[B] Freedom for Joel and Josef! Manifestations in front of the Austrian and Swedish embassies

Solikundgebungen: Freiheit für Joel und Josef!

On the 15th of December, about 40 Neonazis attacked an antifaschist demonstration in Stockholm using sticks, knives, and bottles. Joel, along with other antifaschists, could successfully help to defend themselves against the attack. Several days later Joel was, though it is apparently absolutely absurd, accused of murder and arrested. While Joel is still in jail, Neonazis attacked another group of activists on the 8th of March in Malmö. They had previously participated in a demonstration  for the international womens day. Three people were injured severely by the nazis with knives. One of the victims life was in danger, he had two emergency operations and is in a stable condition now, but is still in a coma.


On the 24th of January in Vienna, 8000 antifaschists demonstrated against the “Wiener Akademikerball” (the Vienna Academics Ball). The entire right wing from the Austrian FPÖ, a delegation from French Front National, the German “Pro Deutschland” and the traditionally right wing fraternities, came to waltz. As a consequence of the protests against the event, Josef from Jena was arrested. It seems he is being used to set an example: He is being kept in custody by the police during the investigation against him. Alongside, the media is running a smear campaign.

But we know and must point out time and time again: Antifascist resistance is not only made up of symbolic acts. It also has a practical component that is carried out on the streets. Our solidarity does not end at the national borders. As a small sign, we will show our solidarity with Josef and Joel on the 19. of March in front of the Austrian and Swedish embassies and demand their immediate release. We understand our manifestation as a part of the upcoming antirepression demonstration on March 22nd in Berlin. As important as it is to show our solidarity on the streets, we will not forget our comrades that are stuck in jail. 

Freedom for Josef and Joel! Our solidarity against their repression!

Wednesday March 19th 
  • 6:30 pm: Swedish Embassy, Rauchstraße 1, 10787 Berlin
  • 7:15 pm: Austrian Embassy, Stauffenbergstraße 1, 10785 Berlin

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