Squatting in Vienna

Hausbesetzung in Wien – Squatting in Vienna

We are squatted a house, join us!

Come by, if you want to break out, if you want to do something, if you don't want this everyday crap anymore, if you feel like having an involvement with others and this city! Join us with motivation, workshops, ideas, food, your loved ones and with anger!


Because we are angry living under conditions, which are not based on our needs, but rather follow the logic of exploitation. This is why we take this house for ourselves, without asking permission. We want to counter this logic of property with something.

It is absurd to exclude people from housing and livin space, it's gruesome to drag us out of apartments because someone wants to make money. We just think that your idea of property sucks!

Our whole life is structured according to applicability - schools, university, work, clinic, prison etc. discipline us to be supporters of this logic. Vacancy, profits made with living spaces, forced homelessness, displacement away from public space, racist discrimination and expulsion of resources for living, forced evictions etc. are perfectly normal within the logic of this city, which only accepts, what is exploitable. This is only maintained through the violence against everything and anyone that could disturb it.

Squatting a house alone can't break through this logic, but it can be a part of questioning the ruling order.

In these days for us, it's not about revealing vacancy or demanding something from this city, instead we want to draw attention to these conditions and start something, to become aware of our own power. We don't want to let someting being taken away from us or to let ourselves being displaced, instead we want to celebrate community and to support each other.

We want to create a solidary place and to think together about how we can fight the established order and encourage ourselves. Let's attack!

You can find the implied house at Kienmayergasse 15 in the 15th district. Come around, draw some attention to yourself in the neighborhood, be solidary and keep each other safe!


If you want to support us, there is a list of things we need:


- Pots

- Water

- Food

- Stuff for sleeping (sleeping bags etc.)

- Stuff to sit on (Pillows, blankets, couches, ... )

- Garbage bags

- Toilet paper


Thanks a lot!

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The house is still squatted!
There's a programme for this evening from 5pm on:

- at 5pm there's a lecture from the book "the net knows everything"
- after we are going to cook and eat together
- and a plenary will also take place

Come by!
Take your sleepingbags and camping mats with you and stay over night!
We are happy about your solidarity!

Attention: There's quite a lot of civil police in the streets around! And copcars are passing the house over and over again!
Take care of each other!