Back from Milan…on the road to everywhere

Never we would have thought that the debut of this project would coincide with Dax’ death anniversary. And never we could have thought that these days would have been the scene of the brutal fascists aggressions by the hand of Casapound at Rome university. We hoped to be able to move our first steps in a quiter situation. But reality often differ from expetations, and we can only gain even more determination from that.
So here we are in this rainy march.
It has been already few months since we started a discussion on the possibility to conceive a radio program to be broadcast on, a program which could catalyze news on anti-fascism and repression but structured with an editing group able to, at the same time, work and revise on the news themselves.
Our main task is to try to give our small contribution to the debate and the experiences developping in these days all over Italy and Europe.
And our way to achieve that is through a website. From our own personal experience, we know that only a small portion of all the information we will be able to collect will end up in the program. We would try, instead, to menage such a big amount of news, mails, opinions and contributions giving to them enough ground as to reach as many readers and listeners as possible.
Our choice to deal with anti-fascism and repression does not come from nowhere; in our struggle experience against the far-right we felt the urge to fit the intense, in the current phase, fascist activity in a well-defined picture, Such a picture is called crisis.
In this phase the needing of the big capital to fill up the streets with reactionary forces to stop and divert the social discontent generated by the insufferable life conditions is no longer extendable. This tendency is even further confirmed looking at the whole Europe, besides our own country. In almost every country (expect from Greece) the far-right is gaining more and more support with Holland representing the most recent and emblematic case.
But the strategy to preserve its power does not go through only the political and financial support of the far-right, but also through more and more obsessive repressive paradigms. The latest laws approved by the EU, later applied differently by each specific government, represents a neat example of that.
Having done all these considerations, we tried to start this experiment. Thanks to a network of comrades giving their contribution from different countries, such as Italy, France, Holland, Germany, UK, USA, India, we would try to allow a circulation of experiences, news, broadening both at the national and at the international level, that too often are not able to cross their own borders.
But maybe our main ambition is to make an attempt to involve all the comrades commited to the fight against fascism and repression and who, at the same time, are willing to contribute and expand the information we will collect. Therefore, we appeal to all those comrades who, in various way (experiences, news, correspondences) and with respect to their own availability, will be keen in joining the project.
As it is possible to understand from the title, the discussion within the editorial stuff has focused on the hints we brought back from Milan in our own backpacks. There we, in fact, took part in a public meeting organized by the “Associazione Dax 16 marzo 2003″, held to commemorate the seventh year without Davide.
There we met and talked with antifascists coming from all over Italy and Europe; we heard stories of murders and grieves from Moscow to Madrid. We tasted the bitterness of the rage in our mouths. We brought back in our backpacks their voices too, and we will try to make you hear them. While we keep Dax, Carlos, and Ivan inside ourselves trying to make them living, for ever.
If the first main line along which we will develop our project is antifascim, the second will be a focus on repressive strategies.
We would like to start focusing our attention to some general lines regarding the project of a European police. We firmly believe it is necessary to move these first steps to fully understand the organicity of repressive strategies throughout the EU.
Looking more specifically at the italian situation, we believe appropriate to emphasise the case of a laboratory of repression called Parma, being it a clear example of the repressive strategy which we had the chance to get to know the previous 6th of February in Naples, in occasion of national meeting on antifascism.

As can be understood from our own words, this is a peculiar editorial, divided between a presentation of the project and this week’s program index.

We are then here to start, with Dax in our hearts.
And you would forgive us for the emotion. You would forgive us if we will not be always on time for in publishing or broadcasting. You would forgive us but we have a rage inside us that make us quiver.
You would forgive us if we feel alive as never before.

Viva Dax, free and rebel!

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dear comrads,


with this communique it is not clear, what you want.

is this a invitation of a network?

what kind of network?

who are invited and how will be the work?


please make it clearer.



Ich habe mir die Seite angeschaut. Es geht um ein antifaschistisches Netzwerk, das neu gegruendet wurde. Es gab mehrere Treffen, Antifaschisten aus Italien und Europa haben ueber ihre Erfahrungen gesprochen und daraus sind Radiobeitraege entstanden, die auf gesendet werden.

Sonst gibt es auf der Seite News-Meldungen, das Protokoll der letzten Versammlung sowie einen Text auf Italienisch ueber (Neo-)Faschismus.

Soweit ich den Text verstanden habe, bitten uns die AutorInnen um eine Kenntnisnahme und sonst nichts.

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Glad to know that our words moved some interests. Anyway this would be for us a “statement” about the project and a “claim” for anyone would like to join or help us. To be practice on what we do. On monday we had the first radio programme and we took a look on the national and international news at first. Then we passed over and discussed some interviews of comerades from spain, russia and parma (an italian city) we met few time ago and who explained with their words the antifa and repression situation in their own places. In the meantime we're trying to follow on the website national and international news, articles, calls for demos and whatelse, taking political points of discussion for the next radio programme. This is more or less what we have done up to now and what we want to carry on. So, in a sense, what you call “network” is for us the chance to link voices from different places in order to get as more as possible a “global” picture of what happens in the place we live everyday. This is the first week of real work on the website, so we're still working on translation of all the stuff, so be patience please. We hope now it's a bit clearer, but it would be nice to hear you again on our mail, if you are interested in the project (or just for further infos) And thank you for your interest, for sure this drive us to do better.