Texts in English – August 2014

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01.08.2014 Australian government hides data on suffering refugee children
02.08.2014 Athens – Kouvelou squat attacked by fascists: Call for gathering at Maroussi metro station
02.08.2014 Why do Israelis support a costly ground invasion of Gaza?
03.08.2014 Australia in the grip of a ‘new stolen generation’, indigenous children forcibly removed from homes
03.08.2014 What is the situation in Ukraine? - An Interview
05.08.2014 Australia's detention regime sets out to make asylum seekers suffer, says chief immigration psychiatrist
05.08.2014 [B] Riot Police frisking refugee at Görlitzer Park, 4 Aug 2014
05.08.2014 UK activists shut down Israeli arms factory
06.08.2014 10 Gründe auf die Gaza-Demo zu gehen
10.08.2014 Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity
11.08.2014 Western Australian government demolishes Aboriginal homes without consultation
11.08.2014 Why Australia should not become the world's nuclear waste dump
11.08.2014 An appeal on Israel's attacks on Gaza from Australian Jews to the Australian Jewish community
12.08.2014 An Eye for an Eye Makes Our Masters Blind: One Account of Last Night’s Anti-Police Riot
12.08.2014 Indigenous seed savers gather in the Andes to fight climate change with biodiversity
13.08.2014 Unconventional behaviour sees government in High Court over refugees
13.08.2014 The Siege of Highland Avenue
13.08.2014 Australian government backs renewed US war in Iraq
14.08.2014 How a King's Seal could change land rights in South Australia
14.08.2014 The Tyranny of Experts - Challenges & Achievements in First Nations Education
15.08.2014 Lift Ban on PKK!
15.08.2014 The three letters raising hope are not "USA" but "YPG"
16.08.2014 Australian activists lock down Israeli arms factory
17.08.2014 Australians can no longer remain silent
18.08.2014 Against any antisemitism!
18.08.2014 Take an Aboriginal passport to show respect on your travels
18.08.2014 Ignorance is crippling Australia
18.08.2014 Die neue PKK: vom Marxismus/Leninismus zur Anarchie?
18.08.2014 Interview with Nikos Maziotis (14.8.2014)
19.08.2014 Why was linksunten virtually unaccessible?
19.08.2014 [ Wien] At the end of the party: an inside view of Brazil's political situation after the World Cup, with a brazilian activist.
19.08.2014 Borneo: axing a national park for palm oil
19.08.2014 together against anti-semitism!
20.08.2014 Australia's problems start at the top
22.08.2014 Support the first ever full translation and publication of Emma Goldman’s “Living my life” in Russian!
24.08.2014 [Ferguson] Interview: Violence was provoked by police
26.08.2014 Ex-Japan PM disavows nuclear power
26.08.2014 Resettled refugees say they are desperate and living 'like animals in the jungle' on Nauru
26.08.2014 The Real-Life Utopia And The Truth About Our Enduring Silence
26.08.2014 Paranoya-ABC Support
26.08.2014 Call to Hambacher Forest by Cologne
26.08.2014 Film Review: “Utopia” By John Pilger Exposes Genocidal Maltreatment Of Indigenous Australians By Apartheid Australia
26.08.2014 [B ] Street blockade in solidarity with the dead and the alive and fighting
27.08.2014 The Australian government is vandalising the environment
27.08.2014 Eviction threat in Calais
29.08.2014 Fire and Flame for Berlin!
29.08.2014 Demo on 28.8.2014 - Gürtelstr. Refugee Strike
29.08.2014 My experience as a nurse on Christmas Island changed the core of my being
29.08.2014 Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines
29.08.2014 Christmas Island children should all be freed from detention
29.08.2014 Numbers of Indigenous children in care 'a national disgrace'
29.08.2014 Köln: Social Struggle Protest Camp 2014
31.08.2014 Tony Abbott's white settlement remarks offend Indigenous leaders