Bike demonstration in solidarity with Palestine

Angriff auf Gaza

Bike demonstration on monday the 14th of August 2014 at 6pm at Herrmannplatz

Get on your bike and come to Herrmannplatz in Neukölln on monday at 6pm. Check out the call out below!

Who does not have a bike but still wants to participate, is invited to join the speeches in front of the buroes of ThyssenKrupp and Thales, both in Charlottenstraße 62 and 57, at 7pm.

After that you can drive to the New Yorck/ Bethanien, there will be food and information on the upcoming GÜZ- Camp (check it out:


We also want to make a stop at Oranienplatz, where refugees have been fighting for their rights for over two years now.

We see similarities in both sruggles, since the drones which threaten Gaza are used today for "civil" use, against refugees and migration at europes borders.


There will also be a stop on front of the Axel- Springer- House and foreign office.

There will also be a musical surprise!


Bike demonstraion in solidarity with palestine!
For weeks now we are experiencing something that feels like a reoccuring nightmare. Gaza is being bombarded and the protests in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, Nazareth and other palestinian cities are being crushed brutally. Mass arrests, house demolition, racist attacks from settlers and police brutality are already a normality.
But we do not want to start our call out with numbers of murdered people in palestine, we would have to update that number every hour.
Here in Berlin we want to mark the relations between the german war industry, media and the german government with the israeli occupation and the war in palestine. We want to express our rage against the deadly and colonising politics. We are putting our focus on two firms: Thales and ThyseenKrupp.
Thales has been a big part in the drone project "Watchkeeper", a drone which is based on the israeli drone "Hermes". The first tests of "Watchkeeper" were done in Israel in 2008, during the military operation "Cast lead", which led to 1400 murdered people in Gaza.
The "Howaldtswerke- Deutsche Werft", which was renamed in 2012 in Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems GmBH, build subways 6 of which were sold to Israel in 2012 for a "friendly price". Israel used the subways as a carrier for nucelar weapons, which ThyssenKrupp and the german government happily ignored.
Facing these relations, we agree with the demands of the palestinian popular struggle, to impose a weapon embargo on Israel until it ends the violations of human rights in Palestine and ensure the fundamental rights by:
- ending the occupation and colonisation of Palestine and the demolishing of the Apartheid wall
- the recognition of the same rights for all inhabitants in Palestine /Israel
- the right of return of the palestinian refugees
Call out supported:
Palästina Netzwerk Berlin (PNB)
BDS Berlin
International Women's peace Service (IWPS)
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