Escalation of informer recruitment tactics by the Verfassungsschutz (German intelligence service)

Kamera vor der KTS Freiburg
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In the afternoon of the 24th of March the Verfassungsschutz (German intelligence Service) again attempted to recruit an activist. A woman of about 40 years, 1,70 meters tall, and with thin, light brown, curled hair introduced herself as “Christine” to the mother of an activist living at home. She tried to create a false sense of familiarity as she explained that she was there because the person in question had had “difficulties in the previous year because of her resistance to state repression”. Cooperation was flatly refused.


As a next step, “Christine” tried to reassure her by claiming that she did not with the police. As this did not work she said, “I thought at least you wouldn’t have any prejudices.” A further offer to go for a cup of coffee or to leave a phone number was also rejected. The woman from the Verfassungsschutz did not want to leave her full name and quickly left the apartment.


We do understand this attempt as a part of an offensive of the German Intelligence Service in a context to the 60th NATO summit and prevention of the protestations. Namely, in a similar way the clerks seem to escalate their operations in the south-west Germany. In the mid of March the first similar action took place in Gaggenau, on the 24th March two comrades were disturbed by the similar inconveniences in Zell am Hamersbach, in Bühl, in Bietigheim and in Karlsruhe. On the 25th March another attempt was made in Zell am Harmersbach.


In Freiburg, the recruiter who operated under the name of “Christina Becker” tried to recruite a person on the phone in Dezember 2008. In the same month other cases in Gaggenau and Baden-Baden as well as in Heilbronn have been known. Even these cases could be topped. In Heidelberg, the staff of Intelligence Service has offered a co-operation to an activist with a salary of 5.000 € monthly for the “spying service” and snitching. The aim of these activities shortly before the war summit in Strasbourg, Baden-Baden and Kehl is the infiltration and intimidation of the left opposition of the left protesters.


The behaviour of this employee of the German Intelligence Service reveals her tactical rethoric. First of all, she tried to fake a mutual trust. Confronted with challenging questions she tried to intimidate by casually mentioning confidential pieces of information. She attempted to appease the addressed person by denying a collaboration with the police but mentioning the option is already threatening. At last, “Christine” terminated her operation by pushing the person into defensive and thus provoking justifications.


The Autonome Antifa Freiburg is being observed by the German Intelligence Service, too. We are totally astonished and highly affected at the same time. The intransparrent means by choosing the way how to combat the left-radical structures are controverse to the ideology of the State, because they elude the democratic control. The only way how to protect oneself from the psycologic tricks of the Intelligence Staff is in consequent refusing of any communication with the enemies of freedom.


Set up the Red Help!


Autonome Antifa Freiburg

Communiqué from the 27.03.2009