Ort: Australien – Juni 2017

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02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
11.06.2017 Strong spirit, strong culture, strong people
13.06.2017 Australian Senate to vote on weakening indigenous people’s land rights forever
14.06.2017 Australian Senate has just sold out indigenous land rights to help Adani
15.06.2017 The Intervention: Ten years of Australia’s shame - public forum
16.06.2017 "Our people are the last line of legal defence against the Adani mine"
16.06.2017 Women in Australia are taxed on tampons and pads, considered non-essential
16.06.2017 How South Australians dumped a nuclear dump
17.06.2017 Cave sacred to Aboriginal women faces destruction for massive housing project
19.06.2017 “Assimilation into the constitution would seal the theft of our lands, waters and natural resources”
20.06.2017 “Proposed Australian law would lock our society into two classes of people”
21.06.2017 Call for all Australians to work with First Nations Peoples to liberate ourselves from the devastation of British colonialism
22.06.2017 “Five attempts on my life, character assassination, to push government agendas”
25.06.2017 Reviewing 10 years of government oppression of Aborigines – the pain continues
26.06.2017 Government and Opposition politicians speak out against Adani Queensland coalmining plans
27.06.2017 Most Australians want renewables to be primary energy source, survey finds
27.06.2017 What Happens When You Tell Somebody Else’s Story?
30.06.2017 UN committee urges Australia to rethink support for Adani coal mine1