Incendiary attack against a Turkish travel agency by Revenge Commando ‘Zinar Raperin’

We, the Revenge Commando ‘Zinar Raperin’ of the Apoist youth initiative, claim full responsibility for the attack against the Topkar Travel Center in Heilbronn.

On the morning of 25.03.16, the Topkar Travel Center was set on fire with two incendiary devices by one of our revenge commandos. The reason for this attack is the Topkar Center’s support of the Turkish State, the AKP and especially it’s poltical wing in Europe, UETD.


For months the fascist Turkish state has been murdering civilians in North Kurdistan. In Cizre, hundreds of Kurds were killed in cold blood and burned alive in basements by Turkish soldiers. Women are abused and raped by the fascist troops of the AKP regime. For a year, the Kurdish people’s representative Leader APO has been kept under todtal isolation.

We the Revenge Commando ‘Zinar Raperin’ will no longer accept this situation in Kurdistan and we will no longer stand by idly and will take action and revenge against this fascist terroristic state and punish all those who support the Erdogan regime!

The attack was primarily against the Topkar Travel Center. Anyone offering vacations in Turkey, which automatically supports the Turkish regime is complicit in the massacres committed against the Kurdish people. This is a call to all Turkish travel centers in Germany – they should all immediately stop assisting Turkish tourism otherwise they will end up like the Topkar Travel Center.

For the victims of the massacres in Cizire and Sur!
Until the freedom of Kurdistan and Leader APO!

Revolutionary greetings to the resistance of the YPS in North Kurdistan!

Zinar Raperin Intikam timi