Invasion Day Callout: Canberra, 26 January 2017

Invasion Day 2017

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic said from Mogila, Seat of Government of Euahlayi Nation, near Goodooga: On 26 January 2017 it is the intention of the Sovereign Union, together with those Nations who have made their UDIs (Unilateral Declarations of Independence), to deliver to the Governor-General one Proclamation and one Declaration. 

 ·      The Proclamation will focus on usurpation as genocide, which continues to this very day, only this time they call it Native Title and Recognise.

 ·      The Declaration will declare the falsehood of the British claim of ownership over this continent.


Gather at Aboriginal Embassy,  9am 26 January 2017, for 10am march to Government House, Dunrossil Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600.


We call upon all Peoples to march with us on this day to show that we are not alone when we call for natural justice and that we are not alone in our fight. This is a fight to correct international wrongdoings and to acknowledge the continuing injustices being perpetrated against our peoples. We must stop the killings and the mental harm being perpetrated against us on a daily basis. We must stop those who steal our children and we must hold accountable all those persons who perpetrate murder and torture against our populations. 

As a unified collective we must locate our own solutions. We must put an end to semantics and ideological differences and I call upon those First Nations people, who are employed by the colonial establishment to conspire to assimilate us, to reconsider their positions and to come back to us to learn what this fight is all about. Say No! to Recognise until you understand the real consequence 

I call upon those First Nations people and their non-Aboriginal counterparts to come with an open mind and learn why we say: NO! The damage that will be done to our Peoples will be irreversible and your legacies as collaborators will be that you participated in the total destruction of the oldest Peoples and Cultures on the face of this earth. Recognition does no favours for us. It is a poison dart and you, as First Nations people, who work within this colonial system are the darts. I ask: Is this a legacy that you want your children and grandchildren to hide from when you pass on? 

The Black Power movement of 1970s was successful beyond our expectations in that we all found common purpose and we were all determined in our resolve to achieve Land Rights with the underlying knowledge that we belong to sovereign Nations, who had, and continue to have, Law, culture, customs, usages and spirituality that connect us to our lands, waters, natural ecosystems and sky, through our allodial title. We have governance under our Law and culture. We continue to hold these beliefs in the Almighty Creator and his Wives.  

This is our sovereignty and it has never been given away by cession, nor conquest. We are now claiming all the rights that are inherently ours.  

The year 2017 represents the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum. This referendum falsely promised to our Old Ones that there would be better days ahead for our Peoples, but the reality was the whiteman held firm to a different agenda, which was directed towards a different outcome. First Nations Peoples need to make themselves aware of the 1969 Aboriginal Affairs policy that was decided in Darwin, where a bipartisan Eleven Point Strategy was decided in respect to the future of Aboriginal people in Australia, namely, Assimilation. The central tenet of this policy was assimilation through absorption into the economic world. Thus we now have Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and Warren Mundine's First Nations Chamber of Commerce. Jobs, jobs, jobs! 

I now find the need to repeat a previous statement about us as a race of Peoples. We are identifiably distinct race of Peoples, different from the invader colonising society. Nowhere in any law, constitutionally or otherwise, were our Peoples ever classified as subjects of the British Crown. We were always, by statute to assented by the British monarch, defined as 'aliens'.  

Too many people ignore the New South Wales court cases of R v Jack Congo Murrell, 1837; R v Bonjon 1841 and R. v. Ballard or Barrett, 1829. The most significant of these cases was R v Bonjon 1841 when Justice Willis in the Supreme Court of New South Wales ruled: 

Aboriginal people remained 'unconquered and free, entitled to be regarded as 'self-governing communities'. Their rights 'as distinct people' could not be considered to have been 'tacitly surrendered'. As they were 'by no means devoid of legal capacity' and had 'laws and usages of their own', 'treaties should be made with them'. The colonists were 'uninvited intruders', the Aborigines 'the native sovereigns of the soil'. [Supreme Court of New South Wales, Port Phillip District, Willis J., April 1841, Melbourne ] 

 The High Court in Mabo (No. 2) overlooked intentionally or just simply forgot about this ruling. I am more inclined, however, to say that the justices sitting on the full bench, for expedience and convenience, just simply ignored it in order for them to confirm some kind of legitimacy.

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Let me remind the people that Sir Robert Menzies had expressed grave concerns about the supposed benefits of the 1967 referendum and I repeat what Menzies said: 

I would have thought that the contrary was the fact. Parliament has been given power to make discriminatory laws in relation to the people of any race—special laws which would relate to them and not to other people; laws which would treat them as people who stood outside the normal grasp of the law, enjoying its benefits and sustaining its burdens in common with all other citizens. … there is a second point about it, and this does concern me. If the Commonwealth, as one of its heads of power under section 51, has the right to pass special laws with respect to the Aboriginal race, I wonder what limitations will be on that separate head of power. Would this enable the Parliament to set up a separate body of industrial laws relating to Aborigines or some other kind of law— health laws, quarantine laws or laws under any of the other powers of the Parliament? It may well be true that it could because, make no mistake about it; this would be a head of power standing not inferior to any other power contained in section 51. That is a matter that requires a great deal of thought.


We must also remind ourselves of what Kim Beasley Snr, MP, Freemantle WA said in Commonwealth Parliament on 1 April 1965: 

 ... but I do suggest that a whole series of discriminatory laws with respect to Aborigines is necessary. We say that we do not intend to discriminate. What rubbish! Aborigines have been occupying land in various parts of Australia since time immemorial. Yet we deny them the slightest entitlement to one square inch of that land and push them off it as soon as anything of value to a European is discovered on it. At the same time, we content ourselves with this mealy mouthed statement that we do not discriminate against Aborigines. I think that, in the sense of material standards, we have almost the worst native policy in the world. I can never join in the righteous denunciations of South Africa that we hear in this House, because, from what I have seen in South Africa, the material conditions of the natives there are immeasurably higher than the material standards of the Aborigines of Australia. There is a case for the Commonwealth Parliament to have power in relation to Aborigines. Those of us who travelled over much of Australia and studied the conditions of Aborigines as members of the Select Committee on Voting Rights of Aborigines realise that anyone who would say that the States have been doing a marvellous job is either very blind or very complacent. I do not want to dwell on the matter any more except to say: For heaven's sake, if we in this Australian Parliament cannot guarantee citizenship, let us accept the fact that our Constitution acknowledges only the status of subjects of the Queen and that, no matter how many acts of Parliament we pass, we cannot reach into the States and create any form of meaningful citizenship. Until placitum (xxvi.) of section 51 of the Constitution is amended, Aborigines can have no effective Australian citizenship.   [ Hansard No. 13, Thursday, 1 April 1965 25th Parliament, 1st session, 3rd period ]

[ ]


I therefore ask: What does it take to convince our own people that our sovereignty is well intact and vibrantly real? It is a sovereignty that comes from our own ancient Laws and culture. It does not come from the Westminster parliamentary system and British common law. It has always been here. Our Songlines of the Dreaming Creation and the Songs and Dances that we do on Country are the Law of the Land. Each independent First Nation sings and dances the Stories of their Country. These are not fairytales, nor folklore, as is suggested by the term 'Aboriginal Legendary Tales'. They embody the Law of the Land. 

2017 is not a year for us, as a race of people, to engage in useless bantering on the question of 'Recognition'. Recognition was described by Alice Haines in her presentation to the Sovereign Union Gathering. It is a major con, deceit, and a fraud of monumental proportions.

[[ ]

Many of our people understand Aboriginal English and have English as their second, third language. Aboriginal English does not include an understanding of the concepts and principles that underlie the syntax of English language. 


Too frequently our innocent people consent to agreements without understanding the true nature and intent of those agreements. 

Our Peoples just simply want their sovereign inheritance and the right to be self-determining with our own individual national identities and languages, as distinct Peoples. Our culture is the oldest living on planet earth. To destroy it is more than a crime against humanity, it is a State sanctioned genocide and those responsible have to hold to account, including First Nations collaborators. Treasonous actions such as this make this destruction a reality and those involved must be held to account and the international punishment for treason is death. 

We seek unity of a common purpose, not division by any idealogical differences. We have reached the time now in our lives and history when we die by the swing of a sword of the invader society or we stand and fight back against those who seek to oppose us in our endeavours to affirm our independence as  self-determining sovereign Nations.

We know that Australia has a population of 22 million non-First Nations people, who are now in occupation of our lands, but if they knew the truth of our sovereign inherent rights and the inhumane atrocities perpetrated against us by the ruthless invaders and the illegal occupiers, their mindsets would refocus their attention on fixing historical and contemporary wrongdoings.  


Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, did acknowledge this need and accepted that sovereignty had not been ceded by any Aboriginal Nation and in this regard worked for a period of five years with the elected Black Parliament, known as the National Aboriginal Conference (NAC) to look at a national framework that would settle these scores once and for all. But along came the Labor party under the leadership of Bob Hawke, who made a great fanfare at Barunga, Northern Territory, of 'we will negotiate a treaty', but the day after he made the statement that he was only talking about a compact, not a treaty under international law. 


When we realise that Hawke is a Rhodes scholar, as is Tony Abbott among others, we can understand why their efforts are empty vessels and ring louder than a church bell. These Rhodes Scholars’ sole aim is to steal our souls and to assimilate so they gain greater control of our lives and future. When we try to make our aspirations a reality as sovereign Nations and Peoples, the Rhodes scholars' are always there to make their false promises ring like bells, because they are empty vessels.


It is time we put paid to all this falsehood and deceitful fraud.


Come march with us on 26 January 2017 to Government House, Canberra, and be part of an historic act of reclaiming our inherent sovereign rights. We are the oldest living culture on earth.

This is an event for all willing to come and fight or stand with us, but everyone needs to understand that is a major event and it must be understood that everyone must cater for themselves as we are self-determining and we do not have the capacity to be charitable, but we seek good will and support for a just cause.


Ghillar, Michael Anderson

Convenor of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia

and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic


Mogila Station, Goodooga NSW 2838,

0499 080 660,


MEDIA RELEASE of  3 January 2017








Request for Governor-General to accept the Declaration & Proclamation


Mr Anderson has written to the Governor-General, Sir Peter John Cosgrove, a retired Australian Army general, urging him to accept the Declaration and Proclamation, and to be cognisant of Australia's illegal status as a nation state.

The letter states:

“There will be a march of Aboriginal people and their supporters, which is being organised by myself, as the Convenor of the Sovereign Union. This march will take place on 26 January 2017 commencing at the Aboriginal Embassy at 10am. The march ends at the gates of Government House, Yarralumla, where I will read a Proclamation together with a Declaration from the Sovereign Union.


“The purpose for the delegation to meet with you as the Governor-General is to present to you these documents so that you can provide these documents to your Ministers of State.


“It is important for you to understand that as a distinct and unique race of Peoples, who have come from the oldest continuing culture on earth, the most ancient culture of all, and that we are tired of the national government's continued approach of setting dictatorial policies and strategies that enslave us to a system that has been imposed on us.


“The constant lies and deceit that the members of our race are citizens of Australia is a fraud and this fraud is constantly being bandied around so as to convince our people and the public that it is true.


“No British monarch has ever made any of our race a denizen or denizens. The fact that our Peoples were Wards of the State and that they could be exempt from the Aboriginal Protection Act, if they gave up their Aboriginality and assimilate as an Australian.


“We have never been members of a 'childlike race'. The problem for our Old People of the past has been that they did not understand the true nature of the English language. Consequently, things have been agreed to by non-representatives of the chosen elite amongst our Peoples, which has created significant restraints together with mental and spiritual harm to the whole group and this policy continues unabated.


“The lies and deceit must end. The constitutional recognition ambition to celebrate the success of the 1967 referendum is indeed an act of war resulting in genocide through absolute and total assimilation. Too many of our people fear the worst if we do not abide by what the establishment demands, as they experienced constantly since colonisation, the fear of reprisals through the colonial practice of instilling terror into the hearts and minds of the people.


“As the Governor-General sitting in Government House in Yarralumla you do not see the damage that is being done to our Peoples and our communities. Your ignorance of this damage is an indictment on your failure to ensure that the Australian governments govern correctly for peace and good order. But we understand that this only applies to the invader society and not to us as the First Nations.


“The total disrespect and disregard for our Peoples across this continent is a shameless blight upon governments in this country. The continued bypassing of international norms and jus cogens represents a failed state, constitutionally. The fact that Australia does not have a law against genocide commands the definition of a failed state, and in this regard the Sovereign Union will continue to make representations to the UN about Australia's tyrannical rule over the First Nations Peoples in Australia by ruthless forces and disregard for civil and human rights as are guaranteed under international law. All of which I might add are now part of Australia common law by virtue of Australia's ratification of the said laws and incorporating them into Australian legislation.


“I conclude by making the following two points:


“1.     The proposed constitutional referendum is an imposition of the worst kind that has ever been perpetrated against our Peoples. To play the psychology game of winning the hearts and minds of Australia's public by way of creating a guilt complex is a cowardice act.


“It is totally wrong for you as the Governor-General to permit this falsehood and fraud to occur, without any funding being made available to us as Peoples to conduct a public campaign in order for us to argue the Nay factor.


“I might add that there are some very significant matters that have to be considered, that is, this current government are completely ignoring and by their defiance of this need are carrying on a dictatorship equivalent to the Third Reich. I do not think that you as Governor-General would want this as a legacy of your time in office.


“2.     Your current Ministers of State understand full well that there are significant language differences throughout the First Nations in Australia. This diversity of language is being completely ignored by the government. Our Peoples are not fully informed of what is happening or what this constitutional discussion is all about in terms of what is in it for them. Moreover, it is disturbing to say the least that the Commonwealth government, which you preside over, is fully cognisant of this fact and yet ignore the need to address the language differences by way of proper informative interpretive discussions. Just to remind you as the Governor-General one First Nation and its Peoples cannot speak for another. These are our diplomatic protocols that continue to be observed to this day by our respective Nations.


“The government's selected elite of Marcia Langton, Pat Dodson, Lowitja O'Donoghue, Noel Pearson, Gularrwuy Yunupingu, Warren Mundine and others is a crime against our people and a betrayal of trust. The Commonwealth government and the Ministers of State are fully informed of this fraudulent fact. To use people who suffer from the Stockholm syndrome is indeed a great insult to common sense while ignoring facts.


“Unless you are convinced that the majority of the Aboriginal population throughout Australia in all locations, be they urban, rural or remote, are fully informed that they will not be deceived by a hidden agenda of total assimilation and mass destruction and will maintain their right to be self-determining with the right to their own national identity, then it will be your hand that will make it possible for the second greatest fraud to occur in this country against First Nations Peoples if you assent on behalf of HRH Elizabeth II to permit any legislation that leads to a referendum against the will of the majority of Aboriginal people.


“On behalf of the silent majority, I implore you to search your conscience and make judgements based on truth, honesty, but overall in the interest of the true ‘sovereigns of the soil’, who at this point in time are completely impoverished with little hope of defending themselves against tyrannical impositions.






Michael Anderson

Convenor of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia

and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic


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For indigenous Australians, January 26 is a day of mourning. Many protesters reject the idea that Indigenous Australians could ever feel included in the national holiday. The holiday links to 'whiteness, colonialism and perpetuating the myth that Aboriginal people don't belong in this country,' says Jack Gibson of the Wiradjuri nation. Non-indigenous Australians increasingly shun traditional celebratory barbeques and events of Australia Day to join the protests.


Pictures of past Aboriginal protests against "Australia Day". January 26 1788 was the day British ships carrying convicts arrived in what is now Sydney to start a penal colony.


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1. For indigenous Australians, January 26 is a day of mourning.

2. Many protesters reject the idea that indigenous Australians could ever feel included in the national holiday.

3. The public holiday links to 'whiteness, colonialism and perpetuating the myth that Aboriginal people don't belong in this country,' says Jack Gibson of the Wiradjuri nation, the largest Aboriginal group in New South Wales.

4. Non-indigenous Australians increasingly shun traditional celebratory barbeques and Australia Day events to join the protests.