Paint-bomb attack against Google headquarters in Munich

Farbklecks Symbolbild

During the night of 06.11. to 07.11.16 we attacked Google headquarters in Munich with red lacquer and bitumen. (Information is power, who owns it is powerful.) The main business of Google is the capitalistic utilization of information, which makes them one of the most powerful corporations in the world.

By recording search queries and scanning all emails sent via Gmail, precise information can be generated regarding our behavior and its predictability after just a few months. The incapacitation of human skills is one of the business goals of Google – dependency on its services.

As with any capitalist company, Google’s wealth is based on the exploitation of its employees. But Google is more: Its business model is an attempt to survey the world. This is not just a cartographic recording of the earth, but also a complete collection of human behavior. Google’s data is already being commercialized today: for market analysis, customer-tailored advertising, manipulation etc. All this is only the first step. The analysis of this data is intended to enable an ever-widening prediction of human behavior in all areas of life. Google knows with whom we communicate and wants to know what we say and think.

This knowledge and the millions of internal company research programs such as Google Brain could ultimately enable the creation of artificial intelligence. The Google strategists develop scenarios in which people can be replaced by artificial intelligence within a few decades. What comes as a promise of a life without work and exploitation means, under capitalist conditions, that a large part of humanity will become unnecessary.

It is no coincidence that the Singularity University is located right near Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. As an elite university, the institute that educates managers from all over the world in the fields of AI, robotics, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, medicine and network technology is one of the leading representatives of the transhumanist movement. In addition to the leadership of Facebook, people like Ray Kurzweil and Larry Pager (co-founder of Google) gave speeches at its opening ceremony. The goal of transhumanism is the fusion of humans and technology. According to their assessment, the human brain will be fully mapped by 2030, creating the possibility to immortalize oneself in a post-biological life (a backup that will exist in computer systems). Transhumanists are convinced that the way out of a world which they have decisively destroyed is the transition from human to machine. Its main players are made up of an ultra-neo-liberal right which has its starting point at the Silicon Valley manufacturing center.

The basic idea of efficient thinking regarding fallible bodies that become old and sick has already had a concrete impact on employees in the IT sector with the introduction of oocyte freezing to reduce infertility in women.

In addition to the first successful attacks on Google shuttle buses in San Francisco which led to a great uncertainty within Google, the introduction of Google Glasses has already been postponed indefinitely. These successes can be linked by sabotaging Google at all possible levels!

Unmask and attack the beautiful new Google world!
For a life beyond control, power and exploitation!