Ort: Australien – 2011

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02.01.2011 A heartbreaking return home
22.02.2011 Australia a land of racists, survey shows
28.02.2011 Gute Anti-Atom Demo Idee in Australien
12.03.2011 Racially discriminative behaviour and ideas are still very prevalent in Australian society
17.03.2011 Australia's part in nuclear fire
26.03.2011 Australia is not doing enough to eliminate racial discrimination in Australia
29.03.2011 Trying to stop Australians' gambling addiction
29.03.2011 Australia as “last bastion for the Aryan race”
16.04.2011 Why are deaths in custody rising in Australia?
24.04.2011 Horrific treatment of refugees in remote Australian concentration camp
01.05.2011 “Share our pain, taste our spirituality”
11.05.2011 "Koori Mail": Ureinwohner-Neuigkeiten aus ganz Australien
13.05.2011 How the Murdoch press keeps Australia’s dirty secret
10.07.2011 HADI KURNIAWAN - one of 100 children in Australian adult prisons
30.07.2011 Call for inquiry into Australian Catholic school's paedophile ring
16.09.2011 Aboriginal anti-nuclear film to kick off Berlin festival TODAY
16.09.2011 Devastating failures of Australian policy on Aborigines
20.09.2011 Australian Labor government repudiates international law on refugees
22.09.2011 Australian Aboriginal family sets custody precedent
25.09.2011 'Walk with us' appeal by Australian Aboriginal elders in new book
26.09.2011 Australian Aborigines the world’s greatest explorers
27.09.2011 Revealed: Sydney squatters become visible
27.09.2011 Sydney squatters' rooftop protest over cost of housing
06.10.2011 Death of an Aboriginal boy in Australian custody – “We’ll get you, you black cunt”
11.10.2011 Uranium export to increase fivefold after approval for world's largest open pit mine in Australia
17.10.2011 United Nations hears that Australia fails its Aboriginal and refugee children
30.10.2011 Racism gives Australia one of the world's worst deaths in custody records
09.11.2011 Great Barrier Reef in great danger
15.11.2011 Governing Labor Party pushing for more uranium mining in Australia
26.11.2011 Stand against Australian Labor government's decade of discrimination od Aborigines - No second Intervention!
28.11.2011 Foreign children as young as 13 abused, traumatised in Australian adult prisons
29.11.2011 Australian Aboriginal community: "Penned like animals with nowhere to go"
01.12.2011 Cooperation not intervention: a call for a new direction in the Northern Territory
19.12.2011 Australian miner allowed to obliterate sacred Aboriginal heritage
21.12.2011 Nuclear lobby’s underground campaign against renewable energy in Australia