Unity is strength ! New squat in Calais

calais mouvement solidarite

Unity is strength ! New squat in Calais
In Calais, ten days after the police raid and eviction of 2 July, 300 people – migrants and supporters – moved into a disused factory (at No. 10 Impasse des Salines). The entry into these new premises occurred at the end of the demonstration called by the associations on Saturday afternoon, despite the new “anti-vagrant” and “anti-gatherings” decrees issued by the municipality last week . This decree is aimed at migrants in Calais and against events organised in their support.

As from 10 July homeless people of different nationalities had settled into these premises peaceably and without any breaking of the law. The occupiers invited the participants in the demonstration to join them.

The residents are calling sympathisers and activists to come to the occupation urgently in order to support this initiative and to deter the police from performing another illegal eviction.

Signed: The residents of 10 Impasse des Salines, Calais

12 July 2014

via Calais Migrant Solidarity

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