[DD] Demo: "proletarian parade"

Niemand muss alleine sein

anarchy is possible – in school, workplace and neighbourhood

A free society without state, patriarchy and capitalism is possible. We can create conditions in which we neither rule nor are under any form of government or oppression, but in which we can live. Even if the disgusting realities make us feel powerless – we are not!

Many thousand of people help each other in solidary and/or militant communities, to fight under existing conditions for a better life. Anarchosyndicalist grassroot-unions stand against nazis, landlords, bosses and public authorities to create free spaces. At the same time they aim to prepare a basis for a new world inside of the old, as other organisations do too, e.g. “Mietshäusersyndikat”. Such practices become more effective the more people are involved. We can not limit us to small exclusive circles since the overreaching goal remains a solidary society. In occasion of “Libertäre Tage” we want to achieve presence of our ideas in Dresden. To that reason we’ll once more demonstrate through neighbourhoods which are rarely in touch with emanzipatoric politics. We aim to make people excited about anarcho(syndicalistic) structures and to point on recent struggles. With a small but powerful march through Löbtau, Friedrichstadt and Seevorstadt we like to spark discussions in those quarters.

Be part of it!

It’s a prole’s parade, so bring things you work with. If it is a dust mop, trowel, paper folder or diaper. You can also dress like going to work, to school or to the jobcenter.

See you…
Friday, September 16th, 17:30 pm
at Löbtau Passage (Kesselsdorfer Str. / Tharandter Str.)