Days of Action on April 8 & 9th at Göttingen

Break Isolation

Days of Action „Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act!“ and International Roma Day on April 8 & 9th at Göttingen
„Unite against Colonial injustice and strengthening the refugee struggles means: Freedom of Refugees' Movement, that we close down the refugee camp, that we break Residenzpflicht till it ends, that we demand for a movement against deportation“

Recent protests like the 2012 protest march, the campaigns to abolish Residenzpflicht , closure of all refugee camps and the stop of deportations, moved the struggles a step forward. The Break Isolation campaign means to be a political platform for activist and supporters alike, to get connected and fight racist conditions together. It’s a struggle for dignity and the right to live free and self-determined. A major goal thus is the empowerment of refugees.

Related to the Break Isolation campaign, there will be numerous actions taking place in April, in seven German towns. Besides Göttingen, these are Berlin, Frankfurt, Bremen, Hamburg, Wuppertal and Essen. Also, a women refugee’s conference will take place between April 19th and 21st. The closing events will be in Jena, from April 22nd to 26th. All these actions and conferences lead up to the tribunal against Germany, to be held at Berlin, on June 13th to 16th.

At the tribunal, migrants will publicly raise their complaints against the state. It’s government is amongst those responsible for the causes that compel people to flee, for the murders at Europe’s borders and the grief that refugees and migrants are made to suffer every day.

With the slogan “We are here because you destroy our countries” this process wants to control the border regime, unmasking the dominant culture’s ideology of colonial injustice, global apartheid and oppression.

Besides, April 8th is International Roma Day. With its motto “Against Marginalization and Isolation of Refugees in Camps- Solidarity with the “Break-Isolation!”- Movement!”, we will take to the streets to fight for Roma rights and to call attention to their situation. At this day, worldwide actions will happen in many towns. Symbolically, balloons will fly- in Göttingen also.

We want to take to the streets together against racist discrimination of migrants. It’s up to us if we live in a world of exclusion, war and racism- or of solidarity, sympathy and humanity. Let’s be part of this resistance and put our solidarity against racists.

„We don’t wait, we need each other, all we have to do is to act collectively. It’s the revolution of our lives, without compromise to racist laws and racist injustice, if we manage to expose the injustice of the system”

April 8th
International Roma Day, actions worldwide
12:00 Information Desk at Mensafoyer (main refectory)
15:30 Antiracist town tour. Start: New Town Hall

April 9th
20:00 Film screening with discussion, Holbornschers Haus