4. Anarcha-queer-feminist gathering

This is a call to all the people, whose struggle against sexism is as well one for anarchist ideas or whose anarchism doesn't work without queer-/feminism and the struggle against patriarchy and heteronormativity. To all the the folks who see themselves as arachafeminists or would like to reclaim this word for themselves. To all those out there who reject authority in all its forms and adopt therefore their feminist practice, to those who see sexism in anarchist  theory and practice as a problem or simply don't want to think anarchism without gender issues.


for us this also means that we are interacting with each other and that we do not take all the diverse normative/discriminating/repressive situations as individual events, but as part of an intertwined complex, against which we want to fight jointly. this is why we want an anti-oppressive atmosphere in our coming-together for this second coming-together, bring along some basic and understandable inputs to anarchism, queer-feminism, anarcha-feminism and anything you connect to it - *videoclips, articles, comics*, … anything!


Thursday 18.5.17, von 19:00 bis 23:00
Planet 10, Pernerstorfergasse 12, 1100 Wien