Barcelona: Archdiocesan radio station attacked

Barcelona, Spanien: bischöflicher Radiosender angegriffen

In this week’s autonomous actions against the outlawing of abortion (1–7 February 2014), we took to the streets to add our expression of rage. In the early hours of Thursday, February 6th, we attacked the offices of Radio Estel, broadcaster of Barcelona’s Archdiocese, and headquarters of the magazine “Catalunya Cristiana”, located on the corner of Puggarí and Comtes de Bell.lloc streets in the Sants neighbourhood of Barcelona. We decided to act against this radio station because it is a means of communication at the service of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, and as such, attempts to indoctrinate and manipulate by “catechisms” veiled as information, defending the patriarchal, misogynist and normative social model against which we fight. For these reasons, in defense of feminist struggle and as self-defense of our lives, ideas and own bodies, we cracked their glass windows and painted the slogan: “My body, my decision”.

We are disgusted by their rotten Catholic morality as much as we detest the State and its political and legalistic tricks. This new law on abortion makes evident, once again, that there’s a link between both institutions, the Church and the State, in order to maintain their authority, their patriarchal power. They want to take away our autonomy, our capacity to decide, to think for ourselves and act upon what we need or feel. By this anti-abortion law, choosing not to be a mother would become a luxury that only the rich may afford, or a risk to the health and life of those who cannot afford a safe clinic underground.

We are not willing to permit them to turn us into their possessions. We will never let them decide for us, and we’ll keep defending ourselves from those who want us to limit ourselves to being only reproductors of their system.

Neither God, nor State or husband. Death to patriarchy.