Vienna, Friday 5:00-Police evicts refugee

Friday, 5:oo in the mornig: A huge amount of police starts to evict the refugee protest camp. There is an urgent call for solidarity and support.

Infoline: 0043 (0)680 2468290


At this time it was not clear, a report from 6:24 says that the eviction is about to finish. people had 5 minutes time to leave the camp. all tings were confiscated. at this time it was not clear, on which legal base the police action took place. it was not clear, if and how many peple were arrested or searched.


a report from 8:55 says, that according to the media 2 or 3 people were arrested. There weer 20 identity verification and 24  fines by the police. some few people managed to escape to the votivkirche.


the police said, that the reasson for the eviction was, that there was no permission from the city council.