NATO summit – Repression 2014

There will be a NATO summit in Wales (U.K.) in autumn 2014.
In the run-up to the summit the British police do their best to intimidate left wing activists.
[Text refering to the same topic in GERMAN:]


A comrade from London, she is an ABC activist, was targeted by the “Counter Terrorism Command“; they tried to speak to her and she filmed that (you’ll find the video here:
At the same day, her mate was pulled over with armed police, and they told him: “We are watching you“, and added, that they know he is a protester.

We see that it is important to make their attempts at doing intimidations public, first to secure ourselves, second to warn all comrades.

Thomas Meyer-Falk, c/o JVA (SV-Abt.)
Hermann-Herder-Str. 8, D-79104 Freiburg