Vienna, Squatting action


Soon we are going to squat a house, to create a room of struggle and to reclaim a piece of our lifes. From this publication in advance we expect, that everyone who recognizes her*himself in the ideas as they are formulated here, developes her*his own initiatives, plan her*his own activities and actions and intensifies the struggles.


For us, the misappropriation, the conscious break with the logic of property, which is the base of the capitalist system, is central. There's no way that we will cooperate or negotiate with owners or politicians. As we want to live selfdetermined, we will not place any demands to the state as its task is to keep this order, which we reject, alive. The social democracy of Vienna uses different strategies of pacification to defuse social conflicts. Often, only the current urban development is critizised, without having the intention of an active break with the state and capital. Therefore we deepen the social tensions whenever it is possible for us.


The conditions of life, which are forced on us, make us rageous. All areas of our lifes are submitted to the logic of profit and authority. Everywhere we are faced with owners and bosses who profit from the exploitation of our lifes.


Also in the scope of housing. What they call „upgrading“ means the complete opposite for many others: rising rents, forced eviction, displacement, compulsion into homelessness. We are fed up with this normality and don't want to watch it any longer. Therefore we seize the initiative and fight this order.


We will create a room which enables the selforganisation of our struggles. And so we are against every absorption by political groups and oranisations, as well as against the distortion by journalists. A living place of coming together, of exchange and of experimenting should emerge. We don't want a room of consume, but one that lives from active participation and initiative of one's own. Therefore it's also important for us to mention with emphasis, that we are not about to make a party and that we don't want limitless consumption of alcohol there, cause in our opinion there's enough room for this already existing.


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Vienna, 20 March 2017