Texts in English – März 2014

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01.03.2014 Illegal Eviction of Occupied House in Calais
02.03.2014 Refugee strikers annoy EU wankers and eat cake
02.03.2014 Declaration of Internationalists against the war in Ukraine
03.03.2014 COPENHAGEN demonstration in solidarity with Rote Flora and against police violence and repression
04.03.2014 The government of ultraliberals and Nazis
05.03.2014 The Statement of the Independent Students' Syndicate of “Direct Action” Concerning the Russian Military Invasion into Ukraine
05.03.2014 Statement of left and anarchist organizations about “Borotba” organization
06.03.2014 NATO summit – Repression 2014
06.03.2014 "JN"s European Congress in/near Leipzig
06.03.2014 11-02-2014, Royal Marine Reserve base in Clifton, Bristol.
06.03.2014 Barcelona: Archdiocesan radio station attacked
06.03.2014 Barcelona: Sabotage against anti-abortion foundation
06.03.2014 [Köln] Internationalistisches Aktionsbündnis Köln founded!
06.03.2014 20 years KTS Freiburg and it will last forever!
08.03.2014 Hostage to politics: Syria’s prisoners
08.03.2014 No-nuke protest actions in front of the Japanese empassy in Berlin
09.03.2014 *for a radical leftist queer-feminist perspective on the 8th of march*
10.03.2014 [HH] Lampedusa in Hamburg - Witnesses of NATO war in Libya
11.03.2014 Maidan and Its Contradictions: Interview with a Ukrainian Revolutionary Syndicalist
11.03.2014 Thousands for Berkin
11.03.2014 [B] Anti-eviction action in Neukölln
12.03.2014 Anarchist Black Cross Belarus Infotour
13.03.2014 Replicant developers find and close Samsung Galaxy backdoor
13.03.2014 People of Mali protest against subservience of their embassy
14.03.2014 Antimilitarismus in Russland: AnarchistInnen in Petrozavodsk von Maskierten entführt und schwer misshandelt
15.03.2014 [B] Freedom for Joel and Josef! Manifestations in front of the Austrian and Swedish embassies
18.03.2014 Ukraine - What's going on?
18.03.2014 Ukraine - What's going on?
18.03.2014 Syria: Establishment of the “People’s Liberation Faction” to commemorate the third anniversary of the Syrian Revolution
18.03.2014 Migrants drown off Greek coast
19.03.2014 Nuke Summit 2014 Netherlands - callout
20.03.2014 Istanbul: ELF-FAI/IRF torched an excavator in North Forests (Turkey)
21.03.2014 Übersicht zum niederländischen Atom-Gipfel vom 23.--25. März 2014
21.03.2014 Reclaim your City!
24.03.2014 [B] Lampedusa in Hamburg warn against Kolat's offer
26.03.2014 [WO] Schöner leben - Nazis Stoppen!
27.03.2014 79 Religious and Development Institutions Join SCOTUS Filing in Argentina/NML Capital Case
27.03.2014 Israel said planning to deport African migrants to Uganda
29.03.2014 ISD ruft zum Wiederstand gegen die Liesert’s Falckensteiner Kneipe
30.03.2014 Tension in Greek prisons
30.03.2014 Managing disorder: towards a global state of control?