Ort: Australien – November 2014

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01.11.2014 Australia and India heading for nuclear cooperation - and other nuclear news
05.11.2014 Australia 'using asylum seeker children as bargaining chips'
05.11.2014 Police, protesters talk down prospect of violence at G20
08.11.2014 Australian Aborigines to meet at a SUMMIT FOR FREEDOM in Alice Springs
08.11.2014 Tony Abbott’s Australian government fuels a climate of fear and hatred
08.11.2014 Aborigines reject nuclear dump in Central Australia
10.11.2014 Hazaras face death on return to Afghanistan
10.11.2014 A Minor Footnote To Our Shameless Persecution Of Asylum Seekers
11.11.2014 "Stop stealing our children!" Aboriginal protest in Brisbane
12.11.2014 Asylum-seeker conditions inhuman and unlawful, UN committee tells Australia
12.11.2014 Lessons to be learned from atom bomb tests in Australia
13.11.2014 Tierbefreiungsaktivist*innen verüben Anschlagsserie in Australien
13.11.2014 animal liberation action and arson in australia
13.11.2014 UN Told Australian Indigenous Deaths in Custody Worsen
14.11.2014 Understanding why Australia's First Peoples are so angry
17.11.2014 The Siege Of Julian Assange Is A Farce
19.11.2014 West Australian plan to close 100 remote and Indigenous communities 'devastating'
20.11.2014 The new norm of hate betrays our immigrant origins
20.11.2014 The Disgrace of Western Australia's Treatment of Aboriginal People
21.11.2014 Campaigns against halal are anti-Islamic bullying: race commissioner
24.11.2014 Mentally ill people jailed in Australia without being convicted of anything
24.11.2014 Protests against closure of 150 Aboriginal communities
24.11.2014 Fears Escalate As Another Teen Asylum Seeker Assaulted On Nauru
24.11.2014 Aboriginal leader calls for trade sanctions & boycotts against Australia
25.11.2014 Mental illness may be used to deny Australian citizenship under new bill
25.11.2014 Poetic injustice as bid for Indigenous Recognition stalls
26.11.2014 Removing Australia from the Refugee Convention?
27.11.2014 Alice Springs 'Freedom Summit' urges youth to take up Indigenous rights fight
28.11.2014 The coral and the coal king
29.11.2014 Communiqué from the Aboriginal Freedom Summit
29.11.2014 Uranium mining in Kakadu (Australia) at a crucial point