[HH] Lampedusa in Hamburg - Witnesses of NATO war in Libya

Lampedusa in Hamburg

On 1st March 2014, refugees from NATO war in Libya at Hamburg, have a demonstration to open a new perspective of their political struggle for their right to stay in Hamburg. After one year of protest their demands are still ignored by Hamburg Senat. Poiliticans and mass media strongly try to avoid to get in the topic of western wars as the cause for receiving refugees in their countries.


The group Lampedusa in Hamburg, witnesses of NATO war in Libya, wants to open new way into truth and show the role of Germany in export war and militarization to other countries, in reality. 


Lampadusa in Hamburg, denied to enter the trap of German's Asyl system, knowing very well about the treatment of refugees with special laws, the isolation in the Lagers, the restriction of movement by the so called Residenzpflicht, and the daily terror by  the deportation machine.
Stay in solidarity, open your eyes and start to move, with the witnesses of latest war crime of Europe.


Video-Link :     http://youtu.be/9CfWptyvwfk