Ort: Australien – 2017

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05.01.2017 Invasion Day Callout: Canberra, 26 January 2017
05.01.2017 Adani's Mega Mine in Australia Runs Into Local Protests
07.01.2017 Aboriginal protest march to Governor-General
10.01.2017 Cashless welfare card treats Aboriginal people 'as third-class citizens'
10.01.2017 ‘Ration days again’: Australian cashless welfare card ignites shame in Aborigines
10.01.2017 "Ms Dhu died too young, 22, when they carried her like a dead kangaroo"
14.01.2017 Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’
18.01.2017 Australia: It's time to target the top end of town and the obscene profits of the super-rich
19.01.2017 26th January – illegal to celebrate genocide in failed state Australia
20.01.2017 Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower
20.01.2017 New uranium mine approved on Aboriginal land - and other nuclear news
22.01.2017 January 26th was an assault on a strong, phenomenal culture — and that is why you shouldn’t celebrate it
27.01.2017 'What are you actually celebrating?' Indigenous elder says Australia Day debate must continue
29.01.2017 The Human Zoo: Documentary sheds light on stolen Aboriginal people 'treated as animals'
01.02.2017 “1, 2, 3, Sovereignty, that's how easy it can be!”
06.02.2017 Queensland government won't pay $220,000 damages to Aboriginal protest leader
06.02.2017 Katholische Kirche - Tausendfacher Kindesmissbrauch in Australien
08.02.2017 The real showdown begins over monster coal mine in Queensland
10.02.2017 First Indigenous woman appointed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
10.02.2017 Melbourne protest against three proposed uranium mines in Western Australia
13.02.2017 Stolen generation continues - No to the removal of Yolngu citizens
14.02.2017 Aboriginal leaders seek new relationship with the Australian government
14.02.2017 Changing native title law to facilitate monster 200 km2 coal mine in Queensland
15.02.2017 Adani’s dark underbelly: bribery, vandalism, corruption, money laundering
17.02.2017 Guyula names kids he says are part of second stolen generation
17.02.2017 Aboriginal children 'stolen' from Yolngu communities a protection system failure, Mark Guyula says
18.02.2017 Gabby Wanambi's death from sepsis preventable with appropriate treatment, Northern Territory coroner says
19.02.2017 Land rights not mining rights
21.02.2017 1,000 Australians tell Westpac bank to stop funding Adani’s dangerous coal mine
22.02.2017 Amnesty International condemns Australian treatment of Aborigines and refugees
24.02.2017 Grassroots Aboriginal movement in New South Wales squashes ‘Recognise’
24.02.2017 Nuclear, uranium and energy/climate news 23/2/2017
27.02.2017 "One of the vilest racist acts we've seen"
01.03.2017 Catholicism has done more harm to Australia than Islam. Where's the outrage?
03.03.2017 Australian Conservation Foundation vs Adani – in court today
03.03.2017 First Nations form green energy alliance to beat govt. electricity corruption
06.03.2017 Literaturstar aus dem Wohnwagen
07.03.2017 A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry
07.03.2017 Protest against new uranium mine in Western Australia
09.03.2017 Australian banks under mounting pressure to shun coal
14.03.2017 The Australian government's constitutional ‘Dialogue’ processes are fatally flawed
18.03.2017 "Miners and other rich developers will have even better tools to divide and conquer us"
19.03.2017 Ten years of Close the Gap; Why are we sicker, poorer and living shorter than the rest of Australia?
20.03.2017 Adani hopes to start mining in Queensland in August, state Premier confident
23.03.2017 Australia’s biggest green alliance formed to fight Adani's Reef-killing coal mine
25.03.2017 “9,000+ anti-Adani campaigners to occupy work sites, chain themselves to machinery and clog phone lines”
26.03.2017 Australia isolated on UN nuclear treaty boycott
27.03.2017 “Eat that little bit of poo go! go! go! Come suck my dick you little cunt”
30.03.2017 Young anti-coal nighttime activists visit Westpac banks across Australia
30.03.2017 “I can't describe the feeling of having to prove my Aboriginality”
31.03.2017 Australian government fails to pass native land rights changes - major setback for proposed giant Adani coal mine
04.04.2017 United Nations rapporteur 'appalled' at Indigenous youth detention and living conditions in Australia
05.04.2017 The enemy within! Beware of the programmed de-Aboriginalised Aborigines!
07.04.2017 Adani coal mine environmentally reckless, contrary to today's energy markets
10.04.2017 Thousands protest in Australia against Reef-destroying monster coalmines
12.04.2017 Get skilled up to #StopAdani
12.04.2017 Australian governments have failed Indigenous peoples, says Oxfam
12.04.2017 Turnbull offers to sacrifice Aboriginal rights to Adani in an act of national betrayal
20.04.2017 Queensland farmer finds common cause over coal with Adani’s Indian neighbours
23.04.2017 Always independent: An interview with Murrawarri Republic Chair Fred Hooper
24.04.2017 Queenslanders kept in the dark about Adani, Greens push “Stop Adani Bill”
25.04.2017 'And there'll be NO dancing' - Policies impacting Indigenous Australia since 2007
26.04.2017 Aboriginal government stooge rubbishes activists resisting planned coalmine
28.04.2017 Protests make 2nd largest Australian bank shun Adani and other coal investments
29.04.2017 Critical perspectives on the US alliance are unthinkable in Australian politics
01.05.2017 First formal recognition of First Nations people in the Australian Defence Force
04.05.2017 “We have five days to stop the Adani coal mine madness” – appeal for help
04.05.2017 Wrong legal advice from two professors on Indigenous referendum outcomes
06.05.2017 'The amnesty on ignorance of Australia’s frontier wars is over'
17.05.2017 Benefits of new union of 23 New South Wales and Queensland First Nations
21.05.2017 Legal battle started against Adani’s fake land deal, as government interferes
23.05.2017 'Unfinished business' of stolen generations puts more children at risk – report
24.05.2017 Very sad news about the Great Barrier Reef
26.05.2017 The Uluru walkout: Constitutional recognition, Treaty and structural change
30.05.2017 Protests stop billion dollar public loan to one of world's biggest coalmines
30.05.2017 Perfecting trickery: Australia's Referendum Council
02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
11.06.2017 Strong spirit, strong culture, strong people
13.06.2017 Australian Senate to vote on weakening indigenous people’s land rights forever
14.06.2017 Australian Senate has just sold out indigenous land rights to help Adani
15.06.2017 The Intervention: Ten years of Australia’s shame - public forum
16.06.2017 "Our people are the last line of legal defence against the Adani mine"
16.06.2017 Women in Australia are taxed on tampons and pads, considered non-essential
16.06.2017 How South Australians dumped a nuclear dump
17.06.2017 Cave sacred to Aboriginal women faces destruction for massive housing project
19.06.2017 “Assimilation into the constitution would seal the theft of our lands, waters and natural resources”
20.06.2017 “Proposed Australian law would lock our society into two classes of people”
21.06.2017 Call for all Australians to work with First Nations Peoples to liberate ourselves from the devastation of British colonialism
22.06.2017 “Five attempts on my life, character assassination, to push government agendas”
25.06.2017 Reviewing 10 years of government oppression of Aborigines – the pain continues
26.06.2017 Government and Opposition politicians speak out against Adani Queensland coalmining plans
27.06.2017 Most Australians want renewables to be primary energy source, survey finds
27.06.2017 What Happens When You Tell Somebody Else’s Story?
30.06.2017 UN committee urges Australia to rethink support for Adani coal mine1
01.07.2017 Drinking deep-well bore water poisoned by mining is killing Outback Aborigines
03.07.2017 This billboard will make them so mad!
04.07.2017 Songlines can bring us Home - A Statement from the Bush
07.07.2017 Australian university researchers publish new map of massacres of Aborigines
07.07.2017 Aboriginal statement opposing constitutional recognition & manufactured consent
17.07.2017 Who is fighting whom?
17.07.2017 Gambia Clears Way For Australian Company To Acquires Major Stake In Offshore Blocks
19.07.2017 Referendum Council's recommendation concedes there is 'NO CONSENT'
19.07.2017 Fascist Australian immigration minister to get more power to appease right wing
20.07.2017 Aborigines in Australia longer than previously thought, study shows
20.07.2017 Abused Aboriginal youth to stand in Alice Springs Town Council elections
20.07.2017 Australia quietly makes first uranium shipment to India three years after supply agreement
21.07.2017 Man who ran over Indigenous teenager jailed for three years
22.07.2017 Politicians must face the truth: Indigenous Australia doesn’t accept symbolic recognition
22.07.2017 The week that has been in climate and nuclear news
23.07.2017 Yankunytjatjara elder and Maralinga nuclear test survivor Yami Lester OAM passes away, aged 75
24.07.2017 In memory of Yami Lester, atom bomb victim and Aboriginal land rights warrior
27.07.2017 The shady web behind potential finance for the Adani mega coalmine in Australia
03.08.2017 Best Intentions: How We Slaughter The Aboriginal Race
12.08.2017 Desde Dentro – Stimme der Gefangenen