Refugee strikers annoy EU wankers and eat cake

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The “stakeholder workshop” at the representative office of the European Union in Berlin on the afternoon of February 27, 2014 invited politicians and academics to listen to other politicians and academics (and the boss of Frontex) speak about the “refugee problem.”


This conspiracy provoked many comments about a “final solution” from the activists who busted into the conference with their banners and filthy clothes. The urbane moderator was “humane” enough to allow some refugees to speak about their situation and not call the police, as was his right, of course.


Inviting a member of the socialist party LINKE, thought the organizer, would be enough to start a heated debate about the EU’s military border regime, but he was not prepared to let the subalterns speak for themselves, although they’ve been yelling their demands from every street corner in his city for two years.


As the “expert speakers” spewed beer hall truths about “economic migration,” gangs of “people smugglers,” and the “humanitarian mission” of military border surveillance, interruptions became louder and angrier: “Europe and Germany, stop killing refugees.” Yet, Europe’s elite discusses how to outsource the killing.


During the audience question session, an older woman with an Eastern European accent from the first row repeated our accusations against the murderous Germans. She mentioned that her family had been persecuted, by the Nazis I suppose.


The member of the socialist party defended herself reflexively: “I am against such nationalist generalizations… My mother is Polish, I am German; I refuse to be put in a box… I am not a murderer!” “Yes you are!” “No, I’m not.” “Yes, you are!” The old survivor rebuked the amnesiac with a shattering verdict.


Even German socialists deny any collective guilt for past crimes. Such a mindset allows the powerful to repaint the ongoing deportations as “unfortunate” deviations from the noble goals of the border guards.


The “stakeholders” in the audience expressed even more retarded views than the speakers: “Of course we accept our humanitarian burden, but how much can the German people bear?” “They should invest the money they pay for transit into their countries’ future!” “Shut up, woman!”


It was necessary, fun, but demoralizing to interrupt this session of critical critique among comrades, this pornographic exposure of white power. We stated our demands and insulted everyone in the room, from the dolled up intern girls to the creepy old intellectuals, from the mumbling Frontex police chief to the legal scholar who saw the “interesting, but complex case for international relations” in every capsized raft.


We live in an empire unable to reform its imperial character for fear of implosion, yet hoping to reform its peculiar institutions. Almost as silly as progressive religion, a “multicultural” Germany or feminist men. No hope for Your-ope!