And yes: we "have had the heart" to protest against the leaders of the earth!


With one of his usual coupe de theatre (you can watch the video clicking here) Berlusconi has chosen to move the concluding meeting of the G8 from Maddalena to L'Aquila, on April 23. With the announcement of the national protest against the G8 in L'Aquila on July 10 appears to have intensified the defamatory media’s campaign that, making a genuine psychological terror, are talking about "fake volunteers infiltrated in the fields to radicalize the disagreeableness. "

It is consuming the last act of an operation aimed to de-strengthen fights and to repress any form of dissent : the fragmentation of the summit in a series of "thematic" meetings, the intensification of repression, the militarization and the extreme police control (from the continuing searches and identifications, to the mediatic explosion, with incredible timing, of a court case that would look at the "new br" concerned to hit the Maddalena meeting) they have brought forward the absurd equation as as those who protest against the G8 would be an enemy and would bring damages to the people affected by the earthquake and the announcement about the "invasion of the barbarians" from the other countries of Europe (the always useful bogeyman of the "black block"), they should have create a climate that would make us to desist from the protest against "the Leaders of the Earth" in L’Aquila.

We are not fallen into the trap of the criminalization of these struggles, we have not assumed the look of the counterpart who want bring a sense of guilt on us and we have chosen to blame, once again, those who sow death, destruction and exploitation in all over the globe.

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