"JN"s European Congress in/near Leipzig

Europakongress der JN

On 22.03. 2014 at 12 Uhr the JN arranges an European congress for european radical-right-wing groups, claiming it as "the event of the year".

Until now the following radical-right-wing groups confirmed their coming:

Goldene Morgenröte/Golden Dawn (Greece)
Blocco Studentesco (Italy)
Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland(Germany)
Nordisk Ungdom (Scandinavia)
NSV! (Flandern)
Danskernes Parti (Denmark)
Europäische Aktion
Rechter Sektor (Ukraine)
DSSS (Czechia)
Svenskarnas parti (Sweden)

But until now the organisators did not publish the exact venue, they said, it will be in "the surrounding cityside of Leipzig". The "lineup" shows, how important this meeting is - to the fascists and the european context. According to that, how important it is to "ruin their day".

Sadly there is an unlucky overlap to the also on 22.03. happening anti-repression-demonstration in Berlin. For sure ist is important, that many people will take part of it also. But now there is another focus and especially people from the region should set their priorities to the event in/near Leipzig.

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