25 of September: Dam-Sleep-Out-Action in A'dam - Kraakverbod from 1st of October!

Kein Kraakverbot in den Niederlanden!

A call out
Anarchism is the great liberator of man from the phantoms that have held him captive; it is the arbiter and pacifier of the two forces for individual and social harmony - Emma Goldman


To squatters, ex squatters, sympathizers, people that are using or have used squats in the past and were inspired by them and so empathize our call.
To collectives, individuals, squatting info hour, squatters bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, concert places etc.
To the LGBT movement, artist's, musicians, dancers, performers, film makers, photographers, painters, concert and festival organizers.
To all squatters projects, voluntary organisations, give away shops etc.
To all radicals, anti racists, freedom fighters, human and animal rights defenders.
To all the people that are struggling for affordable houses (if you have finally been housed please don't forget about the struggle of others).
To everyone and organisations that have had their seed planted and been allowed to germinate through the sheer inspiration that the squatting movement gave.
To all those ... add Yourself or Your organisation if we forgot about it ( Sorry !!! the list is long :)


You are all invited to The Dam Sleeping Action 25.09.2010 from 19.00 till the morning.
Take Your project, sleeping bag, tent, friends and family or anything else that makes you happy for that matter ( but go easy on the euro shopper beer, it's not vegan).
We would like to show just one more time to the rest of society (yes you got it) the list of great activities that we are busy with. Displaying all those wonderful activities that the government would like to outlaw. This merciless law which in effect will only serve the ones that have and suppress the ones that do not have. It's the same old inequality story repeating itself. So let's send this law into oblivion where most of history belongs and write a different story.
The whole action is based on Do It Yourself principles ( together is much more fun).
If You think there are better ways at reaching out so that we can make this a night never to be forgotten. Then, please feel free to translate this call out into Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish or whatever language.

If you would like to make an interesting flyer then DIY!!
We are only too happy to shift some of the work load.

Do It Yourself or organise in collectives to make this event even more great.
You can contact us to let us know what to expect and eventually coordinate etc.
Spread the message, plan, get active, time is ticking away very fast.
We need a crowd so please spread the message, move your arse and get active.

Oh yes I forgot one more important thing;-
Believers of Fascism, Racism, and Bigotry. Please stay at home because you are NOT welcome.

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