Syria: Establishment of the “People’s Liberation Faction” to commemorate the third anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

University of Aleppo

Dear comrades - Oh militants and fighters for freedom, justice and democracy The popular revolution enters in its fourth year a complex and critical phase. The number of victims and injured have exceeded hundreds of thousands, while millions have become refugees and are displaced and destruction prevails in the country. The ruling bourgeois regime has regained, aided by its allies, the advantage on the military field, while at the same time the influence of the fascists forces of the counter-revolution has increased.


At the international level, the negotiations are conducted between the imperialist powers at the expense of the Syrian revolutionary people, as they try to cast away the fair demands of this revolution by seeking through these negotiations to maintain the regime of oppression, exploitation and corruption, by only modifying it superficially through so called “reforms”.The response of the ruling regime to the demands of the peaceful masses during the first year of the revolution was bloody and brutal. This brutal repression led important sections of the revolution to adopt the armed struggle for the defense of himself or herself and his or her parents and their cities. This was not an easy choice and arms were not even taken willingly for many of them, but this form of mass struggle came in reaction to the brutality of the military incursions of the dictatorial regime. The armed struggle has become an instrument for the liberation of the masses and cannot be ignored.


The counter-revolutionary forces, whether local, regional or international have attacked our popular revolution, in order to try to abort or derail it of its popular and democratic path. We know that these regional countries have mobilized all their energy in this objective. This situation has been worsened by the absence of a clear political vision that is blurred by alliance with various regional forces and dominates sections of the oppositions. The various sections of the official opposition are also affected by tensions that stem from conflict and struggles of various political and military agendas of regional and imperialist powers that sponsor them.


The experience from the last three years of the revolution nevertheless proves that these regional and international powers, despite their disagreements, without any exception, don’t want the victory of the revolution. They are all working on trying to derail and abort a popular, democratic and social radical revolution. The fascist ruling regime justifies the killing of our revolutionary masses in the name of «homeland » or « front of refusal », while the fascist counter-revolutionary forces, on the other side, kill our people in the name of « God and religion ».


Both are two sides of the same coin: tyranny and exploitation. Both of the mentioned counter revolutionary forces did not hesitate to use sectarianism, religious, ethnic and local differences as well-known and worn instruments to distort popular consciousness and to try to derail the ongoing social struggle and divide the popular masses. The soul of the popular revolution is nevertheless still alive and was able, until now, to avoid falling into this mortal trap.

Our revolution erupted in the context of uprisings experienced by the countries of our region since 2010, and as our revolution affected the general course of these revolutions, in return, these latter affected ours as well. These are not merely purely theoretical words, but rather facts that have been proved by the extent of the correlation between these ongoing revolutionary processes in the countries of our region altogether.  At the same time, we see that our revolution is part of the struggles of the global toiling masses, of the oppressed and of the marginalized everywhere for freedom, equality, social justice and socialism. We see it in the struggle of the Palestinian people to recover all its land and rights, in the struggle of the peasants without land and labor in Latin America, in the strikes of the miners in South Africa and in other countries, in the struggle of the masses in Europe against neoliberalism and capitalist globalization, in the struggle of the oppressed workers of Southeast Asia, in the struggle of women for their rights and equality throughout the world.


Therefore, there is no doubt that our struggles are merged and are unified against the global capitalist system, which is based on exclusion and plunder and exploitation and in which imperialist predators struggled for more profits at the expense of millions of people and of their sufferings.

Radical left activists were not absent from the revolution in Syria since the time it erupted, many of them were actually the initiators of it, as new groups or as cadres who left the official communist parties, whose leaders showed their submission to the bloody bourgeois regime. But unfortunately, many of them faded away because of the repression, exile or his or her distaste for arm struggle.


But we, the revolutionary left current, remained tenacious and held on to the revolution. With our modest capacities, we participate in all forms of mass struggle, including armed struggle as individuals. But the time has come, at that particular moment of the revolution, for the revolutionary left current to play its role in the popular armed struggle through the establishment of the People’s liberation faction without giving up for a single moment all forms of peaceful mass struggle that allow us to confront both the violent fascist regime and the reactionary counter-revolutionary forces.  This is the road for the victory of the popular revolution, in rooting its nature in democracy and socialism from below, in defending the immediate and general interests of the popular classes, in securing the independence of the will of the people from any imperialist or regional intervention from any foreign power, and in recovering our occupied territories of the Golan by all means possible.


On behalf of the revolutionary masses, the workers, the marginalized and the oppressed

On behalf of Syria’s freedom, equality and social justice that emerge every day in spite of the pain and destruction

We, the revolutionary left current in Syria, declare, amid the ongoing popular revolution, the establishment of « People’s liberation faction » that upholds the program of the original popular revolution. We emphasize that its mission is to defend oneself and the popular masses and their freedom paid heavily for it and for the right to liberate themselves from all tyranny and exploitation, in the face of all the counter-revolution forces, particularly the authoritarian ruling regime.


We do not call for death, but for a free and dignified life for the popular masses, for all the popular masses. Because life is beautiful, we want to guarantee that present and future generations are free of all evils, of all persecutions, and of all violence.


In our struggle with the toiling masses for their liberation, we call on all the leftist and socialist forces in the region and in the world to affirm clearly and firmly their highest degree of international solidarity, because the fate of our popular revolution will decide the fate of the revolutionary processes in the region, and even beyond its borders.


Glory to the martyrs and healing for the wounded and freedom for all the detainees

Victory for the ongoing popular revolution

All the power and wealth to the people


Revolutionary Left Current in Syria


March 18, 2014


Syria Freedom Forever



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