Relocation to Iceland


Between ourselves

Relocation to Iceland

The Autonome Antifa Freiburg has emigrated – to Iceland. Of course, not really, but with their website The website is administered by the Icelandic provider and not as it was until recently by a company in Berlin. The antifa claims that the reason is the “repeated censorship by the Freiburg police”. The police had forced temporal shutting down of the website due to the antifa calling for people participating in an unregistered demonstration to wear masks to participate in a demonstration which was not registered with the authorities masked and because the Freiburg Police chief of Freiburg police Heiner Amann was insulted. Behind the shutting down, the antifa suspects repression against their investigations against Nazi-adherers with which they caused a furore several times recently. In Iceland they now feel freer right now – the most liberal media law in the whole of Europe is currently in the making in the country at present.

The saying

for the weekend originates from the Athenian politician and speaker Demosthenes (384 - 322 B.C.): “The one who runs away may fight again.”