Kampagne erfolgreich: EL AL stoppt Transporte von Primaten

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Diese Woche hat die israelische Fluggesellschaft EL AL mitgeteilt, dass sie aufhören wird Primaten und andere Tiere für die Tierversuchsindustrie zu transportieren. Diese Ankündigung kann als Reaktion auf regelmässige Demonstrationen vor EL AL Niederlassungen in Israel und anderen Ländern gesehen werden.

Die Kampagne “Free the Mazor Monkeys” (Befreit die Mazor Affen) kämpft gegen die Primatenzuchtstation Mazor in Israel. Die Verantwortlichen bedanken sich bei allen, die an Protesten teilgenommen haben und diesen Teilerfolg möglich gemacht haben.

Mehr Informationen zur Kampagne: http://www.mazor-cruelty.org.il/english/index.php



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EL AL Stops transporting primates!


This morning EL AL has announced its decision to stop transporting primates, and any other animals, for the vivisection industry.

The decision came after regular demonstrations outside EL AL's offices, both in Israel and abroad.

We want to use the opportunity to thank all of you, who participated in this campaign - whether it was by coming to protests, writing letters, phoning EL AL, or spreading the info in any other way - it is thanks to you all that EL AL came to this decision!

If you're in Israel, please join on Saturday night for a victory party, which will take place at the Rogatka - a vegan bar in Tel Aviv.

Address: Yizhak Sade 32, Tel Aviv
Time: 21:00, 04.09.2010


The Mazor Farm - General Information


In the Mazor Farm primates who are destined to be sold to vivisection labs are locked up. Some of the were hunted down in the wild and some of them were born on the farm. The Mazor Farm is part of a cruel trade of primates, which are hunted down in the wild, transported to a life in captivity. Some of them end up as subjects for experiments, and some of them will spend the rest of their lives locked up in the farm, for their role of breeding machines.

The Mazor Farm was founded in 1991 at Hameyasdim St. 10 in the Mazor moshav (town), in the Brin household. The owners of the Mazor Farm include Eli Holtzman and Moshe Bushmits - the head veterinarian of the Farm.

Long Tailed Macaques are known to be highly intelligent and social animals. In nature they live in families and communities of up to a 100 monkeys. Newborn males live with their mothers up to the age of 4-5 years, and the females stay with the mothers for their entire lives. For their entire lives the monkeys recognize their family and care for them. The Macaques are accustomed to living in wide open areas, climbing on trees, playing in waters, collecting food and various social interactions.


Weitere Infos unter: www.mazor-cruelty.org.il oder: www.mazor-cruelty.org.il/english