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Carl Barx

 One way or another, the planet will become Red ...

  ... or red and full of life

 ... or red because of the running blood.

 - Wulf Birman


Even if it is a commonplace, someone can not start from any other finding but from the fact that we are in the most difficult and critical historical timing of the last 70 years. Since the crisis erupted in December 2008, millions of words have been spoken and written, but we believe it has not been reached the essence of the crisis.

 We will try to approach the situation from another perspective. We do not claim for having the absolute truth. Criterion of whether it is worth any opinion is the degree of verifiability or falsifiability.


 In simple words, the introduction of machine in the production led the animal work to become useless. Automation and robotics have made unnecessary the work of human. After the wave of de-industrialization that swept across the West in 1980, has been created an artificial overpopulation. Millions of people during the notional (de: fiktiv) recovery, recovery that was based essentially on debt, were comfortable in a parasitic tertiary sector.


 Now, in the crisis, they throw all these people on the streets. They have the audacity (de: Künheit) to say that after the recovery, unemployment not only will not decrease but increase. But my opinion is that any recovery will be sluggish (de: anämisch). The general trend (de: Tendenz) will be downwards (de: abstiegs). This crisis will not be overcome by by economical conditions. If the crisis of 1929 was overcome after the horrors of fascism and war, the current crisis will need bigger disasters to be overcome. Perhaps those who hold the fate of the planet in their hands are more prudent (de: vernünftig) than those of 1929? When someone judges their actions, then she/he can not be quiet about them.


 Is it inevitable (de: unvermeidlich) this direction to barbarism and destruction? If we will remain to be an inert (de: untätig) mass and leave their fate (de: Glück) to some 'charismatic' leaders this will be the result. But if we take the situation into our own hands and decide to be us ourselves who will shape our future, then the path will be different. Specifically, our country has been proved as the weak link (de: Ring) in the system. The bankruptcy is prescribed (de: entwerfen) since years now. Whoever thinks that this is a trick, not only she/he is wrong but also commits a crime. This became obvious during the protests by farmers. A massive and dynamic movement led to the defeat precisely because it had the wrong targets. The same fate would have any other struggles in future which would rely on requests and targets that the system is unable to respond.


 A movement to be effective in the today's conditions of chaos and dissolution (de: Auflösung) should be aimed, not at the distribution of goods, but to claim for the control of production and distribution (de: Verteilung), minimum of basic goods, nutrition, health and education, services of public interests (de: öffentliche Einrichtungen) and of course the banking system. How? Through a movement of committees that will require (de: erfordern) for taking the situation into their own hands through a CONVENTION OF COMMITTEES (KONSTITUTIONELL VERSAMLUNG) with alternately (de: anklagen, gr: ενακλητούς) representatives that their salary will not exceed (de: überschreiten) the salary of a skilled worker.


 Who can participate in the committees? All those who are not employers. It is self-understood that for the Convention can claim representation all those people who have the right for voting.


 This is one way to be diverted the social tensions creatively. Otherwise the social rivalries (de: Gegensätzlichkeit), within this climate of generalized nihilism and social Darwinism, will only be destructive. Sure social peace is preferable than violence, but if you want peace then follow the advice of old Cato “si vis pacem paro belum” (If you want peace prepare for war). But not with the way of some kids who have ridden the pole and pretend to be Zorro. Someone should tell them that the nihilism today is an expression of the middle class that sees the death of itself. The revolutioner expresses the optimism of the world that gets born.


 - S. Katsaros


Saturday 20th March 2010


  • "Friendly visits" of civil cops to all the neighbors of the murdered Fighter Lambros. In Ampelokipi district of Athens, the police authorities and the anti-"terrorist" team visit all the blocks of buildings on entire streets looking for informers (de: Denuziant) about the murdered Lambros Fountas. At the same time they are opening files for the whole neighborhood! ... Obviously it was not profitable the call from the cops to citizens for anonymous and safe telephone information (de: Denuziantentum)to their own quiz about "what we can learn about Lambros Fountas". Obviously, there were also not profitable the rest of the cop-researches and interrogations, as regretfully "inform" us from televisions, radios and newspapers the most "experienced" (.. and closer to police authorities and anti-"terrorist" team) police authors. Thus, as the last few days so last Friday, they systematically harass the entire neighborhood of murdered Fighter Lambros, trying almost by force to turn the neighbors into 'informants'! ... They have clearly exceeded the "expected" and less or more known "criminology" of civil-cops, using the "approach" of more social neighbors, such as owners of kiosks, shopkeepers and others ... who, eh, "of course they should know". Around a very large length and distance from the house of the murdered, "crews" of state security enter into blocks of buildings, ring bells, enter into houses and begin "politely" the questioning of residents. Questions like "have you seen him?", "did you know him?", "who were his friends?", "have you noticed something 'curious'...?», etc are the first ones and the most 'soft' to the 'logic', meanwhile waving a finger in front of the residents face and offering them an informer's career. The "crews" record the answers, the data of each person and ask for phone numbers. They leave "reminding" that "if you forgot anything, if you will remember something, then contact us ...". In simple words, beside the inquiry of life and human, neighboring etc space of Lambros after the murder - inquiry extended directly away from Athens & Attica, to Corinth, to Agrinio, to villages of Aitoloakarnania - is in and goes an entire enterprise, which is "mini" typical, but in reality gives to the authorities folders of the whole neighborhood, hundreds of homes and thousands of People! ...
  • Around 700 people demonstrated in honor to Lambros Fountas through the district of Dafne, where he was murdered by pigs. Some neighbors were waiting in front of their doors since early. Some others were watching with fear on their eyes through their windows. Also undercover pigs all around the area ...



  • Strong bomb explosion in front of the Migrants' Transit Center in Athens (central prison for migrants' deportation). Two phone-calls to a newspaper and a TV-station took place 20 minutes before the bomb went off, asking from cops to evacuate the area.
  • Attack with Molotov cocktails to special pigs' forces who continuously occupy the district of Exarcheia in Athens every single night.


Sunday 21st March 2010


  • Gathering in front of Venna's migrants' "welcome" center by 100 leftists and members of No Border team, together with a big number of lawyers and doctors. The cops - special pigs' forces, civil pigs, common pigs, etc - attacked the protesters without any reason. As a result, blood ran again from two protesters' heads and the cops blocked ILLEGALY the doctors and lawyers to enter the building and check the survival conditions inside. The special pigs' forces did not hesitate to throw also stones against the protesters and arrest three of them. The arrested persons were transferred to the town of Komotini, where also other people tried to travel but the busses were blocked by cops.


 - Video from the clashes in 1985, during the squat of the Chemistry University in Athens, when a punch of anarchists / antiauthoritarians took seriously their political role and decided to bring in praxis their social rights after the murder of Michalis Kaltezas from a fascist cop. The shot was - for one more time in the historical chain of cop barbarities - on the back side of Michalis' head. On the pictures of the video is filmed the time of cops' violent attack against the squatters after the smashes of several bank agencies.


Historically, we face the same practical methods of authorities through the pigs' repression attacks reminding of cold war's times. The big political and economical "change" of the authorities is born in reality with the murder of one more human because of political reasons:




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