Acampa moves to university

Freie Fahrt

The acampaviena moved to the Campus of the university today... Bring your tents, ideas, friends and join us...

Acampa viena informs: The fourth meeting of the Karlsplatz-Squatting project happened which was very moving, controversial, exciting and constructive. A representative of the City visited us yesterday and asked how long we had planned to stay. Although we were assured that the Karlsplatz-Squat was not going to be evicted and that there wouldn’t be any charges pressed by the city, we have decided to remain active and to move the squat to Campus.


At least for the meeting that is going to be held today. We’ve never wanted to fall in love with a place, but we fell in love with the people who, during the past days, created a flame out of the sparks of the last months. We’ve been inspired by Spain, Greece and the “Arab Spring”, as well as from the struggle in Austria, especially the protests for real free education. It is also for this reason that we want to spread our fight and our passion, which we think can evolve into a revolution, to different so-called public spaces. Tonight there is going to be the Festival of the IE (International Development) at the campus. This faculty of study is one of the remaining fighting actively against the destructive effects of the Bologna Process as well as for the democratization of education. We want to support the students within this struggle and invite everyone to discuss concrete actions, to put an end to the madness going around. Yesterday we’ve started speaking about what we really want:


We will start campaigns concerning the following topics:

  • Kronen Zeitung / Media landscape in Austria
  • Novomatic – Support for the base of the SPÖ – Vienna fighting the gambling mafia
  • Installation of a Protest-Camp at the campus concerning the WEF (World Economic Forum)
  • “I don’t pay – Campaign”: Sabotage your debts, collective mass action of not-paying bills and fees, in particular focusing on so-called public facilities and basic needs (public transit tickets, rent, food, health, etc.)
  • No Master – just slaves? Support for the students of the International Development
  • Further Suggestions are welcome!!!

We are prepared to stay at the campus for any length of time, but have also the ability to occupy any other place. It is mainly depends on the development of the assembly and how the following days will turn out. Therefore join us and bring your friends, as well as your utopias, criticisms and plenty of zest for action.