[WO] Schöner leben - Nazis Stoppen!

12. April 2014 Worms: Schöner leben - Nazis Stoppen!

On the twelfth of April, Nazis from the political party “Die Rechte” are planning a march through Worms with the slogan “Living safe-stop the asylum flood!”. The small party establishes a connection with other contemptous campaigns of parties like the “NPD”, “Der III. Weg” and the “Free Comradeships” in Rhineland-Palatinate, trying to picture refugees as a threat and to stir up fear.


But those inhuman attitudes are not only fostered by Nazis, they develop  from different parts of society. Time and again, it is being distinguished between “useful” and “useless” immigrants. Whenever possible, Nazis try to pick up those racist attitudes with cheap populism, to escalate them further and to bring about a climate which lowers the qualms for violence.

As of that, in Berlin-Hellersdorf, some weeks after NPD activists influenced protests of “outraged citizens”, attacks against a refugee hostel happened. Since 1990, 190 people have been killed by right-wing violence, the undetected cases are estimated way higher. Every day, between two and three acts of racist violence happen in Germany. But attacks from Nazis are only the tip of the iceberg. The exact amount of people who have lost their lives at the european borders because of the racist european migration policy remains unknown.

The public appearance of Nazis poses a direct threat to all people who don’t fit into their ideology. There has to be broad resistance from all parts of society!
Come to Worms on the 12th of April and let us work together with direct blockades and actions of civil disobedience to prevent the fascist propaganda.

We are solidary with everyone sharing our aims!

Confront fascism!



- AK Antifa Mannheim
- Alternativkultur Worms
- Amnesty International Worms
- Anarchistische Gruppe Mannheim
- Antifa Bad Bergzabern
- Antifa Landau
- Antifaschistische Aktion Speyer/Schifferstadt
- Antifaschistische Initiative Heidelberg
- Antifaschistische Jugend Kaiserslautern
- Antifaschistische Jugend Ludwigshafen / Mannheim
- Bündnis gegen Abschiebung Mannheim
- DIE LINKE Alzey-Worms
- Grüne Jugend Worms
- Jusos Worms
- Kritisches Kollektiv / iL Rhein-Neckar
- Linksjugend ['solid] Alzey-Worms
- Piratenpartei Worms
- Pax Christi Worms


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