Vienna: "163 days of protest – Stop deportation"


On 6th of May the Refugees' protestmarch from Traiskirchen to Vienna was 163 days ago. For this reason some activists wanted to remind with a banner of the still ongoing protest. A banner saying “163 days of protest – Stop deportation” was dropped off the Votivchurch's scaffold. Many things have happened during the 163 days since the protestmarch, but still the Refugees' demands are not fulfilled.


More than a month the protesters were camping in Sigmund Freud Park, then they moved into Votivchurch and now they are in the Servitenkloster.

Not only that the central demands of the movement are still not being fulfilled, the protesters are even threatened urgently with deportation. The space at Servitenkloster is only available until the end of June. The Austrian government seems to think that they could silence the protest by deporting the Refugee activists, but they won't be able to do so – the protest continues!