Texts in English – Dezember 2014

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01.12.2014 animalliberationactivists against church in berlin
02.12.2014 ALF: Animal Liberation Front attack against police in spain
02.12.2014 Find yourself a revolver!
02.12.2014 (B) animalliberationactivists sabotage against furtrade
02.12.2014 Proclamation of the Sentence in trial on "Human Smuggling"
02.12.2014 action against DHL in france
02.12.2014 [CRO] Solidarity Action in front of-Ježevo, detention center
03.12.2014 Athens: Second announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School after Exarchia riots
03.12.2014 Nikos Romanos Antwort auf negativen Gerichtsentscheid: Heraus zum 6.Dezember!
03.12.2014 Join the rally against deportation: “Stop the deportations! Fight fortress Europe!”
04.12.2014 “Stop uranium mining, transportation, enrichment and nuclear fuel production”
05.12.2014 Tyrannical powers for Australia's immigration minister
05.12.2014 "Over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison a catastrophe"
05.12.2014 Mall of Shame - Inside Story - Demo Tomorrow
06.12.2014 [Wien, Wiener Neustadt] Statement on Yesterdays Proclamation of the Verdict
06.12.2014 How Greece is Being Set Alight by an Anarchist on Hunger Strike
08.12.2014 A brief report from the December 6th riot of Helsinki
08.12.2014 Call for the video recording equipments for berlin refugee strike
09.12.2014 Climate Change Is The Biggest Threat To Black Australia
09.12.2014 Black Australia Would Be 'Essentially Free Labour' Under Work-For-The-Dole Changes
09.12.2014 Roads and mining driving “retrograde and morally reprehensible” land grabs
10.12.2014 Greek prisons: Solidarity with anarchist Nikos Romanos and the rest of prisoners in struggle
11.12.2014 Return of land to Aborigines kills uranium prospects
11.12.2014 They shall not pass! Let’s block the FPÖ and Students Fraternity’s Ball together!
12.12.2014 Verhaftungen und Verurteilungen nach anarchistischer Kundgebung in Minsk
12.12.2014 [B] Demonstration: We are one – against racism and police brutality!
13.12.2014 Excluded, swapped out and exposed – living conditions of asylum-seeking women in Germany
13.12.2014 Widening of imprisonment for deportation and permanent „Duldung“ - still with the current draft of the cabinet!
13.12.2014 International call for action and solidarity with the World Cup prisoners (Brazil)
13.12.2014 Reclaim the Streets
18.12.2014 'Wishful thinking and misinformation': An open letter to nuclear lobbyists
19.12.2014 All over the world, renewables are beating nuclear
19.12.2014 Infopoint at Oranienplatz got attacked and destroyed
19.12.2014 Statement on Federal Gag Order Against MF/PL
19.12.2014 (B) direct action against Peek&Cloppenburg
20.12.2014 Historical ethnic cleansing continues in Australia with removal from homelands
20.12.2014 Action: Support 'Uranium − The Silent Killer'
21.12.2014 Australia is destroying indigenous land with fracking
21.12.2014 de,en,es,it: Solidarity posters with anarchist comrades in Spain
22.12.2014 Addresses of the anarchist prisoners in Spain Op. Pandora
23.12.2014 Update Days of Action “Defend De Vloek and autonomous spaces” 26-28 December 2014
24.12.2014 VIDEO: Lake Worth Methodist church fire investigated as arson
24.12.2014 Fire devours historic Iowa church
24.12.2014 Roswell: Epiphany Byzantine Catholic church damaged in arson fire
24.12.2014 Church fire investigated; Serious situation averted at Mason’s Chapel UMC
24.12.2014 Waco FD investigates rash of fires that destroyed house, damaged church
24.12.2014 Reward offered for information on church fire
24.12.2014 Fire destroys a Columbus church and damages nearby buildings
25.12.2014 Indymedia linksunten defends itself
26.12.2014 Australian Aborigines preparing for Canberra sit-in
28.12.2014 Attack against the Spanish Consulate in Amsterdam
28.12.2014 Australia's indigenous incarceration crisis
30.12.2014 (B) Animal Liberation Front (ALF) attack on fleshtrucks
31.12.2014 The lighter Flame