Ort: Australien – 2012

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08.01.2012 White supremacists to converge in Brisbane on April 21st
12.01.2012 Australian government steals Aboriginal money for non-Aboriginal purposes
16.01.2012 The white-blindfold-view of Australian history
29.01.2012 A put-up job that boomeranged?
11.02.2012 Suicide among Aboriginal children as young as 11 at alarming levels
20.02.2012 More mistreatment of Australian Aborigines planned
08.03.2012 Australian law disempowering Aborigines may face High Court challenge
17.03.2012 New Australian anarchist zine "Sedition" published
17.03.2012 Neue anarchistische Zeitschrift in Australien erschienen
29.03.2012 Dumping on Traditional Owners: the ugly face of Australian racism
14.04.2012 Australian Aborigines speak out on unresolved issues in new documentary film
16.04.2012 'Australia Day' and 'ANZAC Day' - or what makes Australians tick?
22.04.2012 Australian welfare recipients face compulsory income management
26.04.2012 Protector Macklin’s Intervention
14.05.2012 Australians give nod to indigenous preamble
16.05.2012 Australian Aborigines call for UN peacekeepers to protect them
18.05.2012 No charge. No trial. No appeal.
25.05.2012 Australian Aborigines launch their own government
29.05.2012 Aborigines “shivering with fear” over Australian uranium plan
04.06.2012 War being prepared against China behind the backs of the Australian people
08.06.2012 Australia: Indigenous 'solutions' just disempower us further
11.06.2012 Australian Aboriginals call money-management policy racist
12.06.2012 Australia jails duped Indonesian children with adults for “people smuggling”
14.06.2012 Aboriginal souls in an age of modernity
22.06.2012 Nearly 100 asylum seekers feared drowned at sea between Australia and Indonesia
26.06.2012 Activist shareholders call Woolworths meeting to fight problem gambling in Australia
28.06.2012 Almost 400 boat people have died trying to get to Australia since 2010
28.06.2012 "Will you tell your grandchildren how you destroyed the lives of so many First Nations People?”
29.06.2012 Australian senate approves Aboriginal intervention by 10 years
11.07.2012 Eight hours of parliamentary debate for 10 more years of racist oppression in Australia
16.07.2012 Australia: How ‘Closing the Gap’ is full of holes
17.07.2012 The truth about Toomelah
28.07.2012 Bob Brown: why I’m leading the Sea Shepherd to the Kimberley
10.08.2012 Australian government authorises forced interrogation of refugees
19.08.2012 Help stop coalmining plans wrecking the Great Barrier Reef
23.08.2012 Plan for world's biggest uranium mine scrapped
05.09.2012 Neuigkeiten aus der ganzen Welt (u.a. schon wieder Repressionsschlag in Italien)
20.09.2012 The true cost of Australia’s coal boom revealed
21.09.2012 Mapping Australia's nuclear sites - past and present
28.09.2012 Aborigines oppose Australian seat on the UN Security Council
08.10.2012 Australia's UN push shows up Aboriginal anger at home
20.10.2012 Aboriginal Elder appalled at Australia's UN Security Council seat
03.11.2012 Barbaric Australian treatment of refugees causing child suicide attempts and hundreds of hunger strikers
08.11.2012 Toxic water headed for the Great Barrier Reef?
12.11.2012 Will Australia open uranium floodgates?
15.11.2012 Der neue Tanz der Aborigines
26.11.2012 Cruelty, in the name of all Australians
14.12.2012 Australian slavery buried in Queensland mass grave
23.12.2012 Ein Kontinent voller Fremder hat Angst vor den Fremden