eco-vandalism lobby which has a name that’s never been heard.

On Thursday, February 20th, in Poyraz rural regions of Anatolian part of Istanbul, we attacked an excavator which is left to sleep on the verge of excavating the nature and we spray painted several locations around the site with the signs of ‘ELF-FAI/IRF’. While this nature killer became unusable with a simple, time-set, handmade incendiary device, the message we wanted to give was clear: “If you build it, we will burn and destroy it!”.

Our major motivations for this action are;

We wanted to emphasize that the definitive attack against the dictatorship which legitimizes itself by conducting ecocide projects such as ’3. Bosphorus Bridge’ and ‘Canal Istanbul’, has to be manifested no more relying on stereotypes liberal-pacifist “consciousness raising campaigns” and “judicial process”. These kind of organizations are just trying to delay what is unavoidable and to hinder the reasonable eco-defense ground against current ecological destruction. Trying to get a positive decision from the State’s justice system which is actually the contractor of ecocides, they help weakening the anger by channeling it to polls or social media shares.

The industrial capitalist civilization is spreading with bridges and double highways on Earth, is securing itself inside concrete forests which it builds, considering nature as only a resource, it is spreading by narrowing the wild life borders everyday in the name of meeting the deficit of energy and it is making itself dominant. For that reason, taking ourselves against a society, which believes that building, development and expansion is virtue, we take some kind of responsibility for eliminating everything involving this automation process and as a part of the global total liberation struggle we choose to realize this by putting into practice simple incendiary methods, sabotage and direct action techniques by ourselves.

We dedicate this night in which we lightened the domination castles with flames, to the comrades who are fallen, imprisoned and on run away.

To Sebastián Oversluij Seguel who murdered by a security guard while they were organizing a bank robbery in Santiago, the capital of Chile on 11th of December 2013; to Alfonso Alvial and Hermes González who arrested and to Tamara Sol Farías Vergara who arrested and get accused to shoot a security guard by the Republic of Chile on 21th of January 2014.

To Ali İsmail Korkmaz, Ethem Sarısülük, Abdullah Cömert, Medeni Yıldırım, Mehmet Ayvalıtaş, Ahmet Atakan who murdered by Turkish state and to Berkin Elvan (a 16-years-old boy) who get pipped to his head and get injured by a gas canister and who get in intensive care unit since 15th of June 2013, on Gezi Park riots which break out in the summer of 2013.

To Hans Niemeyer who are behind the bars since 30th of November 2011 and get accused by join to bombing a bank in Chile.

To all protesters in “NO TAV” fight and to Nicco, Claudio, Chiara and Mattia who get arrested while they were fighting against the high-speed rail line (TAV) on the mountains in Northwest of Italy for about 20 years.

To Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar who get arrested for join to incension of El Pillar Cathedral in Zaragoza, Spain and to all direct action movement against the rising church in Spain.

To Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pilliers and Carlos López Mart who get arrested for attacked to the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and a gallery of Nissan automotive company in Mexico on 5th of January.

To Ilya Romanov who get injured as a result of a hand grenade when it explode in his hands and arrested for attack suspect to policemen on 26th October of 2013.

To the imprisoned anarchists and rebels, for the cases of Conspiracy of Cells Of Fire, Revolutionary Struggle, Kozani in Greece and other prisoners all over the world,

To the rebels, anarchists and black blocs who participate actively in the social explosions in Egypt, Brasil, Ukraine, Bosnia and other parts of the world, and who raise the slogans ‘insurrection, subversion, anarchy’, fight against cops and attack to the exploitation institutions on the streets of Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara,

To eco-warrior Marco Camenisch, imprisoned in Switzerland for 21 years,

We send our solidarity, love and rage to all cells of Informal Anarchist Federation who organized informal attacks and plots on all around the world, International Revolutionary Front, ITS, all cells of Phoenix Project, all cells of ELF and ALF and all alone wolfs who walk around in the darkness of night and all comrades, rebels who we forget their names while we are writing this words.

ELF-FAI/IRF (Earth Liberation Front – Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front)