Attack in Strausberg

Björn Zander 12.12.2015 Strausberg

On the 9th of September 2016 around 16 o'clock two alternate juveniles were attacked on August-Bebel-Strasse in Strausberg. They were on their way to the old town of Strausberg as a dull-black T4 transporter (MOL-LO 553; hood: imperial egale) passed by while the driver called out: "scheiss Punker!" (fucking punks).


In response, one of the two spat on the ground. The driver (Björn Zander, alone) stopped immediately, got out of the vehicle and punched one of the two juveniles twice in the face. The old town is currently quite busy. As the juvenile multiple times urged him to stop while approaching a cop car, located about 15 meters away, the police men yelled: "Hört doch auf mit dem Quatsch" (Just stop this nonsense). Shortly after, the third punch to the face. The driver let go after this. The police then drove a bit further. The attacker entered the T4 and stopped next to the cop car. After a brief exchange of words both cars left the old town in different directions.


The second juveniles was overwhelmed by the readiness to use violence and completely hogtied. Neither the police nor bystanders did intervene. The victim suffered multiple bruises on his face and required ambulant medical attention.


Björn Zander is a founding member of the ANSDAPO fellowship that is is forbidden since 2006. While he acted in the background after his jail sentence of several years  he is again fully participating since the first BRAMM demonstrations (Brandenburger for freedom of speech and participation). He accompanied demonstrations of the AFD in Berlin. He behaves aggresive, provoking and violence-seeking, just like in the 90s.