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- Text by Stella Antoniou, arrested on 04.12.2010 (Case of 6), accused of involvement in an unknown terrorist organization, ... and of committing vague terrorist acts.


  On 4/12/1910 I was arrested outside my house in Platonos Street in Kalithea, in which I was living with my partner Kostas Sakkas. They kept me for 3 days in detention without telling me why, did not allow a lawyer to me or to my co-defendants, we were kept 6 days in the cells of the 12th floor of the Athens police headquarters, with the light lit 24 hours a day, without windows, which negates the sense of time. When I refused to give fingerprints and a sample of DNA, I was stripped by force and my T-shirt stolen, apparently to get it.


 Finally, on 10/12 detained in women's prison of Korydallos, Athens, as a member of an organization whose name and action neither I nor the prosecutors know. First, I would like to clarify that I do not recognize the term ''terrorist organization'' as assigned by the state to revolt. But I do clearly recognize a criminal organization, which in contrast to the “organization'' which they accuse me of, is named (DAEEB)(Response Directorate of Special Crimes of Violence ) and address (173 Alexandras Avenue), which knows very well that there can be no armed organization between 6 people who do not meet (as they even agree in the constructed file), let alone 6 people that do not know each other. I belong to the anarchist movement, and I'm proud of my participation and my action in it.


 The state is making the imprisonment of anarchists a phenomenon of our time, whether they have enough, incomplete or no evidence, which is of no importance because I believe that no fighter should be imprisoned. But we are now being faced with constructed files and cases from the police, in cooperation with the Media and those who play the role of cops, talk about specific organizations that do not exist, etc. They baptize my house ''giafka Kallithea'' (Kallithea hideout) in the sense that when there is something ''illegal'' in a room, that space becomes a giafka. They talked about the dismantling of such and such an organization, which is related to another organization, and eventually, unfortunately for them, the weapons are ''clean'' and the organization has no name. They publish my personal letters, present various false physionomy profiles, giving me my role in this alleged organization. With grotesque titles like ''she paid for her love'' or ''love'' in the lair, they present an alleged personal drama, hoping to sell their gossip scandalmongering pages. They chose to highlight specific pieces of my statement ... adding words that I did not say ... without mentioning any trace of the political stigma that I gave to the questioning.


 But the story does not end there. Then I had to face the false testimony of a female police officer from Kallithea police station, which reached me two weeks after being put on remand.The witness said that one or two days before arresting me ... I walked into the police stationKallithea, went to the department that leads to where the guns are stored (!), with the apparent aim of checking out the area, with an eye to a future theft of the weapons ... And here come the questions:


 -Why did they allow me to penetrate a police station so easily?

 -On what grounds did I decide to go with my face uncovered into a section of it and look for guns?!

 -Don't police stations have cameras outside the building? Where is the recording from the camera showing me entering the police station?


 Is this fact also a plan of the criminal organization DAEEB? (Response Directorate of Special Crimes of Violence )


 I think that my prosecution, as well as that of other social fighters, amid socio-political instability which is now, given the economic crisis, part of state planning aiming to create a climate of fear and REAL TERRORISM. And this seems little compared to the long sustained action of the criminal clique that I mentioned: Turning their guns on 15 year old children, at people that don't stop at roadblocks, shooting fugitive comrades in the back, murdering militant fighters in cold blood.


 At a time when the world's patience is exhausted and various parts of society have begun to act, power is ceasing to make even rudimentary excuses, culminating in imprisoning an anarchist comrade with the only ''aggravating'' evidence her mention that all these anarchists in prison are political prisoners! Thus depriving all of us of even the right to defend the most important part of our being, our political identity. They are trying to eliminate the most radical part of this society by constantly taking fighters hostage, believing that they can deny us what nobody can take from us:






Stella Antoniou

Korydallos Women's Prison

B-wing, cell 35


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 - Letter frorm Polykarpos Georgiadis 21/2/11:



 In August 2008, two comrade fighters are arrested for their complete support and their factual solidarity to the wanted fugitive Vasilis Paleokostas. Charges are attributed to them for participation in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas. Since then they are in prison accepting the "crime" of solidarity and their reliable class conscience.


 "Mentoza: I am robber, I live by stealing from the rich.

 Tanner: I am robber, I live by stealing from the poor."

 George Bernard Shaw


 On Wednesday 9th of March, in the audience of the five-member court of appeals of Thessaloniki (3rd floor, room 360) will be carried out the trial of the capitalistic order, via the attorney of George Milonas son of Alexandros, president of the terrorist organization "Union of Industrialists of Northern Greece".


 The capitalists are accused of the followed criminal acts:


 1. Constitution of criminal organization, i.e. the capitalistic order, aiming at to grab the labour force of the proletarians and the violent detachment of the surplus produce value.


 2. Kidnapping jointly the proletariat and its incarceration to the galleys of wage slavery.


 3. Blackmailing jointly aiming at the gain of the surplus value, under the spectrum of unemployment, misery and seediness.


 4. Distinguished jointly theft of the social wealth.


 5. Robbery jointly and repeatedly, under the form of the so called "white collar crime".


 6. Homicide jointly and repeatedly, whether in the form of martial imperialism for the opening (see. …..) of virgin markets and the theft of wealth-producing sources, or with starvation that is created by the structural economic violence of the existing way of production.


 7. Possession of weapons, munitions and explosive materials and the issuing of these to their mercenaries of urban order (police, army etc).


  8. Ethic perpetration in the acceptance of products of crime, forecasted by the so-called Memorandum: reductions of wages and pensions, flexibilization of labour relations, abolishment of the 13th wage, increase of the limit of redundancies etc.


  9. Covering for criminals jointly: of the government of Papandreou and the mafia-like organization with the code name "Troika" (EU, ESF, I.M.F.). "


 “Tyranny's trial is Revolution"



 Polikarpos Georgiadis

 Kerkura Prisons


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 - Statement from Maximum Security prison: Regarding Hunger Strike (Chile):



 It's difficult to summarize the events of the recent wave of repression, the coarse televised spectacle cements itself in the political-judicial-police machine, reproducing and drawing from the Italian process known as “Marini” and “Cervantes” during which various social centers and squatted houses were raided and the inhabitants charged with being an “Armed Gang.” Operation Salamander ( a similar Chilean species) captured 14 people under the charges of Illicit Terrorist Association, and of transportation or placing of explosive devices.

 Affectionate friendships were transformed and mutated into a hierarchical structure. Many of the arrested never even knew each other.


 Who would have guessed that the idea of living without reproducing power would lead to us being judged as an Illicit Association? The political functionaries maintain that the squatted houses were utilized as conspiracy centers to manufacture bombs; they say nothing of the libraries for whomever might have interest in engaging in solidarity. Now these books are mere articles strewn among “so much proof”. The prosecutor speaks of organic proof found in areas where there were indeed some attacks, motherboards would be the certainty such of scientific proof, another swift kick to the ass of the oppressors: for all the biological proof, none of it implicates those charged on the 14th of August. All of the DNA tests were done by force by the prison guards and police undefined.


 The wiles of the prosecutor reach absurd heights exemplified by the “Pakistani Case” surrounding the complicity of mediums of mass communication, which for years have cemented the anti-terrorist discourse, setting the stage for the hunt that August 14th. Besides bringing the weight of an investigation spanning over five years, the accusers are asking for 180 days of preventative detention, arguing for an even more exhaustive investigation, which will not stop with the testimony of Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga. Normally, under due process the defense would get the investigative folder prior to the formalization of the charges, within the “Bombs Case” said folder was given to the defense after almost 3 months of incarceration, and was also incomplete. Recently after over 170 days in prison the prosecutor has delivered the “classified pages.”


 Modesty cannot exist among intrusions into the intimate life of the accused, from intimidating small children to hundreds of electronically monitored phone calls which only prove friendly ties among the co-accused.


 Inside this prison (CPF) we have been faced with many different types of interrogations- formal and informal- on behalf of different functionaries of the prison; vigilantes, criminal sociologists, social workers, etc. They search for a declaration or the appropriate delinquent profile. We disclose this information not with a feeling of victimization, but in order to warn those who can see themselves in a similar position, power use all of its tentacles to prolong incarceration. Harassment effects all of our brothers and sisters, friends, comrades, proud families, who have never bent their heads before a jailer.


 We are to be processed under the law inherited from the Dictatorship, that has as one of its attributes secret witnesses, who have been used in the judicial processes of the Mapuche people, whether civil or military. In addition, this law gives increased sentences for common crimes. Lifting the preventative detention would not be enough because if the prosecutor or Superior Court wanted to change this decision its needs a unanimous vote, whereas normally it only needs a majority, this is another pitfall of the legal system.


 The blows are not just against those kidnapped on August 14th, but all those who question the current police state: exemplary punishment for anyone who will not be ruled. It is by this that today Monday February 21st, it has been more than 180 days since the raids and investigation, we begin a mobilization with characteristics of an indefinite hunger strike. Using our bodies as a means of demands:


 1. Immediate release for all of those charged from the 14th of August, not one day more. Immediate trial.


 2. End to the Anti-Terrorist Law. No more secret witnesses, no more unanimous vote.


 3. Transfer to/and better prisons.


 These our are last words for you all, comrades: leave no space for forgetfulness, this did not begin on August 14th, nor will it end with us. Our action would be meaningless if left inside these cold walls, times are complex, we expect to stay on top of our situation here. Let your imagination run wild and turn these words into action.


 In the struggle against all forms of domination: NO ONE IS ALONE!!!


 Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, Prisionera Política Anarkista. Andrea Urzúa Cid, Prisionera Política Libertaria.


 Sección de Alta Seguridad (SEAS).

 Centro Penitenciario Femenino.

 Santiasko, $hile,

 21 de Febrero de 2011.


 *Translator's note: This statement is from the two women involved in the case, they are speaking from the Women's Prison in Santiago the other people are held in the Men's Prison the full list of participants in the hunger strike is as follows:


 Andrea Macarena Urzúa Cid

 Camilo Nelson Pérez Tamayo

 Carlos Luis Riveros Luttgue

 Felipe Guerra Guajardo

 Francisco Solar Domínguez

 Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda

 Pablo Hernán Morales Führimann

 Rodolfo Luis Retamales Leiva


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