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On the 3rd and 4th of April - right after the G20-meeting in London - in Strasbourg, France, and Baden-Baden, Germany, a summit meeting of the NATO members is taking place for NATO's 60th anniversary. No less than the very continuance of this military alliance is at stake. Expect broad resistance from all section of the left from labor unions through to extra-parlimentary radical leftists – as well as heavy state repression.


In Strasbourg a resistance camp is under construction, while the Convergence Center (CC) in Freiburg is already in use by activists getting ready for the summit protests. Another CC will open in Strasbourg on the 31st of March. The Infopoints have published an infosheet to support the campaign.


Some 30,000 police are expected to secure this militarist gathering, while German intelligence services are aggressively aiming to recruit activists (1 | 2 | analysis). The CC Legal Team will provide legal advice and aid to protesters from across the border.


The protests will kick-off on Monday, 30th of March, with an unregistered demonstration in Freiburg. Prior to this demonstration the cops attempted to intimidate activists by harassing the alleged organizers of the latest major leftwing demonstration in December, 2008. Their only achievement was to convince activists and the general public that they have no intention of enforcing the law.


The indy deux rives - an Indyprint - keeps offline protesters abreast with 4 editions in three different languages up to date.

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