Fire and Flame for Berlin!

I come like the furious tempest

Last night around 4 clock in the morning, using a commercial amount of petrol paired with two time fuses, a part of the Berlin S-bahn was brought to a hold. While a few meters away from the S-bahn station "Treptower Park" some people on the roof of a hostel fight for nothing but their right to remain - to live - , dozens of people are here every day lethargic in rank and file, to wait for their train to  work, to school or to go shopping.


No thought is wasted on those who have to leave their homes because of the German profit greed, resultant poverty and war. And if you once come to thoughts, exclusively racist stereotypes are represented and self-reflection can not be found .
The spokesperson for the German railway today expressed his lack of understanding  of this action and has said that those who were affected were the simple citizens in berlin and brandenburg.

These are the ones that should be affected. Affected because no one is concerned anymore - because we live in a society without understanding and solidarity. There is a lack of concern for the things that happen outside of people's own little life realities. Something that might be missing to it is time.
It was not the "poor" who have been hit but a rich society was forced to pause for a moment and being torn out of their capitalist daily routine.  


Those who have to wait today  lose a little bit of time. Those who were or still are on the rooftops in the Ohlauer- or Gürtelstraße , who are sent away from the borders of Germany or the EU, who    try to cross the mediterranean sea with overcrowded rubber dinghies  every day in an attempt to find a supposedly better world, lose in the event of a deportation their liberty, their  their health and their lifes.

Maybe the people waiting at the train stations use the time to  think about the origin of their wealth, about the reasons why it is possible for them to life without constant threat of murder and torture - to live in peace.
Those who are not willing  to think, to reflect, who do not understand why their own situation has to be seen in absolute connection with the malady of the people "far away ", for those it is not a shame if they have to wait for their holiday flights or can not immerse into the work fetish today.


Henkel, Kolat and their lackeys should be aware that their acts have consequences, that their politics denies people a safe life, their lies and their propaganda of greed and hatred is not accepted without objection, that this society and its representatives in economics and politics are vulnerable - every day and every second.


autonome gruppen