[Köln] Internationalistisches Aktionsbündnis Köln founded!

Internationalistisches Aktionsbündnis Köln


The imperialists shackle the whole world to themselves and force worker and people to stay under their dominance by the means of hunger, plentiful deception and armed force. We are internationalists and use our united forces to show our solidarity with the workers, liberation movements and oppressed people all over the world. Just as they do we take part in the struggle against imperialist wars, fascism and all forms of national and neo-colonial oppression.



The foundation of IAB-Köln was layed during the fights in Turkey and North-Kurdistan, which spread from May 2013 until June/July to nearly all cities. In this period antifascist, antiimperialist, anticapitalist, revolutionary, socialist, democratic and communist forces from Turkey, Kurdistan and Germany fought together under the roof ‘Taksim is everywhere – everywhere is Resistance/ Köln Initiative’. These forces agreed in Novembre 2013 that this alliance shall be permanent. Then the alliance’s name was decided to be changed to ‘International -Action- Alliance’ (IAB-Köln).



1. IAB-Köln is an international action alliance, which pursues the targets mentioned above. Everyone who shares these goalds may become member of the alliance.

2. All representatives of the participating organisations meet regularly once a month in order to evaluate current developments, base and possibilities of struggle and to take decisions.

3. The IAB-Köln is representated by two chosen speaker. They are elected for a three month-period. The fitting of speakers to the international constellation of the alliance must be considered.

4. The speaker of the IAB-Köln represent the alliance externally in accordance to it’s decisions.

Furthermore they ask for the opinions of the others regarding agenda items and fulfill organisational duties as e.g. to ensure texts to be prepared and read at events, as well as many other practical tasks.

5. Homepage: http://www.iabkoeln.wordpress.com