Frankfurt- smoke signals to Rigaer94 and for a Black July!

I come like the furious tempest

The black July of Rigaer-Street is comming. For almost 3 weeks the project R94 is under siege of the cops. We heard you clearly and answer as we are able to. And it will go on. This night, a car of the local electicity-provider mainova was targeted.


Being anyway too expensive, mainova plays an important role in the opression of the none-possessing people. Those who can't pay their bills any longer, lose the access to electricity. Who wants to regain it, has to pay huge amounts of money. Perhaps the burnt car provides a little help to think about it.

We are happy about all those big and small actions that happen everywhere - they are the right reaction on Henkel's (Head of Police in Berlin) theatre. Let this one be a small support for the fight in the district of Friedrichshain. Berlin shall collapse in chaos, and we are taking part everywhere!


Greetings of solidarity to the comrades who where imprisoned for a sauvage in Basel. In the same time we send whishes of power and just the best to those who are accused in Aachen for expropriating a bank.