Numerous ALF actions in Italy - prisoner solidarity


"On a night in January we walked around several quarters of Rome hitting stores linked in various ways to animal exploitation: butchers, fishmongers, leather goods, and a shop that sells reptiles and fish. The damage done was varied and diverse, depending on the nature of each objective and the context in which we found ourselves (presence of cameras, cars or passers-by, etc.). In some cases we limited ourselves to glueing the locks, in others we also left a written claim. At a butcher shop and a fish shop we threw smoke bombs inside to stain the walls and benches; at a fish market we took a hammer to the glass. We also broke the windows and pierced the tires of a meat company van.

For all animals imprisoned, abused, tortured and killed and for our mother earth raped by human hands.
For all animal rights and environmental prisoners
For those who still struggle and resist
ALF - Vegan Hooligans"

anonymous report, from Informa-Azione (translation):