Ort: Australien

18.03.2009 Generalstaatsanwalt täuscht das Volk
28.05.2009 British social workers for Australian Aboriginal communities?
20.06.2009 Australian Aborigines publish a long list of complaints and demands
07.08.2009 Australian Aboriginal man cooked to death in a prison van
17.08.2009 Australia gets bad rap to UN rapporteur over Aborigines
24.08.2009 Australian church lauds two anti-racism websites
30.08.2009 UN rapporteur trenchantly criticises Australia over Aborigines
17.09.2009 Melbourne attacks on Indians “reflect Australian racism”
02.10.2009 Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre attacked by neo-Nazis
03.10.2009 Marc Emery in Haft genommen (mit Video)
15.10.2009 Racial Discrimination Act to be restored for Australian Aborigines
14.11.2009 Proposed dam stopped in Australia
14.11.2009 German company wants to destroy Australian Aboriginal culture
15.11.2009 "Caol kills" protest disrupts party conference in Australia
21.11.2009 “Third world scenes” among Australian Aborigines
30.11.2009 Aboriginal living conditions 'fifth world'
03.01.2010 Aboriginal struggle like those in China and Iran
08.01.2010 “Australians no longer need to hide their racism”
14.01.2010 Australia: “Overwhelming interest in Aboriginal summit”
06.02.2010 Australian Aborigines held a rebellious summit
24.02.2010 “Aborigines from across the country will fight nuclear dumping”
26.03.2010 Gruenen-Frau Jutta Sapotnik-Eckford erlebt gerade ihre erste Überschwemmung im australischen Outback
31.03.2010 Recent coal protests in Australia
04.04.2010 Australia: Look different and risk being assaulted
05.04.2010 Conservationists criticise government over coal ship grounding on Australia's Great Barrier Reef
13.04.2010 Australian mining boom leaves Aboriginal town behind
20.04.2010 Neo-Nazi festival outrages Gold Coast locals in Australia
28.04.2010 Jail proposed in Australia for helping refugees
12.05.2010 Nuclear waste to be dumped on Australian Aborigines
12.05.2010 Nimbin im Hanf Nebel [ Australien ] mp3
17.05.2010 Australian coal mine defeated by thoroughbred industry
19.05.2010 New research questions spending restrictions on Australian Aborigines
21.05.2010 Online activist group significantly influences Australian political outcomes - idea for Germany?
05.06.2010 More than just a massacre
26.06.2010 Julia Gillard: Same horse, different jockey in Australia
28.07.2010 Australia 'a crime scene' since white invasion
09.09.2010 Wahlausgang Australien 2010 mp3
09.09.2010 My name is Australia and I'm an alcoholic
19.09.2010 Angst over absence of action in Aboriginal affairs
16.10.2010 Highway threatens major Australiajn Aboriginal heritage site
25.10.2010 Australia's Gurindji fight for jobs with justice
15.11.2010 "Australians have an irrational fear of enforceable human rights"
23.11.2010 (Australien) Lest we forget: The Coniston massacre
24.11.2010 (Australia) Aboriginal housing program exploits Aboriginal workers
02.01.2011 A heartbreaking return home
22.02.2011 Australia a land of racists, survey shows
28.02.2011 Gute Anti-Atom Demo Idee in Australien
12.03.2011 Racially discriminative behaviour and ideas are still very prevalent in Australian society
17.03.2011 Australia's part in nuclear fire
26.03.2011 Australia is not doing enough to eliminate racial discrimination in Australia
29.03.2011 Trying to stop Australians' gambling addiction
29.03.2011 Australia as “last bastion for the Aryan race”
16.04.2011 Why are deaths in custody rising in Australia?
24.04.2011 Horrific treatment of refugees in remote Australian concentration camp
01.05.2011 “Share our pain, taste our spirituality”
11.05.2011 "Koori Mail": Ureinwohner-Neuigkeiten aus ganz Australien
13.05.2011 How the Murdoch press keeps Australia’s dirty secret
10.07.2011 HADI KURNIAWAN - one of 100 children in Australian adult prisons
30.07.2011 Call for inquiry into Australian Catholic school's paedophile ring
16.09.2011 Aboriginal anti-nuclear film to kick off Berlin festival TODAY
16.09.2011 Devastating failures of Australian policy on Aborigines
20.09.2011 Australian Labor government repudiates international law on refugees
22.09.2011 Australian Aboriginal family sets custody precedent
25.09.2011 'Walk with us' appeal by Australian Aboriginal elders in new book
26.09.2011 Australian Aborigines the world’s greatest explorers
27.09.2011 Revealed: Sydney squatters become visible
27.09.2011 Sydney squatters' rooftop protest over cost of housing
06.10.2011 Death of an Aboriginal boy in Australian custody – “We’ll get you, you black cunt”
11.10.2011 Uranium export to increase fivefold after approval for world's largest open pit mine in Australia
17.10.2011 United Nations hears that Australia fails its Aboriginal and refugee children
30.10.2011 Racism gives Australia one of the world's worst deaths in custody records
09.11.2011 Great Barrier Reef in great danger
15.11.2011 Governing Labor Party pushing for more uranium mining in Australia
26.11.2011 Stand against Australian Labor government's decade of discrimination od Aborigines - No second Intervention!
28.11.2011 Foreign children as young as 13 abused, traumatised in Australian adult prisons
29.11.2011 Australian Aboriginal community: "Penned like animals with nowhere to go"
01.12.2011 Cooperation not intervention: a call for a new direction in the Northern Territory
19.12.2011 Australian miner allowed to obliterate sacred Aboriginal heritage
21.12.2011 Nuclear lobby’s underground campaign against renewable energy in Australia
08.01.2012 White supremacists to converge in Brisbane on April 21st
12.01.2012 Australian government steals Aboriginal money for non-Aboriginal purposes
16.01.2012 The white-blindfold-view of Australian history
29.01.2012 A put-up job that boomeranged?
11.02.2012 Suicide among Aboriginal children as young as 11 at alarming levels
20.02.2012 More mistreatment of Australian Aborigines planned
08.03.2012 Australian law disempowering Aborigines may face High Court challenge
17.03.2012 New Australian anarchist zine "Sedition" published
17.03.2012 Neue anarchistische Zeitschrift in Australien erschienen
29.03.2012 Dumping on Traditional Owners: the ugly face of Australian racism
14.04.2012 Australian Aborigines speak out on unresolved issues in new documentary film
16.04.2012 'Australia Day' and 'ANZAC Day' - or what makes Australians tick?
22.04.2012 Australian welfare recipients face compulsory income management
26.04.2012 Protector Macklin’s Intervention
14.05.2012 Australians give nod to indigenous preamble
16.05.2012 Australian Aborigines call for UN peacekeepers to protect them
18.05.2012 No charge. No trial. No appeal.
25.05.2012 Australian Aborigines launch their own government
29.05.2012 Aborigines “shivering with fear” over Australian uranium plan
04.06.2012 War being prepared against China behind the backs of the Australian people
08.06.2012 Australia: Indigenous 'solutions' just disempower us further
11.06.2012 Australian Aboriginals call money-management policy racist
12.06.2012 Australia jails duped Indonesian children with adults for “people smuggling”
14.06.2012 Aboriginal souls in an age of modernity
22.06.2012 Nearly 100 asylum seekers feared drowned at sea between Australia and Indonesia
26.06.2012 Activist shareholders call Woolworths meeting to fight problem gambling in Australia
28.06.2012 Almost 400 boat people have died trying to get to Australia since 2010
28.06.2012 "Will you tell your grandchildren how you destroyed the lives of so many First Nations People?”
29.06.2012 Australian senate approves Aboriginal intervention by 10 years
11.07.2012 Eight hours of parliamentary debate for 10 more years of racist oppression in Australia
16.07.2012 Australia: How ‘Closing the Gap’ is full of holes
17.07.2012 The truth about Toomelah
28.07.2012 Bob Brown: why I’m leading the Sea Shepherd to the Kimberley
10.08.2012 Australian government authorises forced interrogation of refugees
19.08.2012 Help stop coalmining plans wrecking the Great Barrier Reef
23.08.2012 Plan for world's biggest uranium mine scrapped
05.09.2012 Neuigkeiten aus der ganzen Welt (u.a. schon wieder Repressionsschlag in Italien)
20.09.2012 The true cost of Australia’s coal boom revealed
21.09.2012 Mapping Australia's nuclear sites - past and present
28.09.2012 Aborigines oppose Australian seat on the UN Security Council
08.10.2012 Australia's UN push shows up Aboriginal anger at home
20.10.2012 Aboriginal Elder appalled at Australia's UN Security Council seat
03.11.2012 Barbaric Australian treatment of refugees causing child suicide attempts and hundreds of hunger strikers
08.11.2012 Toxic water headed for the Great Barrier Reef?
12.11.2012 Will Australia open uranium floodgates?
15.11.2012 Der neue Tanz der Aborigines
26.11.2012 Cruelty, in the name of all Australians
14.12.2012 Australian slavery buried in Queensland mass grave
23.12.2012 Ein Kontinent voller Fremder hat Angst vor den Fremden
09.01.2013 Mining industry successfully scuppered Aboriginal land rights in Australia during the 80's
01.03.2013 More powers, fewer rights
01.03.2013 THE WAY AHEAD: The Aboriginal Voice
02.03.2013 Australia’s Aboriginal children – The world’s highest suicide rate
08.03.2013 The world's 'third worst' firm runs Australian concentration camp for refugees
09.03.2013 Australian uranium discovery threatens ancient indigenous cave art
17.03.2013 Huge expectations on Australia's first Aboriginal head of government
17.03.2013 Quality of life for Australians 2nd only to Norway, but for Aboriginal peoples 122nd
22.03.2013 Australian prime minister and parliament apologise to victims of forced adoption
25.03.2013 Inside the killing fields of Queensland
04.04.2013 First uranium mine in Western Australia may mean 40 uranium mines by 2030
22.04.2013 Australia's killing times
12.05.2013 South Africa, 20 years after Apartheid, doing better than Australia
24.05.2013 Australia fails asylum seekers, says Amnesty
29.05.2013 Racialised imprisonment in Australia
29.05.2013 Alarm over asylum underclass in Australia
08.06.2013 Australia's political heartland: hate, fear, prejudice
19.06.2013 What has been the psychological impact of the Intervention on Aboriginal people of Australia's Northern Territory?
22.06.2013 "This system has made it much harder for us to share and care for each other"
02.07.2013 Australian atomic massacre of Aborigines still ignored
08.07.2013 Edward Snowden reveals Australia's Links To Secret US Spy Program
12.07.2013 Barrier Reef health downgraded to poor
20.07.2013 Wahlkampf in Australien - Canberra lagert Asylproblem aus
21.07.2013 2,000 Australian lawyers: Rudd's asylum plan shameful
24.07.2013 Rape and torture in Australian refugee detention centre: whistleblower
06.08.2013 Australian treatment of boat people "a cruel and crass act of colonialism"
29.08.2013 Australian spies in global deal to tap undersea cables
06.09.2013 Melbourne: ‘Felicity Ann Ryder Cell / FAI- IRF’ Attack Luxury Car Dealership (Australia)
21.09.2013 Abbott Government's first actions: trash climate change education, carbon pricing
22.09.2013 Rates of abused and neglected children on the rise in Australia: report
14.11.2013 In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking
20.12.2013 Forty uranium mines is the plan for Western Australia
03.01.2014 Animal Liberation Front (ALF) befreit Tiere in Peru, Italien, Uruguay, Australien und Tschechien
24.07.2014 Australiens rigide Flüchtlingspolitik
28.07.2014 Australian refugee advocates protest one year of Papua-New Guinea camp imprisonment
28.07.2014 'Nazi' cop still on duty in Australia
28.07.2014 Where are all the indigenous faces? (on Australian media)
28.07.2014 14 skulls returned from Berlin to Australian Aborigines
01.08.2014 Australian government hides data on suffering refugee children
03.08.2014 Australia in the grip of a ‘new stolen generation’, indigenous children forcibly removed from homes
05.08.2014 Australia's detention regime sets out to make asylum seekers suffer, says chief immigration psychiatrist
11.08.2014 Western Australian government demolishes Aboriginal homes without consultation
11.08.2014 Sick asylum seekers treated via video conferencing from Australia
11.08.2014 Why Australia should not become the world's nuclear waste dump
11.08.2014 An appeal on Israel's attacks on Gaza from Australian Jews to the Australian Jewish community
13.08.2014 Australian government backs renewed US war in Iraq
14.08.2014 How a King's Seal could change land rights in South Australia
14.08.2014 The Tyranny of Experts - Challenges & Achievements in First Nations Education
16.08.2014 Australian activists lock down Israeli arms factory
17.08.2014 Australians can no longer remain silent
18.08.2014 Take an Aboriginal passport to show respect on your travels
18.08.2014 Ignorance is crippling Australia
19.08.2014 Eight-minute video history lesson about Australian mistreatment of Aborigines
20.08.2014 Australia's problems start at the top
26.08.2014 Ex-Japan PM disavows nuclear power
26.08.2014 The Real-Life Utopia And The Truth About Our Enduring Silence
26.08.2014 Film Review: “Utopia” By John Pilger Exposes Genocidal Maltreatment Of Indigenous Australians By Apartheid Australia
27.08.2014 The Australian government is vandalising the environment
29.08.2014 My experience as a nurse on Christmas Island changed the core of my being
29.08.2014 Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines
29.08.2014 Christmas Island children should all be freed from detention
29.08.2014 Numbers of Indigenous children in care 'a national disgrace'
31.08.2014 Tony Abbott's white settlement remarks offend Indigenous leaders
01.09.2014 Potpourri über Australiens Aborigines
03.09.2014 Iranian refugee brain-dead after medical attention denied in Australian concentration camp
04.09.2014 Government cuts off water to remote Australian Aboriginal settlement
05.09.2014 Old mistakes in New Delhi: Australian irresponsibility and Indian uranium sales
08.09.2014 New UN human rights chief attacks Australia over asylum seeker rights 'violations'
08.09.2014 Slave descendants finally recognised as Australian minority group
09.09.2014 hamid kehazaei family to receive aboriginal passport
20.10.2014 Aussie Kids Going Hungry
20.10.2014 Australian government planning retrograde laws on asylum
21.10.2014 Why coal* is not good for humanity
25.10.2014 One thousand demonstrate in Australia about Aboriginal deaths in custody
01.11.2014 Australia and India heading for nuclear cooperation - and other nuclear news
05.11.2014 Australia 'using asylum seeker children as bargaining chips'
05.11.2014 Police, protesters talk down prospect of violence at G20
08.11.2014 Australian Aborigines to meet at a SUMMIT FOR FREEDOM in Alice Springs
08.11.2014 Tony Abbott’s Australian government fuels a climate of fear and hatred
08.11.2014 Aborigines reject nuclear dump in Central Australia
10.11.2014 Hazaras face death on return to Afghanistan
10.11.2014 A Minor Footnote To Our Shameless Persecution Of Asylum Seekers
11.11.2014 "Stop stealing our children!" Aboriginal protest in Brisbane
12.11.2014 Asylum-seeker conditions inhuman and unlawful, UN committee tells Australia
12.11.2014 Lessons to be learned from atom bomb tests in Australia
13.11.2014 Tierbefreiungsaktivist*innen verüben Anschlagsserie in Australien
13.11.2014 animal liberation action and arson in australia
13.11.2014 UN Told Australian Indigenous Deaths in Custody Worsen
14.11.2014 Understanding why Australia's First Peoples are so angry
17.11.2014 The Siege Of Julian Assange Is A Farce
19.11.2014 West Australian plan to close 100 remote and Indigenous communities 'devastating'
20.11.2014 The new norm of hate betrays our immigrant origins
20.11.2014 The Disgrace of Western Australia's Treatment of Aboriginal People
21.11.2014 Campaigns against halal are anti-Islamic bullying: race commissioner
24.11.2014 Mentally ill people jailed in Australia without being convicted of anything
24.11.2014 Protests against closure of 150 Aboriginal communities
24.11.2014 Fears Escalate As Another Teen Asylum Seeker Assaulted On Nauru
24.11.2014 Aboriginal leader calls for trade sanctions & boycotts against Australia
25.11.2014 Mental illness may be used to deny Australian citizenship under new bill
25.11.2014 Poetic injustice as bid for Indigenous Recognition stalls
26.11.2014 Removing Australia from the Refugee Convention?
27.11.2014 Alice Springs 'Freedom Summit' urges youth to take up Indigenous rights fight
28.11.2014 The coral and the coal king
29.11.2014 Communiqué from the Aboriginal Freedom Summit
29.11.2014 Uranium mining in Kakadu (Australia) at a crucial point
05.12.2014 Tyrannical powers for Australia's immigration minister
05.12.2014 "Over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison a catastrophe"
09.12.2014 Climate Change Is The Biggest Threat To Black Australia
09.12.2014 Black Australia Would Be 'Essentially Free Labour' Under Work-For-The-Dole Changes
09.12.2014 Roads and mining driving “retrograde and morally reprehensible” land grabs
11.12.2014 Return of land to Aborigines kills uranium prospects
15.12.2014 ALF-Aktionen in Italien, Finnland, Australien und Kanada
18.12.2014 'Wishful thinking and misinformation': An open letter to nuclear lobbyists
20.12.2014 Historical ethnic cleansing continues in Australia with removal from homelands
20.12.2014 Action: Support 'Uranium − The Silent Killer'
21.12.2014 Australia is destroying indigenous land with fracking
26.12.2014 Australian Aborigines preparing for Canberra sit-in
28.12.2014 Australia's indigenous incarceration crisis
29.12.2014 Animal Liberation Front (ALF) brennt Schlachthof in Australien nieder!
03.01.2015 However much people can achieve through individual action, in 2015 it’s a critical time for public action
03.01.2015 Aboriginal land rights under attack again in Australia
07.01.2015 1965 Freedom Ride re-enactment going off track in Australia
07.01.2015 Kicked off a train for being 'Black' in Western Australia
09.01.2015 He renounced Australia and lives solely by tribal law. Now Murrumu is hitting the road
12.01.2015 Midgegooroo - "he threw the pick-axe down the well"
13.01.2015 Three simple ways Australia can clean the stain from its asylum seeker policies
16.01.2015 Aboriginal Australians visited Canadian indigenous nations
18.01.2015 White Australians would not have had this inflicted on them
18.01.2015 Asylum seekers want to donate organs to Australians if they die in hunger strike
18.01.2015 Removal of Aboriginal children at crisis point and rising
19.01.2015 Up to 700 detainees on hunger strike in Australian-run concentration camp
19.01.2015 People urged to attend Canberra First Peoples sit-in
22.01.2015 Journalists reporting on asylum seekers referred to Australian police
23.01.2015 Qualitatively the worst genocide in human history
24.01.2015 Community shut-downs and homelessness in Western Australia
25.01.2015 Newly discovered 1964 Martin Luther King speech resonates with Australian Aboriginal struggle
25.01.2015 Australians resisting free trade deal with US that would empower corporations
29.01.2015 Date with destiny - February 9 - First Peoples' Sit-In in Canberra
29.01.2015 Final notice: black line is drawn
01.02.2015 Queensland parliament likely to get its first two Aboriginal members
01.02.2015 Interview with a proud Wiradjuri woman
04.02.2015 Most Australians 'don't actually understand what human rights are'
08.02.2015 Call-out for Aboriginal sit-in at the Australian parliament
10.02.2015 Aboriginal protesters come face-to-face with politicians during Canberra 'sit-in'
11.02.2015 Culture of fear growing among Australian immigration officials
11.02.2015 Leadership squabbling, not Aboriginal rights struggle, consumed by mainstream media
12.02.2015 Australian government insider slams failure to close the gap between Indigenous and white Australians
14.02.2015 Grandmothers protest worst ever stealing of Australian Aboriginal children
14.02.2015 Plan to make Australia a nuclear recycling and waste dump
16.02.2015 Asylum seekers on hunger strike, sewing their lips and swallowing razor blades
18.02.2015 Islamic group worried by Australian government's new toughness
18.02.2015 Innocent Sayed Abdellatif and his extraordinary detention in Australian immigration
18.02.2015 Closure of remote communities devastates Aboriginal residents
22.02.2015 Fifty years on, Freedom Ride again holds up a mirror to white Australia
01.03.2015 Atomic bomb test site on Aboriginal land could now be flagged as a nuclear waste dump
02.03.2015 Australia's complicity with brutal Sri Lankan regime exposed
03.03.2015 In the heart of Perth, Aboriginal Tent Embassy and a refugee camp
04.03.2015 Australian Prime Minister defames female Moslem academic
06.03.2015 All feminists are created equal, but some are more equal than others
06.03.2015 What legacy do you want to leave your children?
06.03.2015 Controversial Senator says there's no proof indigenous people were the first Australians
06.03.2015 How Morrison's Australia crushed the life out of little Febrina
06.03.2015 'Every single step of the justice system is discriminatory against Aboriginal people.'
07.03.2015 Refugee camp in Perth, Australia, and a developing humanitarian crisis
08.03.2015 Australia breaches UN on torture: expert
09.03.2015 Mental disintegration of refugee children and parents in Australian concentration camps
11.03.2015 "The voice and opinion of a tyrant, dressed up in a liberal suit"
14.03.2015 Maori politicians support Aboriginal protest over proposed closure of indigenous communities
17.03.2015 Aboriginal Australian communities announce a global call to action
20.03.2015 Report finds sexual abuse, attempted suicides of refugee children in Australian concentration camp
24.03.2015 Aboriginal Australian communities send a powerful message to government
25.03.2015 Witness threats, 'inhuman guards', rapes and deaths at sea: testimony that didn't make the Moss Review
26.03.2015 Western Australiens Nyungahr People rufen nach deutscher Unterstuetzung
26.03.2015 Aboriginal group fights to stop $16bn Carmichael coalmine, Australia’s largest
28.03.2015 "Shameless, insensitive, outrageous, incredibly racist, lacking humanity, disconnected from reality"
28.03.2015 Bills before Australia's parliament would entrench a militaristic approach to refugees and allow a use of force against detainees
29.03.2015 Maori solidarity with the Nyoongar people at Matargarup, Perth
30.03.2015 Without Consent: Emotional Canberra exhibition remembers Australia's forced adoptions
30.03.2015 In defence of our land and our freedoms
01.04.2015 South Australian Aboriginal communities hold emergency summit to fight 'cultural genocide'
16.04.2015 For the record: First People's sovereignty never ceded
19.04.2015 White and black deceit, corruption and looting over land against autonomous Aboriginal people in South Australia
20.04.2015 Aborigines appeal to UN indigenous forum over homelands closure plans
20.04.2015 Aborigines stirring for national recognition of their frontier wars dead
21.04.2015 Upcoming international Perth conference on racist theft of Aboriginal children
22.04.2015 By evicting the homelands, Australia has again declared war on Indigenous people
24.04.2015 Flüchtlinge: Das Modell Australien taugt nicht für Europa
24.04.2015 'Systemic racism' against Aboriginal communities is savaged at the United Nations
28.04.2015 Stoppt die Schließung von indigenen Gemeinden in Australien!
28.04.2015 Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Australia -- Call-to-Action day!
28.04.2015 A fair go for the First Nations: Australia needs a Treaty
01.05.2015 French researchers: “Aboriginal communities should not be closed!”
02.05.2015 Popular opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement growing in Australia
02.05.2015 International anger swelling at plans to evict Australian Aborigines from ancestral lands
05.05.2015 Police again smash Aboriginal protest camp in Perth
06.05.2015 Contacts sought for Aboriginal art show in Europe
06.05.2015 Contacts sought for Aboriginal art show in Europe
08.05.2015 Appeal to stop Australia taxing menstruation
09.05.2015 Reparation needed before Aboriginal peoples can 'move on'
13.05.2015 Australia’s disarmament double-speak at this year’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference
13.05.2015 Aborigines expect more misery from new national budget
14.05.2015 Australian government budget leaves indigenous affairs in a “trauma zone”
16.05.2015 New coalition demands more justice for Indigenous Australians
17.05.2015 How an Australian Aboriginal family turned their sister's death into a youth suicide prevention group
18.05.2015 So 90% of us are 'proud Australians'. Proud of what, exactly?
21.05.2015 More cuts to Aboriginal health spending
23.05.2015 Every 20th Aboriginal death a suicide
25.05.2015 Nuclear-hit Aborigines again in radiation danger
30.05.2015 More Aboriginal children than ever ripped from their families
30.05.2015 Aborigines to visit US and European banks to prevent funding of Australia’s biggest coalmine on their country
02.06.2015 One refugee child has spent nearly five years in an Australian prison camp
02.06.2015 International nuclear news roundup
03.06.2015 Aboriginal actions across the continent to ‘Shutdown Australia’ on 1 June
04.06.2015 Watch it now: Giant tampons at Parliament!
05.06.2015 Detention turns refugees into patients. Don't jail doctors for saying so
06.06.2015 Aboriginal Elders and writers flail invasion of homelands eight years ago in an exciting anthology
13.06.2015 Australia must back indigenous expertise to end crisis of children’s incarceration
14.06.2015 Christina Macpherson’s antinuclear news
14.06.2015 Can Australia sink any further in its treatment of asylum seekers
15.06.2015 Decolonisation: to be or not to be included in the Australian constitution?
15.06.2015 Five questions the Abbott government needs to answer on the people smuggling payment claims
18.06.2015 Berlin from 26-28 June: An art installation about the Yolngu people: S.O.S. Australia - restoring dignity
19.06.2015 Australian politicians stealing from ordinary Australians
19.06.2015 “Take away from me my language, my responsibilities for the land, my land, and I am nothing”
20.06.2015 Christina Macpherson’s antinuclear week
24.06.2015 Western Australian minister tells parliament he's 'proud' of world-beating juvenile jailing rate
27.06.2015 Protests in major Australian cities against cuts to Aboriginal services & closure of Aboriginal communities
03.07.2015 We just took on the world
03.07.2015 Call-out for big Aboriginal protest march across Sydney Harbour Bridge
12.07.2015 Tony Abbott and the 40 thieves
13.07.2015 1) Most people haven't heard about it; 2) When they do, they get mad
18.07.2015 Child asylum seeker alleges rape in shower and 253 Nauru detainees attempt self-harm, Australian Senate inquiry hears
18.07.2015 Aboriginal children as young as nine killing themselves in Australia
20.07.2015 Australia 'most sceptical' about climate change globally, says study
22.07.2015 Australian opposition leader wants Labor to adopt government's refugee boat turn-backs
22.07.2015 Remote Indigenous outstation rejects Australian government policy and opens own school
22.07.2015 “Language revival could reduce Aboriginal suicides”
23.07.2015 Alice Springs paramilitary vigilante leader says Aboriginal people 'stuck in the 1700s'
28.07.2015 Imaginary spear outrages Australia. Slap on the wrist for hit and run death of black child doesn't
10.08.2015 “You can keep your gold, we just want our land back”
15.08.2015 Fat cat and activist Aborigines fighting over prime Sydney land
25.08.2015 Police power to arrest an adult or child without charge, paperwork or representation
31.08.2015 30 who oppose gay marriage claim to speak for 700,000 Aborigines
01.09.2015 Australia pays more than $13 million per refugee to send four to Cambodia
02.09.2015 Australia nanny state: Have we become a nation of idiots?
03.09.2015 Australia decides next week whether to join bombing Islamic State
04.09.2015 Powers for Australian Border Force 'disrespect human dignity'
04.09.2015 Powers for Australian Border Force 'disrespect human dignity'
06.09.2015 Indigenous suicides “Australia’s worst crisis”
08.09.2015 First Australians – Die unbekannte Geschichte von Australien
09.09.2015 Australia joins bombing of Syria, it's already bombing Iraq
10.09.2015 New plans to dredge the Great Barrier Reef for thousands of coal ships
10.09.2015 Tribal leaders meet in Alice Springs to hammer out treaty with White Australia
13.09.2015 Australia, you're standing in it: another day, another week of breathtaking Aussie racism
14.09.2015 Indigenous imprisonment in Australia is getting worse
15.09.2015 Bright spark, black day: the political obituary of the prime minister for indigenous affairs
17.09.2015 After the wreckage Abbott caused he still left feeling sore and under-appreciated
19.09.2015 Melbourne woman taking on Transfield over children in detention
19.09.2015 Aborigines and foreigners complete 450-kilometre anti-uranium walk in Western Australia
21.09.2015 Transfield could face legal action over Nauru and Manus abuses, group warns
21.09.2015 Australia-India nuclear deal fails to meet its objectives - and other nuclear news
23.09.2015 Call for global action to save Aboriginal communities
24.09.2015 Massive pain inflicted on Aborigines to steal their land rights
24.09.2015 From $13.50 to $750 per HIV/AIDS pill
12.10.2015 Oppression is the cause of the majority of the suicides (or murders)
12.10.2015 Australia Redefines Hypocrisy And Human Rights In Bid For UN Position
13.10.2015 Father tried to kill himself when son was cured of TB as doctors over-ruled by immigration
13.10.2015 Keeping place for stolen Indigenous remains should take priority over Anzac centre
13.10.2015 Help to free refugee children from Australian concentration camps
15.10.2015 Aboriginal talks next month on declaring independence from Australia
15.10.2015 Terrible news: Australian government re-approves one of the world's biggest coal mines
15.10.2015 An Aboriginal Artist’s Dizzying New York Moment
16.10.2015 Roundup of nuclear/climate news
16.10.2015 Asleep-at-the-wheel parliament allows Australia's wealthy and powerful to dodge taxation
16.10.2015 Fees paid by the Australian Wheat Board to dominate Iraqi wheat market were a 'bribe', court told
18.10.2015 Pregnant from being raped in camp, Somali refugee is denied medical care by Australia
19.10.2015 Deal struck to end removal of Aboriginal children
20.10.2015 Aborigines take coalmine worries to United Nations bodies and corporations
21.10.2015 Human Rights Roundtable: Has Australia Become A Soft Theocracy?
30.10.2015 Medicos rally against child detention
03.11.2015 Lands Of Opportunity, Travel Warnings, And Torture: The Places Australia Wants To Send Refugees
10.11.2015 If You Read Just One Open Letter Opposing Labor’s Cruelty To Asylum Seekers, Make Sure It’s This One
19.11.2015 Timely Gathering of Nations this weekend in Canberra 21& 22 November
28.11.2015 Help to fight government move to extinguish Aboriginal right to Barrier Reef land
01.12.2015 Violence results from lack of veto against mining in Australian Native Title process
02.12.2015 A raft of new and ongoing threats to Aboriginal lives
03.12.2015 Communiqué from Gathering of Nations in Canberra 21 & 22 November 2015
03.12.2015 The future of Australia's violent offshore detention camps hangs in the balance
03.12.2015 Aboriginal opposition to mega-mine caves in – ‘We want a job, a car, a house like any Australian'
06.12.2015 Last-minute reprieve for life-saving Aboriginal prison support
08.12.2015 Stan Grant: 'Black Australia is a foreign place and I feel like a foreign correspondent in my own land'
08.12.2015 The Intervention and its Consequences – 9-10 October 2015 (Bonn)
09.12.2015 Torres Strait Islanders on ‘the trauma of climate change in the land of our ancestors’ – video
10.12.2015 Assimilationist Aborigines hunting down educated young to oppose grassroots leaders
10.12.2015 GST 15% rise would hit lowest earners hardest, latest modelling shows
31.12.2015 Melbourne: Attack against BAE Systems for Black December
08.01.2016 Five big nuclear issues for 2016 — and Australia’s role in them
18.01.2016 Killing Indigenous Australians is not a game!
19.01.2016 Solidarity greetings from Australia
22.01.2016 Child refugees tell of bullying on Nauru: 'They are rude to us, they punch us'
22.01.2016 Nuclear news by Christina Macpherson
23.01.2016 Indigenous Estate: “as soon as you have a closer look it disappears into nothing”
24.01.2016 "The Australian dream is rooted in racism"
25.01.2016 “Galilei got it wrong, the Yolngu got it right”
29.01.2016 Nuclear news at the end of January 2016
29.01.2016 Anti uranium mining walk in Western Australia
29.01.2016 John Pilger on the Indigenous struggle: 'There is no alternative now'
29.01.2016 "A cynical land and power grab" against Aborigines
29.01.2016 "The Intervention" book presentation - "Cynical land and power grab"
29.01.2016 Irregularities alleged in elections to wealthiest Aboriginal organisation - "the judge is the thief"
30.01.2016 Higher tax on everyday goods to slash Australian corporate taxes
03.02.2016 Australien darf Bootsflüchtlinge auf Pazifikinsel abschieben
06.02.2016 Mega coalmine along Great Barrier Reef coast 'not a foregone conclusion'
07.02.2016 Freeing Julian Assange: John Pilger On The Final Chapter
08.02.2016 Time to fund the "No" vote in the Australian constitution dispute
12.02.2016 Euahlayi cultural astronomy parallels with latest gravitational waves detection
13.02.2016 Maybe an idea to copy here
13.02.2016 Indigenous kids are still being removed from their families, more than ever before
14.02.2016 Nuclear waste dump tour: Activists travel 10,000km to six shortlisted sites, meet community members
16.02.2016 South Australia wants to store all the world's nuclear waste
18.02.2016 Self-declared sovereign Indigenous nation recognised by Australian minister
20.02.2016 February 20 Nuclear News this week
20.02.2016 Star stories of the Dreaming
22.02.2016 Australia the ‘ideal location’ for nuclear waste dump, says (foreign minister) Julie Bishop
22.02.2016 Reform announced for insane Australian electoral system - but will it happen?
23.02.2016 Trickle-Down Racism: How White Leaders Taught Us Black Lives Don’t Matter
24.02.2016 The Trans Pacific Partnership has been secret for long enough, say Australian activists
25.02.2016 'It's the same story': How Australia and Canada are twinning on bad outcomes for Indigenous people
26.02.2016 Australian pro-refugees protesters achieving the impossible
03.03.2016 Australian immigration minister ignores plea to release woman, 70, from detention
05.03.2016 This week: renewable energy and energy efficiency news
07.03.2016 Murrumu: one man's mission to create a sovereign Indigenous country inside Australia
07.03.2016 Treaty call gains traction in Australia
09.03.2016 $55m Cambodia deal that resettled two refugees a 'good outcome', says Dutton
11.03.2016 Aboriginal suicide prevention May conference call for papers
11.03.2016 Aboriginal suicide prevention May conference call for papers
12.03.2016 Nuclear news in the anniversary week of the Fukushima disaster
13.03.2016 Sydney public forum on the need for a treaty with indigenous people
16.03.2016 Adani, no still means no. The next few weeks are crucial
16.03.2016 Spanish corporate giant Ferrovial wants to run Australian concentration camps
17.03.2016 Stopping Global Meltdown: Joining Indigenous Women At The Barricades Of Climate Resistance
18.03.2016 Australia: Hijacking of preferences by electoral sharpies will be countered by law changes
18.03.2016 Climate and nuclear news 18 March
20.03.2016 “Fuck your constitutional recognition, I want a treaty”
24.03.2016 The big reason the female vote will be crucial at the next [Australian] election
24.03.2016 The stolen wages that continue to hold indigenous Australians back
31.03.2016 White Australia Still Has A Black History
31.03.2016 Opposition growing to dumping the world's nuclear waste in South Australia
31.03.2016 Australian place names still celebrate colonial mass murderers
01.04.2016 Deceit continues from the top down in Australia
01.04.2016 A refugee mother's thanks to Australian activists
02.04.2016 Millions spent on [Australian] anti-refugee propaganda
02.04.2016 People power saves babies from deportation to island concentration camps
03.04.2016 Brisbane outcry over coal mine approval amid worst Barrier Reef bleaching
03.04.2016 Chance to tell the world the indigenous story - take part or picket
03.04.2016 Aborigines starving in Northern Territory remote community, aged care fails
06.04.2016 Troubled Outback town’s successful Aboriginal medical service turns 30
07.04.2016 City Of Perth: Stop Terrorising The Homeless At Matargarup
07.04.2016 'It's a travesty': family pleads with [Australian immigration minister] Peter Dutton to release father from detention
16.04.2016 More Australian indigenous people than ever dying behind bars
17.04.2016 Traditional owners shrug off Adani’s land use pact in Australia
21.04.2016 More Than A Voice: The Legacy Of Tiga Bayles
21.04.2016 Why no-one should climb Uluru
24.04.2016 People power stings Australian politicians over corporate tax dodging
25.04.2016 Anzac Day: We’ve Already Said Thanks, It’s Time To Move On
29.04.2016 12th police raid on Aboriginal protest and homeless camp
29.04.2016 Another month’s walk with Aborigines against uranium mining
29.04.2016 Asylum seeker dies after self-immolation in Australian camp
30.04.2016 Aboriginal owners outraged by a spiritually important site being chosen for Australia's first nuclear waste dump
01.05.2016 Further evidence that the Commonwealth of Australia does not have a legal sovereignty
01.05.2016 The Australian refugee detention regime is on the brink
13.05.2016 13 May Nuclear and climate news for the past week
13.05.2016 After 26 years no justice for Aboriginal families whose three children were murdered
14.05.2016 $150 million for reform of remote Aboriginal communities not spent
14.05.2016 The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: 'We were all young, crazy, but we believed in justice'
14.05.2016 “Language, culture, ceremony needed to fight Aboriginal suicide”
17.05.2016 Uranium on the rocks
19.05.2016 Help Aborigines close a community-destroying mine
21.05.2016 Elation, sadness and anger over return of north Australian Aboriginal land
22.05.2016 It’s Okay To Compare Australia In 2016 With Nazi Germany, And Here’s Why
23.05.2016 Aborigines can no longer eat fish from mine-poisoned north Australian river
24.05.2016 Ancient Euahlayi astronomy parallels with Einstein's space-time theory
26.05.2016 There are lots of ways to say sorry, but Indigenous Australians need a treaty now
27.05.2016 Let's have treaty and constitutional recognition, Indigenous referendum chief says
28.05.2016 Cowardly Australian government expunged Australia from a damaging UN climate report
28.05.2016 Indigenous owners appeal to Minister's 'human side' to shelve proposed nuclear waste site
30.06.2016 Aboriginal children as young as 8, 9, 10 and 11 years of age are killing themselves in Australia
01.07.2016 We must die standing and fighting and not lay down and let these bastards have their own way
08.07.2016 First Aboriginal woman in Australia’s main parliament – tokenism or indigenous power boost?
15.07.2016 Does Indigenous Australia Need a #BlackLivesMatter Movement?
15.07.2016 Aboriginal mothers are 17.5 times more likely to be victims of homicide in Western Australia than other mums
17.07.2016 New threat to remove Aborigines from tiny remote communities
20.07.2016 Support swelling for treaty, falling for recognition in Australia
26.07.2016 Aboriginal children stripped, tear-gassed, brutalised in Northern Territory prison
27.07.2016 Australian doctors going to court to challenge government gag order on refugee maltreatment
28.07.2016 Aborigines were NOT nomads – stirring for more teaching of Aboriginal history
28.07.2016 NT Juvenile Detention Abuse Royal Commissioner Needs No Introduction To Black Territorians
31.07.2016 “This week, Australia is a boy in a hood in a cell"
01.08.2016 "To break the will and determination of Aboriginal people cowardly governments attack our youth"
03.08.2016 Nauru asylum seeker conditions: Abuse, sexual harassment, filthy tents
03.08.2016 Human Rights Groups Claim Australia Is Ignoring Nauru Abuse
03.08.2016 Underground fish, beetles, spiders, scorpions stop uranium mine
04.08.2016 Suicide of 15-year-old boy in Don Dale - broken and ruined lives
12.08.2016 The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention
14.08.2016 Freedom Day Festival - blackfella, whitefella unite as one
14.08.2016 Freedom Day Festival - blackfella, whitefella unite as one
14.08.2016 Freedom Day Festival - blackfella, whitefella unite as one
16.08.2016 Two Aboriginal men running as independents for seats in the Northern Territory parliament
18.08.2016 Mother of four the first Aborigine to die in New South Wales custody in 16 years
19.08.2016 Wave Hill descendants highlight continuing injustices at 50th Walkoff anniversary
19.08.2016 New Victorian law will create legal same-sex marriages
19.08.2016 Indigenous challenge to Adani Carmichael coal mine dismissed by Federal Court
19.08.2016 Indigenous challenge to Adani Carmichael coal mine dismissed by Federal Court
26.08.2016 Overcoming oppressors’ absolute brutality targeting our children
31.08.2016 White Man’s Manslaughter. Black Man’s Murder. White Man’s Riot. Black Man’s Uprising
01.09.2016 Violent clashes between police and Aboriginal protesters in West Australian town
02.09.2016 Wilson Security to withdraw from Australia's offshore detention centres
02.09.2016 Senate tells Australian government not to fund controversial coal mine
07.09.2016 “Galilei got it wrong, the Yolngu got it right” about tides
08.09.2016 One in 10 young Australian Indigenous men rate their happiness at 'zero'
09.09.2016 We are under occupation by a foreign power, which keeps us in our place by superior force
11.09.2016 Australia's offshore refugee processing is no inspiration. It deserves condemnation
14.09.2016 A Casual Killing: How Government And Business Make More Money By Ripping Off Yours
15.09.2016 The Custody Notification System saves Aboriginal lives. Why isn't it national?
16.09.2016 Psychologists apologise to Indigenous Australians for decades of mistreatment
17.09.2016 Australian psychologists apologise to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
19.09.2016 Tony Abbott says Europe is facing 'peaceful invasion' of asylum seekers
19.09.2016 Nauru refugee denied emergency evacuation after suspected heart attack
19.09.2016 Turnbull claims Australian border policies 'best in world' despite widespread criticism
20.09.2016 Racist and bigot Senator Hanson tried to divide and hurt Australian people
20.09.2016 Malcolm Turnbull tells world leaders to follow Australia's asylum policies
20.09.2016 Kalgoorlie Uprising: Black Man’s Victim. White Man’s Culprit, And The Twisted Psychology Of Racially Motivated Crime and Punishment
20.09.2016 Another court challenge to Australia's biggest coal mine plan
22.09.2016 More blah or real chances of progress for Australia’s indigenous peoples?
23.09.2016 Call by Aboriginal rugby stars to snub the Australian anthem
27.09.2016 An Aboriginal prisoner has died after brawling with five guards
27.09.2016 Australia must recognise it has a race relations problem, to move forward on reconciliation
28.09.2016 Australia continues its nuclear war against Aborigines
02.10.2016 Children removed from families are at highest risk to suicide
04.10.2016 Time to pick up the pace for decolonisation for First Nations Peoples in Australia – departing for London
05.10.2016 Inter-racial tension grows over police shooting an Aboriginal man
06.10.2016 Declaration of Yuggera tribal sovereignty to the lands of Brisbane/Ipswich
18.10.2016 Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull says Amnesty criticism of Nauru detention 'absolutely false'
18.10.2016 First Nations sovereignty now on the international agenda
24.10.2016 Australia lifts gag order on doctors treating refugees
25.10.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership makes Australia vulnerable to court challenges, report claims
25.10.2016 Drei Aborigines sprechen über britische Invasion Australiens in Berlin
26.10.2016 Mark Guyula's election in NT 'wholly void', Electoral Commission tells court
28.10.2016 We haven't learned the lessons of the stolen generations. We are still failing Koori kids
29.10.2016 The Road to a Treaty
01.11.2016 'Wholly void' election of Aboriginal member a 'landmark case'
04.11.2016 Aborigines demand their historic shield and spears back from British museums
08.11.2016 Citizens jury trashes plan to absorb the world's nuclear waste in South Australia
10.11.2016 Growing up with family and culture is a human right. It's also essential for healing
11.11.2016 Aboriginal children in care 'isolated from family and culture', says Victoria report
12.11.2016 Queenslanders can’t challenge giant coalmine’s dangerous water grab
12.11.2016 Report calls for change in Indigenous suicide prevention in Australia
15.11.2016 Is South Australia’s nuclear dumping plan dead?
17.11.2016 Call out to Australian indigenous people to a gathering of nations 26/27 November
22.11.2016 Hostility towards immigrants on rise as Australians despair over government
28.11.2016 New Australian 'biodiversity' law 'a direct assault on Aboriginal laws, culture, religion and spirituality'
30.11.2016 Ongoing crimes against humanity, gross violations of human rights, genocide, ethnocide, ecocide and persecution across ‘Australia’
03.12.2016 Barrier-Reef-trashing monster coal mine to get a billion dollar tax handout
04.12.2016 More Aboriginal power? Or same old same old in the Northern Territory?
06.12.2016 Immigration officials routinely ignore medical advice on detainees, inquest told
09.12.2016 “We were killed with impunity simply because of who we are”
09.12.2016 Indigenous Kalgoorlie residents plan own legal action after landmark Palm Island court decision
09.12.2016 Aboriginal owners construct ‘legal line of defence’ against Adani and Queensland government
11.12.2016 Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia
12.12.2016 Premier's nuclear push is proof of a government in meltdown
13.12.2016 Fossil fuel divestment is worth $7tn globally yet Australia still clings to coal
13.12.2016 Report on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage shows alarming gaps in progression
14.12.2016 Dylan Voller: ‘Young people need love and someone to talk to not (to) be locked in a cell’
14.12.2016 Appalling prison treatment of Aboriginal youth highlighted at Australian inquiry
15.12.2016 Misoxeny – Μίσος των ξένων – in today’s terms, a culmination of White Privilege in Australia
16.12.2016 [Australian] Government backs down on threat to sue campaigner for use of Medicare logo
16.12.2016 Stop, reassess: no green light for Australian uranium sales to Ukraine
16.12.2016 Another Australian state has joined the growing indigenous treaties swell
20.12.2016 After "inhumane treatment" of dying Aboriginal woman police get “stern letters”
30.12.2016 Indigenous treaties for Australia: An interview with Narungga Elder Tauto Sansbury
05.01.2017 Invasion Day Callout: Canberra, 26 January 2017
05.01.2017 Adani's Mega Mine in Australia Runs Into Local Protests
07.01.2017 Aboriginal protest march to Governor-General
10.01.2017 Cashless welfare card treats Aboriginal people 'as third-class citizens'
10.01.2017 ‘Ration days again’: Australian cashless welfare card ignites shame in Aborigines
10.01.2017 "Ms Dhu died too young, 22, when they carried her like a dead kangaroo"
14.01.2017 Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’
18.01.2017 Australia: It's time to target the top end of town and the obscene profits of the super-rich
19.01.2017 26th January – illegal to celebrate genocide in failed state Australia
20.01.2017 Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower
20.01.2017 New uranium mine approved on Aboriginal land - and other nuclear news
22.01.2017 January 26th was an assault on a strong, phenomenal culture — and that is why you shouldn’t celebrate it
27.01.2017 'What are you actually celebrating?' Indigenous elder says Australia Day debate must continue
29.01.2017 The Human Zoo: Documentary sheds light on stolen Aboriginal people 'treated as animals'
01.02.2017 “1, 2, 3, Sovereignty, that's how easy it can be!”
06.02.2017 Queensland government won't pay $220,000 damages to Aboriginal protest leader
06.02.2017 Katholische Kirche - Tausendfacher Kindesmissbrauch in Australien
08.02.2017 The real showdown begins over monster coal mine in Queensland
10.02.2017 First Indigenous woman appointed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
10.02.2017 Melbourne protest against three proposed uranium mines in Western Australia
13.02.2017 Stolen generation continues - No to the removal of Yolngu citizens
14.02.2017 Aboriginal leaders seek new relationship with the Australian government
14.02.2017 Changing native title law to facilitate monster 200 km2 coal mine in Queensland
15.02.2017 Adani’s dark underbelly: bribery, vandalism, corruption, money laundering
17.02.2017 Guyula names kids he says are part of second stolen generation
17.02.2017 Aboriginal children 'stolen' from Yolngu communities a protection system failure, Mark Guyula says
18.02.2017 Gabby Wanambi's death from sepsis preventable with appropriate treatment, Northern Territory coroner says
19.02.2017 Land rights not mining rights
21.02.2017 1,000 Australians tell Westpac bank to stop funding Adani’s dangerous coal mine
22.02.2017 Amnesty International condemns Australian treatment of Aborigines and refugees
24.02.2017 Grassroots Aboriginal movement in New South Wales squashes ‘Recognise’
24.02.2017 Nuclear, uranium and energy/climate news 23/2/2017
27.02.2017 "One of the vilest racist acts we've seen"
01.03.2017 Catholicism has done more harm to Australia than Islam. Where's the outrage?
03.03.2017 Australian Conservation Foundation vs Adani – in court today
03.03.2017 First Nations form green energy alliance to beat govt. electricity corruption
06.03.2017 Literaturstar aus dem Wohnwagen
07.03.2017 A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry
07.03.2017 Protest against new uranium mine in Western Australia
09.03.2017 Australian banks under mounting pressure to shun coal
14.03.2017 The Australian government's constitutional ‘Dialogue’ processes are fatally flawed
18.03.2017 "Miners and other rich developers will have even better tools to divide and conquer us"
19.03.2017 Ten years of Close the Gap; Why are we sicker, poorer and living shorter than the rest of Australia?
20.03.2017 Adani hopes to start mining in Queensland in August, state Premier confident
23.03.2017 Australia’s biggest green alliance formed to fight Adani's Reef-killing coal mine
25.03.2017 “9,000+ anti-Adani campaigners to occupy work sites, chain themselves to machinery and clog phone lines”
26.03.2017 Australia isolated on UN nuclear treaty boycott
27.03.2017 “Eat that little bit of poo go! go! go! Come suck my dick you little cunt”
30.03.2017 Young anti-coal nighttime activists visit Westpac banks across Australia
30.03.2017 “I can't describe the feeling of having to prove my Aboriginality”
31.03.2017 Australian government fails to pass native land rights changes - major setback for proposed giant Adani coal mine
04.04.2017 United Nations rapporteur 'appalled' at Indigenous youth detention and living conditions in Australia
05.04.2017 The enemy within! Beware of the programmed de-Aboriginalised Aborigines!
07.04.2017 Adani coal mine environmentally reckless, contrary to today's energy markets
10.04.2017 Thousands protest in Australia against Reef-destroying monster coalmines
12.04.2017 Get skilled up to #StopAdani
12.04.2017 Australian governments have failed Indigenous peoples, says Oxfam
12.04.2017 Turnbull offers to sacrifice Aboriginal rights to Adani in an act of national betrayal
20.04.2017 Queensland farmer finds common cause over coal with Adani’s Indian neighbours
23.04.2017 Always independent: An interview with Murrawarri Republic Chair Fred Hooper
24.04.2017 Queenslanders kept in the dark about Adani, Greens push “Stop Adani Bill”
25.04.2017 'And there'll be NO dancing' - Policies impacting Indigenous Australia since 2007
26.04.2017 Aboriginal government stooge rubbishes activists resisting planned coalmine
28.04.2017 Protests make 2nd largest Australian bank shun Adani and other coal investments
29.04.2017 Critical perspectives on the US alliance are unthinkable in Australian politics
01.05.2017 First formal recognition of First Nations people in the Australian Defence Force
04.05.2017 “We have five days to stop the Adani coal mine madness” – appeal for help
04.05.2017 Wrong legal advice from two professors on Indigenous referendum outcomes
06.05.2017 'The amnesty on ignorance of Australia’s frontier wars is over'
17.05.2017 Benefits of new union of 23 New South Wales and Queensland First Nations
21.05.2017 Legal battle started against Adani’s fake land deal, as government interferes
23.05.2017 'Unfinished business' of stolen generations puts more children at risk – report
24.05.2017 Very sad news about the Great Barrier Reef
26.05.2017 The Uluru walkout: Constitutional recognition, Treaty and structural change
30.05.2017 Protests stop billion dollar public loan to one of world's biggest coalmines
30.05.2017 Perfecting trickery: Australia's Referendum Council
02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
11.06.2017 Strong spirit, strong culture, strong people
13.06.2017 Australian Senate to vote on weakening indigenous people’s land rights forever
14.06.2017 Australian Senate has just sold out indigenous land rights to help Adani
15.06.2017 The Intervention: Ten years of Australia’s shame - public forum
16.06.2017 "Our people are the last line of legal defence against the Adani mine"
16.06.2017 Women in Australia are taxed on tampons and pads, considered non-essential
16.06.2017 How South Australians dumped a nuclear dump
17.06.2017 Cave sacred to Aboriginal women faces destruction for massive housing project
19.06.2017 “Assimilation into the constitution would seal the theft of our lands, waters and natural resources”
20.06.2017 “Proposed Australian law would lock our society into two classes of people”
21.06.2017 Call for all Australians to work with First Nations Peoples to liberate ourselves from the devastation of British colonialism
22.06.2017 “Five attempts on my life, character assassination, to push government agendas”
25.06.2017 Reviewing 10 years of government oppression of Aborigines – the pain continues
26.06.2017 Government and Opposition politicians speak out against Adani Queensland coalmining plans
27.06.2017 Most Australians want renewables to be primary energy source, survey finds
27.06.2017 What Happens When You Tell Somebody Else’s Story?
30.06.2017 UN committee urges Australia to rethink support for Adani coal mine1
01.07.2017 Drinking deep-well bore water poisoned by mining is killing Outback Aborigines
03.07.2017 This billboard will make them so mad!
04.07.2017 Songlines can bring us Home - A Statement from the Bush
07.07.2017 Australian university researchers publish new map of massacres of Aborigines
07.07.2017 Aboriginal statement opposing constitutional recognition & manufactured consent
17.07.2017 Who is fighting whom?
17.07.2017 Gambia Clears Way For Australian Company To Acquires Major Stake In Offshore Blocks
19.07.2017 Referendum Council's recommendation concedes there is 'NO CONSENT'
19.07.2017 Fascist Australian immigration minister to get more power to appease right wing
20.07.2017 Aborigines in Australia longer than previously thought, study shows
20.07.2017 Abused Aboriginal youth to stand in Alice Springs Town Council elections
20.07.2017 Australia quietly makes first uranium shipment to India three years after supply agreement
21.07.2017 Man who ran over Indigenous teenager jailed for three years
22.07.2017 Politicians must face the truth: Indigenous Australia doesn’t accept symbolic recognition
22.07.2017 The week that has been in climate and nuclear news
23.07.2017 Yankunytjatjara elder and Maralinga nuclear test survivor Yami Lester OAM passes away, aged 75
24.07.2017 In memory of Yami Lester, atom bomb victim and Aboriginal land rights warrior
27.07.2017 The shady web behind potential finance for the Adani mega coalmine in Australia
03.08.2017 Best Intentions: How We Slaughter The Aboriginal Race
12.08.2017 Desde Dentro – Stimme der Gefangenen