Demonstration against deportations

Keine Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan!

Call of the alliance “Right to the city – never mind the papers!” for the demonstration against deportations on the 22.10.2016: With the rise of right-wing agitation and propaganda by Pegida and AfD, the ruling parties in Germany have more and more switched their policies towards sealing-off borders, deporting migrants and restricting basic human rights. People that have been forced to flee are marked as „problems“ that have to be „solved“. A textbook example for these inhuman “solutions” is the recent Deportation Deal between the EU and Afghanistan. It was passed in the beginning of October 2016 in return for an “aid packet” worth several billion Euros and is supposed to facilitate the deportation of around 80.000 Afghan refugees. Even the construction of an extra terminal for deportations at the airport in Kabul is part of it.


The treaty with the Afghan government matches the other anti-refugee-deals recently brokered by the EU (remember the Deal with Erdogan this summer) and is a manifestation of a policy that is generally directed against refugees and migrants. The cutbacks in asylum rights in past years serve as the legal basis for a drastic deportation policy, and is supposed to be, apart from the killing through the walls-up policy in the Mediterranean, one of the main reactions to the increased numbers of refugees and migrants in the past years. Here especially the German government doesn’t hesitate to declare more and more countries as “safe” – in spite of proven persecution of minorities, racist exclusion or war. This is how the daily terror and war in Afghanistan is simply overlooked in order to quickly get rid of a “problem”.


Resistance to deportation is already in place, just a few weeks ago nearly 2000 people took to the streets in Hamburg to protest against deportations to Afghanistan. Now it is time to join our efforts and oppose this violent deportation policies. Let’s show the government that we won’t let them divide us and play us off against each other. There are no “bad” and “good” refugees and no legitimate deportations. Let’s fight together for a Hamburg for everyone!


Come to the demonstration “No deportations to Afghanistan” on Saturday 22.10. at 12 AM on the Hachmannplatz and show your solidarity together with us! Right to stay for everyone!


Demonstration: No deportations to Afghanistan
Saturday 22.10. | 12 AM | Hachmannplatz (Hamburg Central Station)

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Afghanistan ist kein sicheres Land