Ort: Australien – Dezember 2016

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03.12.2016 Barrier-Reef-trashing monster coal mine to get a billion dollar tax handout
04.12.2016 More Aboriginal power? Or same old same old in the Northern Territory?
06.12.2016 Immigration officials routinely ignore medical advice on detainees, inquest told
09.12.2016 “We were killed with impunity simply because of who we are”
09.12.2016 Indigenous Kalgoorlie residents plan own legal action after landmark Palm Island court decision
09.12.2016 Aboriginal owners construct ‘legal line of defence’ against Adani and Queensland government
11.12.2016 Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia
12.12.2016 Premier's nuclear push is proof of a government in meltdown
13.12.2016 Fossil fuel divestment is worth $7tn globally yet Australia still clings to coal
13.12.2016 Report on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage shows alarming gaps in progression
14.12.2016 Dylan Voller: ‘Young people need love and someone to talk to not (to) be locked in a cell’
14.12.2016 Appalling prison treatment of Aboriginal youth highlighted at Australian inquiry
15.12.2016 Misoxeny – Μίσος των ξένων – in today’s terms, a culmination of White Privilege in Australia
16.12.2016 [Australian] Government backs down on threat to sue campaigner for use of Medicare logo
16.12.2016 Stop, reassess: no green light for Australian uranium sales to Ukraine
16.12.2016 Another Australian state has joined the growing indigenous treaties swell
20.12.2016 After "inhumane treatment" of dying Aboriginal woman police get “stern letters”
30.12.2016 Indigenous treaties for Australia: An interview with Narungga Elder Tauto Sansbury