Responsibility claim: Attack against Deutsche Telekom in Berlin

I come like the furious tempest
Alles zum G20-Gipfel 2017 auf Indymedia linksunten

Eight month before the G20 - Summit in Hamburg, clandestine connections carry out their attacks against the current order in whole Europe every night. Mostly without knowing each other, our fires find similar targets in the hotspots of anarchist subversion, which are placed over the state-owned construct of the European Fortress. Often in a local frame of reference and too rare with the perspective of an international sabotage against the instruments of dominion.


So is the net of people, aggressive and poised to attack, allways on the search for opportunitys to direct the attacks to a common focus. We should have more courage to arrange to meet us, to travel in order to find places were we get in exchange of ideas and multiply our related experiences. But we want to conduct actions as well in the places where we live, which build relations above the local and specific context, which ignore temporary borders and get incalculable with it.


We see this criteria in many moments and movements of autonomous groups worldwide, but we on many occasions have the feeling, that it stops with verbal solidarity expressions instead of transforming in a debate in terms of content.


That is why we decided to support the mobilisation against the G20 - Summit and to look at this as a moment, which opens opportunities to discuss the links between our often isolated fights, either in texts or rather to express them through actions.


The approaching months of planing and carrying out will be, as we hope, have an international charakter, if we succed in communicating the point of reference to autonomous groups. That is why we plead for the activation of all isolated cells, to get active and plan the attacks and connect them to reinforce the mobilisation covering the needs.


This will result in new autonomous groups getting active and be able to collect knowledge about the attack. The phase until the G20 -Summit must be connected with the goal, to identify our real strength and after the summit, not to wait for the next event. Rather gave us the texts from the zones of revolt in France or Greece the hope, to be able to find a convergence to the constant subversion in the urban centres.


The principle is not new and frequently reliable. Last at Destroika (against EZB Frankfurt, March 2015) and the decentral actions against the eviction of Rigaer94 (Berlin, summer 2016) it was managed to use a great part of our potential, what made it be worth in every regard. Accompanied was the campaign-like worsening through militant mass-events which can be affiliated. We must keep on doing this more often and vigorous.


We call upon all militant groups explicitly to get active from now on and start smaller or bigger actions against the terror of the G20 - States and the accompanying cannibalism of society.


On our part, on Sunday morning, 6th November, we placed some incendiary devices on a parking lot of the Deutsche Telekom in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, what destroyed a part of their vehicle fleet. As already described by a group in Hamburg after their attack against COSCO, the Deutsche Telekom is a civil – military corporation, a global player of repression and exploitation. Deutsche Telekom is current involved in the technical support of Frontex, to establish the routes of refugees and get their smugglers. With the takeover of the greek OTE, they allready pulled the rage on themselves. We gave this rage another expression.


Attack the G20 – Summit in Hamburg!

An Autonomous Group